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this is pretty much a make it up as you go RP to pass everyones time because a lot of people have said "man i wish there was a Final Fantasy RP for us to play"
Well i just answered the call for all you ppl.

there will be no skelly unless you make your own Final Fantasy character.

if you make your own character here is the skelly


Characters i will be:
Vincent Valentine
Cloud Strife
Noctis Lucis Calearum
and sometimes Zack Fair but not always

Zeek2356 characters-
Zack Fair

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Paine looked at the object, "What is it?" She asked her, looking at Yuna she saw her shrug. "We have to find the others." She told her. Yuna nodded and walked with Paine back to the ship.
  Paine / DarkMagix / 9y 333d 18h 7m 9s
Cloud and Vincent Roar there Engines and take off and stop a little after driving for a little while and looked down from a ledge.

"There thats where they are said to be but i don't want to do this till morning so lets rest here" said Vincent turning his bike off.

Cloud does the same and looks down the cliff looking at the small town. "so how do you want to do this Vincent" Cloud said adjusting his blade.

"Very quickly" Vincent said with an evil smile on his face.
  Vincent Valentine / deathblast101 / 9y 334d 18h 32m 50s
Yuna walked out of the store that she was in and met up with Paine. "Look at this.." She said holding up something she had gotten from the owner.
  Yuna / DarkMagix / 9y 339d 3h 13m 34s
Paine sat there, still drinking the rest of her drink. She would soon go and get Yuna from the shop. They needed to leave now.
  Paine / DarkMagix / 9y 340d 18h 55m 19s
Vincent walks in with his gun in his hand looking around for Cloud he glances at the people in there and finally notices Cloud sitting next to Paine. "Cloud lets go"

Cloud looks up from talking to Paine and sets his glass down. "ok, Paine i have to be going now" Cloud gets up and slides his glass back to the bartender to clean and put up. Cloud walks to Vincent and nods.

"come on Cloud lets go I took this guys bike so lets hurry" Vincent said looking around. They both walked out the door.

Cloud jumps on his bike and starts it and so does Vincent.
  Vincent Valentine / deathblast101 / 9y 340d 19h 12m 25s
Paine just looked at him then saying, "I don't really trust anyone around here.." She said almost in a whisper. "But, it's going to be a good thing once something is done about those." She said once again, taking another sip.
  Paine / DarkMagix / 9y 341d 18h 39m 3s
"I'm also here waiting for someone to show up" Cloud said taking a sip from his glass. "this person apparently knows were some off Sephiroths followers are and we are going to go take care of them because their causing the people trouble".
  Cloud Strife / deathblast101 / 9y 341d 18h 41m 11s
"I'm waiting for Yuna.." She sighed taking another sip. Looking around she hoped that Yuna would hurry.
  Paine / DarkMagix / 9y 341d 18h 45m 44s
"hmm, oh hi Paine, long time huh" Cloud said turning in his seat to look at Paine. "so what brings you hear Paine" Cloud said while taking another sip from his glass. Cloud took his Glasses from his eyes and put the onto the top of his head.
  Cloud Strife / deathblast101 / 9y 341d 18h 47m 23s
Paine could hear a voice she had heard before. Looking over she had seen Cloud. Taking her class she went to sit next to him. "It's been a while hasn't it, Cloud?" She said taking a sip of her drink.
  Paine / DarkMagix / 9y 341d 18h 53m 15s
Cloud was wandering around the city looking for a bar he had to make a delivery to and was going to get a drink while he was at it. Cloud saw the sign to the bar and walked in with the package being carried heavily in his hands. Cloud approaches the bartender and hands him the package.

"So Strife Delivery service actually got what i asked for huh"

"yea, i would like my payment please and a glass of the stuff over there"

"here, and i'll get you a glass on the house since you got here before time and with nothing damaged on my merchandise" The bartender handing Cloud his money.

"here ya go Lad" the bar tender slid the drink down to Cloud from across the counter and Cloud caught it and took a nice long drink after his hard day of delivering seven packages in due time.
  Cloud Strife / deathblast101 / 9y 341d 23h 36m 17s
Alone in a city, not to far away from her ship, Paine and Yuna had to find a few things. Walking around she would ask people for information for where the items are. Soon Yuna walked away, "I'm going to go look for a few things over in this store and get some information while I'm in there." She said walking away.

Paine now walked alone on the streets of the city. She was kind thirsty. Walking into a bar she ordered a drink and sat down.
  Paine / DarkMagix / 9y 341d 23h 49m 3s
  Noctis / deathblast101 / 9y 341d 23h 50m 30s
mhhhh Paine okay..
  Paine / DarkMagix / 9y 341d 23h 54m 7s
Your Choice
  Noctis / deathblast101 / 9y 341d 23h 54m 28s

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