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Nekos are at the low end of society. They are looked down upon by humans, and can only obtain certain jobs. Because of the lack of opportunity in the work force for them, many live in the worst conditions possible. Many look for jobs as maids and janitors; some have even sold others in underground slavery. And, more prominently, crime in the neko community has reached new highs.
Hakkai, the modern day Robin Hood for his kind, is a very good thief. He breaks into human homes and takes money, food, anythign he can get a quick grab at and gives these things to nekos in need. The humans on the news call him a monstrosity and a nuisance, along with his own little notorious nickname: The Calico. He was so good, he always got away... that was until he tried to steal from a wealthy business man who had been waiting for the moment when The Calico would try for his house. Instead of turning Calico over to the police, who treated the nekos terribly, the man decided he wants to keep him around because of a new found curiousity in the thief. He keeps him on leash and collar as to not let him get away, but the treatment isn't as bad as it would be in jail. The thief slowly grows curious in the man, which then leads to deeper feelings. What will happen between the two?

needs the man.

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Matthew stepped back, and looked at him. "I'm taking you to your home, so you can drop off the check to your care taker." He explained before walking out of the room. "Please wear something nice." The human ordered softly before walking back to his room.

He then sat on his bed, and rubbed his eyes lightly. He should still be asleep, but he wanted to take Hakkai to his home. Matthew sighed lightly, before resting his back on the bed. In just a few minutes he was asleep again.
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Hakkai had curled up in the large arm chair, lulled asleep by the warmth Matthew left behind. He opened his eyes when he felt someone shake him and sleepily glanced up at Matthew. He let out a yawn and uncurled himself to sit up and rub at his eyes.
"Get ready? for what?" he asked before finally remembering. He frowned lightly; he was leaving the house.
He got up from the chair and stretched to wake his body up. He wasn't pleased in going but if Matthew wanted to get rid of him who was he to complain. He was depressed by the idea of not being wanted by Matthew, and he wasn't even sure why. The man probably just made such an impression on the neko that he was growing attached.
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Ima go a head and time skip

Morning, came and Matthew got little to no sleep. He was up worried about the funeral, the costs. He also would have to hire someone new, since he couldn't run this house by himself. The young man sighed deeply, and walked into Hakkai's room. "Hakkai, we gotta get ready to go." He stated with a yawn. He hopes the kid can drive a car, or he might have to call a car service to take him to the house he grew up in.

When he saw that Hakkai wasn't in his room. He walked into the office, and found the neko curled up on his work chair. The human smiled, and quietly shook the neko awake. "Hakkai, come on let's get ready." He stated yawning lightly.
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Hakkai's ears stood up and swiveled forward, as if to hear Matthew better. Had he said what he thought he had? That he was going to take Hakkai home?
Before Hakkai could protest or say even one word to him, Matthew had left the room. "Again with this?" asked Hakkai in a low whisper. He let out the smallest of sighs and sat down in the chair that Matthew had previously occupied. Hakkai purred a little as he sunk into the chair and the warmth left behind by Matthew's body.
He had already made up his mind that it would be cruel to leave Matthew in this house all alone, but Matthew seemed insistent that he go back home. Maybe Matthew didn't want him around? This thought made Hakkai's ears fall and a small frown curl on his face. Did Matthew really not like him and was only just putting up with him to take him down a notch? Because he was Calico? Because he thought he could steal from anyone? That must have been all that there was to it...
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He blushed lightly, and looked at Hakkai. Matthew then looked away. "T-thanks..."He stated quietly. "To-Tomorrow I'll take you you're home..."Matthew stated before standing up. "We'll leave around 10 am, and wear something nice." He stated before walking out of the room.

He didn't understand why Hakkai had licked him, or why it was affecting him so much. Matthew thought that it was all of the emotional distress he was under, so it was best to act as if nothing happened.
  Matthew / 4hetalialove / 8y 215d 20h 57m 18s
Hakkai frowned as Matthew still begged to be left alone. There was no way he could leave him alone when he was like this. He felt a hard tugging in his chest as he watched Matthew suffering in the pain he was in. He had to make him feel better somehow.
"Those promises are hard to make," responded Hakkai in a low voice. "We don't know what will happen. I don't think the exact promise matters though, when it's such an unpredictable promise. What matters is that you tried very hard... and you protected him for a long time, haven't you? You were doing your job with every part of yourself. That has to be something, doesn't it?"
He watched Matthew with careful eyes as he spoke, looking out for any signs that he was at least easing the pain a little. He wasn't sure if he was doing any good or not. So, in desperation, he leaned over a licked Matthew's cheek. It was a cat's affection, yes, from a neko that felt something towards this human. What it was he wasn't entirely sure, but he wanted to comfort the human in any way possible.
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Matthew sighed deeply, and shook his head. "I...I'm fine. Please leave me alone..." He stated shrugging off Hakkai's hand. "But I promised to protect him...I didn't. I told him nothing will happen to him...I lied." He stated quietly. The young man then sighed lightly, and rubbed his eyes.

The young man then looked at his hand, and took it into his. 'What am I gonna do?' He then asked not looking at the neko.
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Hakkai watched the tears build in the man's eyes; That action alone was enough to make Hakkai stand his ground. How could he just leave with Matthew like this? He had the urge to help Matthew anyway he could. He wasn't sure why, but he had to.
He didn't listen to Matthew's orders, and instead moved closer to Matthew. "I can't leave you like this," he said, placing a hand on Matthew's shoulder. "You need someone to comfort you, you know. You can't stay like this forever. Karl... Karl wouldn't want you to be like this forever."
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"I dunno...." Matthew eventually stated placing his face in his hands. "I dunno. I dunno....I don't know." He then started crying again. The young man sobbed heavily. "Can you leave please..."The man asked trying to keep his voice level, he was failing terribly. He couldn't stand how large and empty the house was.
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Hakkai flinched as the lamp shattered, spraying pieces all around. his ears flattened and he looked at Matthew with an expression of worry on his face. Matthew was taking the death hard... but why shouldn't he? Karl was very important to him. This caring, vulnerable side of Matthew was so much different from how he was when Hakkai and him first met.
Hakkai didn't hesitate to step around the desk and towards Matthew.
"What are you going to do now?" he asked in a soft voice. He was more worried than curious about how Matthew would be from this point on. His heart felt a little pained, thinking of the worst happening to Matthew. This was a good man that a very bad thing had happened to. Good men shouldn't suffer like this.
  Hakkai / aidochild / 8y 242d 17h 29m 54s
"I'm not joking. Take it." Matthew stated as he put his check book away. "I have all this money, and nothing to do with it. I'm paying for some of Karl's funeral, as well as giving his family a large some as an apology. Karl was one of the best things that happened, and this shit took him away from me." He stated as he slapped a rather nice lamp off of his desk. The object shattered, and the room went dark, save for the light that came from the window, and hallway.
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Hakkai hesitantly took the check as he took a bite of the sandwich. He attempted to swallow the mouth-ful when he looked at the amount, before choking almost immediately. He finally managed to force the food down without killing himself and he jumped to his feet.
"A-are you serious!? This is so much!" he exclaimed. It would help a lot but... are you sure about this!?"
This was crazy. It was money that the slums really needed, but this was crazy. Hakkai got himself to calm down finally.
"If you're serious, I won't reject such an offer. They need it." He just hoped no other human would try to come and ruin this generosity and take what wasn't theirs.
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Matthew took the sandwich, but only picked at it. He then placed it on the desk, before taking out his check book, and writing a large check. "Here, the next time you go over there give this to your home. Use it to help the others who live there as well." He then added.

Matthew then took the food, and unwrapped it before taking a small bite from it. He wasn't hungry, but he didn't want to worry Hakkai.
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"I got back not too long ago," answered Hakkai after quietly apologizing for slamming the glass down. "And I brought food because I doubt you've eaten anything yet." He took one sandwich from the bag and set it in front of Matthew before gtetting out the other one and sitting in an comfy chair facing the desk. "I also visited my home in the neko slums. Nothing's changed there, obviously."
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Matthew woke up with a jolt when the cup was placed back on the desk. He then turned to find Hakkai standing over him. "W-when did you get back." The man asked sighing deeply, as he placed his head back on the desk.

The man's head pounded heavily, and rolled his eyes. The young man reached over and went to close the bottle which was now half full.
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