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he sits in his class waiting for his students to get there
  Genzo / knightspawn / 10y 144d 14h 30m 2s

  Genzo / knightspawn / 10y 145d 12h 27m 2s
  kiamaru / vampiricninjamonkey / 10y 145d 14h 59m 1s

  Genzo / knightspawn / 10y 145d 17h 51m 10s
Soul smiled walking next to Maka as they walked together towards class. As usual Soul's hands were inside his pants pockets and he was just looking ahead instead of around.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 147d 9h 1m 18s

  Genzo / knightspawn / 10y 147d 11h 22m 7s
Of course. I love Soul Eater dude.
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 148d 12h 26m 14s

  Genzo / knightspawn / 10y 148d 14h 1s

  Genzo / knightspawn / 10y 148d 14h 43s
Hey guys. Sorry I was gone so long but I had a huge family fight and had to put up with a week of fighting physically and mentally. But oh well thank God that is over. Now I will post more often since I will be getting internet at home by Wednesday. Am I still allowed to participate?
  Soul Evans / kibalycan / 10y 148d 16h 58m 37s

  Genzo / knightspawn / 10y 151d 11h 18m 32s
[Soul doesn't abandon SE RPs too easily. He stuck with mine for who knows how many edits it went through]
  Noireiro Junkai / Seraphir / 10y 151d 11h 56m 15s
[OOC] I didn't quit sorry, but I have a computer restriction and it's hard for me to post in here too.
  Maka Albarn / CandyHeart / 10y 151d 12h 28s

  Genzo / knightspawn / 10y 151d 12h 4m 11s
Noireiro walked through Death City to the DWMA. He was tall for his age and was as feirce as he looekd in a fight. He was a bit new to the whole purpose of the DWMA but he had fun when he took missions to take out targets for Lord Death. Though since he was so tall most people mistake him for a teacher instead of a student.
  Noireiro Junkai / Seraphir / 10y 154d 11h 12m 25s

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