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Im not really into the new ES...
Im not sure why, but it is much better.
I guess Im jst more comfortable with the old ES...

Anyways, come in and chat!
Im really looking forward to RPing with any of you :3

This is still being constructed. Might turn into an RP or regular chat for me and you peeps XD

If you'd like me to join an RP of yours, then tell me here XD Just nothing too too tooo serious..lol.


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yeah, kinda sucks, i had some real good rps going there..then they left :/ im shirra ^w~
  Shirra / ShirraGirl / 9y 89d 13h 57m 37s
Lmao, yeah I guess it sorta did. Im Jess by the way ^^
  Hannah L. Burrden / KuroIsFierce / 9y 89d 14h 50s
omg im bored too 8D lol i only joined this new ES cuz the old one..died..lol XD
  Shirra / ShirraGirl / 9y 89d 20h 59m 30s
Hellloooooo peeps!!
Please join!

Kinda, sorta bored here...
  Hannah L. Burrden / KuroIsFierce / 9y 89d 22h 9m 18s

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