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There is a girl, she lost her family when she was young, she was adopted by a detective and brought up by strict rules. She was made into a junior detective at the age of 10 and was welcomed into the force at age 17. She is now 18 and one of their best detectives. She has solved many cases and caught several perpetrators. With the help of her partner, they are unstoppable.

She now lives on her own in an apartment, she goes to her computer one night to find that she has been signed to another case. This one is about a serial killer who has no patterns at all other then torturing his victims in brutal ways. He is now the companies top priority to get off the streets and she and her partner are assigned to take him down.

Weeks go by and nothing brings them any closer to finding the guy they are looking for. She sits down at her computer and finds a note attached to the screen, she takes it off and her eyes go wide, it's from him.

I hear you wish to play my game, I have been watching you for weeks, but you still have yet to figure me out. I like the ambition you bring to the table, to bad this is the end of your run.

Sincerely, your killer

She drops the note and grabs her gun as she hears a noise in her apartment. She looks around the house being as quiet as possible. Her heart picks up pace as she is trying to figure out where he could be, and then everything goes black.

She wakes up in a dark room, not able to remember anything for several minutes until she hears a noise and she goes to grab her gun and she comes up empty handed. She remembers what happened and curses. The lights suddenly come on and she is in a dirty room. At this point she realizes how sick this guy really is.

Meanwhile her partner reports her missing and after confirming it after going to her house and not finding her and her cell phone smashed, he is convinced that she has been harmed or worse. He starts setting up to try and collect any evidence to find out who this guy is and hopefully to save his partner.

Note: The person who is going to play the killer must be dark and mysterious and likes violence. If you cannot live up to this then I will kick you out.


Literacy is a MUST!

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You must have two to three paragraphs per post, two is the minimum.

Violence is a must!

Romance is allowed, but it will not be through the whole thing. If it happens to be the serial killer and the girl, then it will be a violent kind of love since he can't truly love in a nice way.

Questions, concerns? Ask them in PM, and I will answer.

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NOTE: I look at all of the lonely and new posts and if I see that you are stealing my ideas at all, then I will make that role play a living hell, which I wish not to result to. Most credit goes to Osiris since one of his role plays gave me the idea. If you have read this far then please PM me to join.


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She gave him an odd look, she knew that he was probably crazy but she wasn't sure it was a good idea to exactly call him on it. He had a funny way of asking her a question, she knew what he meant but this proved her theory that he was crazy. She looked around the room again as she thought to herself how she would get out of there and realized that he was probably waiting for her answer. "I do, you are absolutely correct there." She said keeping it simple to keep him calm, she didn't need him lashing out on her, she was the victim here and he was in control, she had learned from a previous case that it didn't take much for someone to snap if they were out witted on something, it made them feel that they held all the cards.

She watched as he made an adjustment to his posture, she gasped as he placed his cold hand on her stomach, it was painful and she remembered that she had been cut which made it worse because he knew that he was hurting her, but he didn't feel the need to actually move his hand at all, he kept it there. She listened to him carefully through the pain, she needed to make sure that she got every word from him so she could testify against him later, she would have to stay strong so that she could see this man put away for the rest of his life. She could not allow this creep to pry on anyone else. She frowned as he started to tell her something, and then trail off from whatever he was going to say. She waited until he continued on, she had to keep reminding herself that she could not rush him or she would probably die instantly. "I believe that sounds complicated, seeing as you knew where I was and when i got home, and my name, what more is there to say? You seem to already know me, but I do not know you." She stated as a fact and not trying to be a smart ass with this which she would have if she had been in the position to do so, but she wasn't so she kept it as true as possible. She stayed as calm as possible going back to what her adoptive mother taught her, she taught her never to show the perp emotion, they gained and went off of that. She stared into his eyes as he stared into hers, she knew he would find confusion and possibly some fear but that was the extent of what he would see.

She gasped as he moved his hand, she was happy to have the pressure released from her stomach but it still hurt as he moved his hand. She looked at him as he explained that this was all part of an experiment he was doing. "I do not believe that, you don't look that stupid to let me going knowing very well that I will go straight to the cops, knowing you would most likely get the death penalty or rot in a cell the rest of your life." She said jumping much too quickly and took a deep breath to calm herself from her outburst. She noticed how he moved and just with that she knew he wasn't telling her the truth, she knew she would die there if she didn't figure out a way to get out of there immediately.

She nearly had a heart attack when he reached out and grabbed her hand and kneeled down next to her. She saw him plead with her from her to help him with his research which she could only guess what that was. She gave him a look, "I'm a cop, you know that I cannot do that, you should know that seeing as you have obtained my private information, however you were clever enough to do that." She said suspiciously. She knew that her records were closed, very few people had access to them, and she knew all of those people, so how did he see them? She wasn't listed in the phone book so he could not have gotten her address from there and she had blocked the computer, he must have had connections somehow, since she enjoyed her privacy and took every precaution.

He released her hand and then went into a fit of explanations, she was not sure how it was triggered but he let loose and told her everything. He told her that she would die and it would complete everything, if not her then his research would never be complete. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at him, " are my case, the man I have been looking wonder none of your victims and killings make sense, it is because you don't want it to, you do not care who you take, you only are doing this for...for their..." She tried to finish but she wasn't sure how right she really was, but now she knew who she was really looking for and he had some how caught her and now most likely kill her. She gasped as she bit into her lip as he asked her his final question before leaving and then she struggled against the time she had to get out of there.

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Kolby smirked lightly and pulled his face away from hers, straightening to stand upright. A wide grin spread across his face and he snickered lightly, placing a hand up to cover his mouth. "My, aren't you a curious one. You want to know everything there is to know about anything there is, am I correct?" Tilting his head to the side, the male grinned mockingly. Taking a step back, he removed his hand from his mouth and placed it into his pocket, the other one reaching out to rest on Mia's clothes stomach. "Why don't you tell me who you are first. We can sorta.." His words faded as a small laugh escaped his lips. His fingers moved lightly on her stomach, slowly crawling on the folds of her shirt. And then I'll tell you who I am, why you're here, and what I plan to do with you. How does that sound?" His dark eyes stared intently at her face, searching for any sign of emotion. What he found was something he knew would be there, confusion and fear. But was there something else? There had to be, because all of his victims had that same duo. She had to have something else, something more. She had to! She was the one who was going to help him complete his research.

As a frown spread across his lips and his brow creased with disappointment, he turned away to look at his hand that laid, now still, on her stomach. Pulling his hand away, it laid limply at his side, his shoulders slumping forward as he let out an exhausted sigh. "Miss Mia, I need you to help me. I'm doing research, and I need our help to finish it. I promise that if you help me, I'll let you go. I just need to finish it." Looking at the ground, he shifted his weight from side to side. If he had been in a comedy, he could just envision the violins playing a sad melody in the background. But when the light was shone of the players, instead of straight faces men in sullen suits, one was faced with spike-tailed demons with forked tongues and reeking of lies and sin. It wasn't easy to tell if the male was lying or not, his eyes were diverted towards the ground, but his fidgeting feet and rocking body could suggest he was uncomfortable with the current suggestion, and he was. Lifting his head, he knelt down by the table, eyes staring at the table and not her, and reached his hands out to clasp one of hers. "Please, Miss Mia. I'll let you go, I promise. I'll never hurt another person again. I'll let you take me to jail. Anything, but please.." Lifting his eyes to stare into hers, he bit his bottom lip and blinked slowly. "Please." He whispered dryly, clutching her hand tightly.

Giving her hand another tight squeeze, his eyes narrowed and his lips formed into a thin line. The hysteria was clear in his eyes, the dark orbs were glazed over with an unknown emotion. At the mention of the letter, he let go of her hand, but kept his on the table. He remained kneeling, but dropped to the floor, sitting in a huff. "It's a simple game really. The game of life and death. Who will die here, and who will live? I know how it will end, but you don't. That's the fun of it. What will you do to survive Mia? Is there anything you can do to make it out of here alive?" Looking at her through his bangs, he smiled darkly and threw his head back, erupting in a fit of hysteric laughter. "Of course not! Not unless you help me finish!" Suddenly he broke off his laughter and stared at her, his eyes hard. It was clear now that the male was not a Schizophrenic, Bi-Polar, or delusional. He was completely deranged."Or you could join me, and we could find a new experiment." After a moment's pause, he grinned and shook his head. "No, it has to be you. Your death will complete everything." He spoke quietly as he stood up, adverting his gaze from her and directing it towards the door. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he walked towards the door, stopping before the poorly put together wooden item. "Which do you prefer. Nails, or stakes?" He didn't turn to look at her as he spoke, but instead opened the door and disappeared into the pitch darkness that welcomed him.
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Mia looked around the room as she heard the voice again. She somehow knew it was the person who wrote the note but she also knew that she was in far more trouble then she was actually taking this. She bit into her lip as she pulled at the straps again and looked around all the while as if she had a gun in her hands and she was doing a search throughout the room of a suspect. She still couldn't really make anything out through the room as she looked around it, but then again it really wasn't that lit to begin with since there was only a single light actually giving the room something and that was hanging above her. Each time she looked back up to the light, it blinded her for a few seconds and that scared her.

Mia heard the footsteps and it caused her to look to her right and she saw a figure coming out of the shadows. Had he been standing there this whole time? She wondered to herself. How had I missed him? And then she remembered that the light didn't give the room enough light to actually allow her to see over to the sides of the room. She would have to keep that in mind granted she got out of there at all but she would still store that information away so that in case she did get out of there, there wouldn't be any surprises.

He walked over to her and said hello, along with her name. How does he know my name? She wondered. She had never caught this man before, or at least she didn't remember catching him. Perhaps her partner had? No...she would have remembered this man. She usually got a feel for the perps that she caught but this man was different from the others, like he was much more dangerous then he really let off. Maybe he had been caught by her adoptive mother and he was now taking revenge out on her, but she didn't think so, he didn't look that old to have been in prison for any length of time. She was shocked to see how young he was as well, she thought that her kidnapper would at least have been older, but who knew the true human body? The naked eye was fooled easy by appearance.

"Who...who are you?" She asked him, not really sure if she should be asking him but she still wanted to know. She was going to try and treat this as if she was interrogating a suspect. "And what do you want?" She asked him as she stared up at his dark eyes. There was something animal like to them, something that she really couldn't pin point exactly, as if he was invisible. "Why am I here? And what did you mean when you left me that note back at my apartment? That I wanted to join your game? What game is that?" She asked him so confused and then it hit her. THE NOTE! She hoped that it was at least morning and her partner was looking for her, if they could trace that note, they would probably figure out where they were exactly. She closed her eyes as she smiled at that. When she could smell the mint of his breath and she opened her eyes to see his face just two inches away from hers, she turned away to try and escape it. She also realized that she had missed whatever he had been saying to her.
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Kolby stood quietly, watching the girl on the table with emotionless eyes. As her eyes fluttered open for merely a second before slipping closed, as her breathing became suddenly heavy, her chest heaving and falling roughly. He had guessed she had finally begun to feel the pain her body was suffering from when a gasp and yelp emitted from her lips. Shaking his head lightly, dark bangs falling into his eyes, his shoulders slumped forward as he sighed deeply. He didn't want to wait much longer, otherwise he would simply get bored with her and end her life without a second thought. But she seemed like such a worthy being to test on, it would really be a deep losee.

Moving to stand above her head, he stared into her eyes, trying to stare past the cloudiness, but failed. She was still fading into consciousness, much to his dismay. Letting out a deep sigh, he took a step back and shoved his hands into the pockets of his pants. "You're so troublesome." He muttered, turning to look towards the wooden door that lied on the other side of the nearly empty room. His eyes narrowed onto the unmoving object, as if expecting it to grow eyes and a mouth that it would use to talk to him. Like a video a classmate at the college he once attended showed him. It was called the Talking Orange, and it nearly scarred him for life. Closing his eyes, he cringed at the memory."Hello Kolby Jack! Haha, your name is like the cheese. You stupid, unwanted douche." The voice of the orange filled his head, it's crack-colored eyes and disgusting mouth filled his mind, laughing at him mockingly. His hands clenched into fists in his pockets, his fingers digging painfully into his palms. Eyes snapping open quickly, he pulled his hands out roughly and slapped them over his eyes. Opening his mouth, he yelled into the air. "Damn orange! You're so fucking creepy!" The words came out in a shrill of seeming insanity, the end breaking off in a high, scream like tone of a child throwing a tantrum.

Hearing a voice behind him, he silenced and removed his hands, letting them fall lifelessly to his sides. He stood unmoving for a minute, staring blankly ahead, listening to the sounds of struggle behind him. A large, wicked smile spread across his lips as he craned his neck over his shoulder to look towards the female. "Ah, you're awake. Lovely." He said, his voice chime-like with happiness. He closed his eyes and smiled sweetly, placing his hands behind his back, clasping them together. Picking up his left foot, he crossed it over his right and, quickly, spun around to face her. Whenever he did the move, it reminded him of a Micheal Jackson music video, only he didn't grab his crotch and yell at the top of his lungs. Maybe he should do that next time? It would surely throw his neck victim off. Or he could just do the moon walk over to the table with a knife in each hand. That, actually, sounded like a bit of fun. Next time.. He thought to himself, still smiling sweetly.

Walking over to Mia, he looked down at her and cocked his head to the side, staring at her curiously with dark eyes. "Hello Miss Mia, I'm glad to see you're awake. There's no use struggling, those straps have got you bolted down tight. Well, you could try, but I'd have to cut you apart." Letting out a light, emotionless laugh, he flashed a charming smile down at her. Reaching an arm out, he held up two fingers in front of her face. "We can do this one of two ways. You can cooperate like a good little girl and let me do my research, or you can struggle and I'll just kill you." Pulling his hand back, he shrugged and laughed. "It would be great if you cooperated, it'd be a shame to kill you, but if I have to, I will. And believe me, it won't be quick. I known ways to completely take you apart and keep you alive and awake through it all." Bending down, he placed his face close to hers, his lips not more than two inches away. He smelt of heavily of vanilla and shaving cream, his breath of mint so strong that when smelt it seemed to stab at the brain. "Choose wisely Miss.."
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Mia was beginning to come to, she wasn't sure what was going on, and she had absolutely no memory of what had happened. When she tried to remember, she just got a headache and it made her sick. She also found that she was unable to move, but she figured that her body just wasn't able to move yet, since the human body was mysterious like that. She concluded to herself then that she would sit for a little bit and allow herself to gain some strength before making any moves that would probably cost her in the end.

A bit past and she found that she floated in and out of the dark waters that she was beginning to get used to. When she surfaced again, she felt a sharp pain in her chest, which caused her to gasp and yelp. When she felt her body react, she found that she couldn't move all that much, but from what she wasn't sure. Was she stuck under something? A bunch of questions started to run through her head all at once, and when she started to sink back into the dark waters, she gasped, trying to get out of them and next thing she knew, she had her eyes open and she was staring right into a bright light.

It took her several minutes to realize that the light she was looking into was only a light bulb, not the light she thought meant that she was dead. She was breathing really hard at this point and she tried to calm herself before she really did give herself a scare and possibly a heart attack. She frowned up at the ceiling and some of her memory began to return to her, she realized for one she was no longer at home, and wherever she was, it was not a good thing. Then she realized that she was strapped down to a table with three leather straps, which explained why she wasn't able to move before.

"Shit..." She muttered as she tried to move and sit up and that is when she noticed her shirt was ripped, or rather cut and she was bleeding. She mentally cursed as she struggled with the leather bounds but nothing was working and she realized that the belts were either on the side or underneath which screwed her big time. She pulled at them until she heard a voice and she looked around frantically. It was him, the serial killer, it had to be, who else would have thought all of this out unless they were just as smart as her. She recalled the note and she knew that this was the end, he would kill her and she wasn't going to get the chance to put him away or even see him killed.

Pardon my crappy post V.V writers block...
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The streets of New York that Kolby preferred to involve himself with were the generally deserted and trashed parts of the City of Wonders. It was easier for him to do his work. It provided not only a secluded place to live, but also complete silence and solitude. There was nothing like walking out with mutilated parts in your arms and no one is there to see. The mere thought of being able to do what he wished, to make his victims scream as loud as he desired brought pure joy into his heart. But with the joy that his killings also brought deep pleasure and achievement. In a few years, whether if he was caught, killed, or still on the run, people would know of his name. Kolby Jack, a man of only twenty-three years young, would be known as one of the only men in the world that dared act out the theories that no neurologists dare find the answer to.

But tonight, Kolby would venture out of his comfort zone and take a swan dive into the heart of the city. Where there were cameras, cops, and various ways to find out who the mysterious male was if they were lucky enough to catch a glimpse. The thought of someone barging into his sudden line of success made him shiver, lightly, a demon of pressure wrapping it's cold claws around his lungs and giving them a rough squeeze. It caused him extreme discomfort to even think about it, enough to make him fear for the sake of his research.

Taking a deep drag from his cigarette, letting the smoke out gently, a wicked smile slipped over Kolby's lips. He was currently standing the on sidewalk before a nice looking house, his hands stuffed into the pockets of his black sweatshirt. His weapon, which was a black and silver 12 inch switchblade, rested inside the outside of his left combat boot. He also had a gun stashed, but he didn't really believe in guns. They killed a person much to quickly. He knew his victim had a gun, he knew that even before the weeks he started to watch her, but she would never get the chance to use it. He had the entire night planned out already. He had her torture planned out already, and he would make sure that she lasted longer than the others.

Flicking the cigarette away, not bothering to crush it, he reached down into his boot and pulled out his knife. The cold steel sat limply in his hand, waiting to be used on an innocent's jugular. Smirking lightly, he slipped it into his pocket, looked over his shoulder at the dark streets, and made his way towards the house. Walking on the shadows that were cast upon the ground, he made his way towards the backyard, staying sure to remain close to the house. Pausing by the backdoor, he moved to peek in through a window, staring into an empty room. Grinning darkly, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, silver key. An exact duplicate of her own.

Slipping it into the lock, he turned it slowly, hesitantly. The light click of the lock turning made him freeze, a cold, sinking feeling filling his stomach. He waited a second, casting glances up at the window, that remained dark. Pulling the key out, he slipped it back into his pocket before opening the door quietly and slipping inside. He proceeded to sneak through the house, making his way to the single lit room. She was in there, Miss Mia, he could smell the scent of her shampoo. Watching with interest as she opened her laptop and saw the note, he walked inside, dark eyes looking at the back of the woman he was going to kidnap. A small, silent 'tsk' escaped his lips as he looked around the room, eyes narrowing lightly when he saw a brass candle holder resting only a foot away from him on a small end table. Reaching over, he grabbed it, liking the weight that it produced, before looking back at the woman. He could see her body tense with panic before she moved quickly to grab what looked like her cellphone. Flinging his right arm out, he allowed the flat circular shape to fly out of his hand and towards her. It flew over her left shoulder before crashing into the wall with a loud crack. Reaching a free hand out, he brushed it over the light switch on the wall, encasing the room in total darkness. Lunging forward, he brought the candle holder down over the back of her head.

20 minutes later

Kolby stood leaning up against the wall of the brick room that Mia and himself were in. She was laying on a steel surgical table in the middle of the room, three leather straps holding her down. He made sure to make them as tight as he possibly could without killing her. He didn't want her going anywhere. "Hey, wake up." Pushing himself off the wall, he walked over to Mia quietly. She was still unconscious, the blow she took to the head being more forceful then he had intended. Dark red blood covered the top of her head, mixing in with her beautiful blond hair. It was mostly dried now, considering the attack took place almost twenty minutes before.

Growing tired of waiting, Kolby let out alight growl and pulled the switchblade out of his pocket. Flipping it open, he leaned above her, taking a second to inhale the sweet smell of fresh blood. There will be more to come, he thought with a wicked smile as he placed the knife's tip on the collar of her shirt. Pressing lightly, he pushed the tip through the fabric and, slowly, began to pull it down her torso. Upon reaching halfway down her shirt, he stopped and leaned back. It seemed that he had pushed to hard, the tip not only going through the shirt, but also digging lightly into her skin. A thin trail of red began to form where his knife had run across and he laughed. "Wakey, wakey!"
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Mia and her partner Carl had been on the case for several weeks now. They hadn't come up with anything new except for the fact that the perp had no pattern and he wanted them to find the bodies so he left them in obvious places. He really was beginning to confuse her because he knew exactly what he was doing and he left absolutely no evidence tracing back to him. She was beginning to grow tired of this, she wanted him off the streets and onto the next guy.

Mia stayed late that night with Carl trying to figure out anymore leads. They had gotten a call from a farmer from the west claiming to have found something, and sure enough, it was another victim that had suffered torture. His victims were more at random and she wondered if he studied them at all before making his moves. She brought this up to Carl but he didn't think that it was that, he assume it was whoever was in the wrong place at the wrong time that was taken. Mia dropped it at that point and finally called it a night and told Carl to call her if anything came up. He agreed.

Mia got home and did her usual routine, she dropped her keys at the kitchen counter and read the mail. After determining most was junk mail, she would place that on the counter as well and then proceed to a shower to relax from a hard day at work. After slipping on a tank top and a pair of shorts, she grabbed her gun and placed it next to her laptop and sat down turning on a light. She opened her laptop to see a note attached to it. She frowned and looked around wondering where it had come from. She grabbed it and read it.

I hear you wish to play my game, I have been watching you for weeks, but you still have yet to figure me out. I like the ambition you bring to the table, to bad this is the end of your run.

Sincerely, your killer

She dropped the paper and grabbed her gun and cell phone, she hit Carl's number but her phone was smacked out of her hand when something flew by it, she realized it was a plate after it crashed into the wall. She looked around and then the lights went out. "Shit..." She said and then something hit her in the back of the head and everything went black.
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Sorry I didn't post sooner.. I had to watch a few gruesome movies to get some ideas =}

Kolby sat on the ground quietly in the darkness, the very darkness that filled the bricked room that he was residing in. It was small, no bigger than the size of an Elementary classroom, but it, somehow, accomplished to fulfill his needs. The gray bricks were chipped and worn down over years of enduring abuse from both man and nature. Graffiti covered most of three of the walls, the fourth one invisible under the dark-brownish flaking 'paint' that covered it. It had once been a beautiful red color, thriving with the life it had once provided, but now it had begun to rot into a deathly color that was no longer enjoyable to look at. It was, to tell the truth, depressing to look at, as the male would think.

"I need to go out again.." The words flowed from his mouth in a light chord, a sort of musical tune mixing with his words. A sudden smile slipped onto his lips, an evil look slipping into his eyes, and he stood up. His shirt, a blood stained white wife beater that was torn in a few places, draped limply over his thin body. It was the shirt he usually always wore when doing his 'business'. He used to have a surgical coat and mask, but one of his victims had, somehow, gotten out of the restraints that held her down on the table she was on and decided to attack him. It had been suicide instantly, but her instincts of survival had screamed at her to do anything to stay alive. "Foolish humans. You will do anything to save your skins. The brain begins to shut down as soon as you know that you're done. Your body takes over after that.." He spoke to himself, reaching into the pocket of his dirty and wrinkled faded out jeans. He pulled his hand out, holding a packet of cigarettes and a light blue lighter. Flipping open the top, he slid one out and grabbed it between two fingers. Lifting it to his mouth, he slipped it between lips and closed his eyes. Oh, how he craved a smoke at the moment, but he was a body, well, parts of a body, to dispose of. He also had to clean off his surgical table, which would be troublesome considering his last act got a little...messy.

Shaking his head lightly, he opened his eyes and lit the lighter, cupping the flame in one of his hands as he brought it to the end of his smoke stick. After a second, he moved his head away, but allowed the flame to continue to burn. Lifting to eye level, Kolby stared into the small flickering flame, watching it fight in a losing battle against the chilling draft that traveled through the stone room. After a second, the small orange light dispersed. Slipping the lighter back into his pocket, the tall male stood quietly, taking a deep drag from his cigarette. Opening his mouth, he let out a large puff of smoke, watching it linger before being ripped apart by the wind. Smirking, he took another drag before flicking it to the ground. "Smoking's bad for you, Kolby." He said aloud, looking over at the blood painted wall with a sadistic grin as his foot twitched out to smash the lit cancer stick into the cement floor. "Who will the lucky person be tonight I wonder.."
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New York City, the city of lights, where anything can happen. It is supposed to be a place where you can fall in love with the sites and tourists crowding the streets. It isn't like that for one girl, her name is Mia Mawson. When she was younger she lost her whole family to a robbery, she was then adopted by a very intelligent and well known for her work. Mia went into the force early on and was able to live up to her adoptive mothers reputation and even exceed it. Her whole life she

Mia woke up to the sound of her cell phone ringing. She moaned as she tried to put her head under the pillow but she knew that she was going to have to take it because it was her work phone. She reached over to her night stand and grabbed her cell phone, briefly looking at the name before she opened it and answered. "Hello...?" She said sleeply. Today was her day off but since she was a Detective, that didn't mean anything. As soon as her partner finished talking to her and explaining why she had to go in on her day off, she sighed and told him that she would be in in a little bit.

Putting her cell phone back on the dresser, she pushed the blankets off and got out of bed as she went to the bathroom to shower. After getting ready, she grabbed her gun and put it in it's holster. She grabbed her keys and left the apartment and got into her car. On her way to work she stopped to get some coffee so she wouldn't fall asleep during the time that she was going to have to spend at work.

Once she stepped into the building, people were bombarding her with papers and talking to her all at once. Still confused, she saught out her partner, Detective Carl Sheck. He gave her everything that she needed and she let out a sigh knowing that the day she had planned was now going to have to wait for another day, she was on yet another case that only the cheif would trust giving it to her and Sheck.
  Mia / AzraelSkylu / 8y 189d 12h 57m 29s
The human mind is a wonderful thing. There's no telling what kind of ideas or fantasies brew inside the various tunnels of thought that rake from one to another. How much can be achieved by a simple question that lingers in the back of the mind. Not many people take the time to think over the things that so many people find mysterious and fascinating. To twenty-three year old Kolby Jack, it was quite a shame. As a boy, he was often left alone with his younger brother, John, who was mentally handicapped. At a young age, Kolby began to notice how his brother was different. How he was fascinated with the little toy horses that cluttered the floor. How some colors, like red and pink, made a sheer height of panic rise in the others' face. It was the little things, just slight changes here and there, that could change the entire thinking process of a person.

Kolby did not only use his brother to 'observe', but also his mother and father. He studied their habits, their daily routines, words exchanged throughout the day to one another. What would happen if he changed one simple little thing? Many ideas had run through his mind during his elementary years, experiments and assumptions that were just begging to be proven. So many books to be read, so many papers to be written, so many people to study..

During his Freshman year at college, while siding with various Therapists to venture deeper into how the mind works, he happened upon something quite..interesting. There was a case, dated back to 1989, about a girl who was deceived and manipulated by her husband for nearly 10 years. He told her lies about her past, day after day, and over time, she had began to believe. Her stability began to wear down, her mind closing in on itself to figure out what was true and what wasn't. But, sadly, her hope had been lost. She lost all capability to tell what was real, what had really happened and what was lies, and took her own life. That very story, telling how far a person could go to literally melt another's mind, was enough to spark curiosity within himself.

Kolby, now a college dropout and living a shaded life of a 'seemingly dead' man, has finally taken things to the next level with his work. After years of sitting back and watching from a far, he has decided to accept the ultimate challenge. Taking the research he had gathered, now was the time to act. He was going to get someone off the street, any random person, and do his tests. None the less, he couldn't help but begin to feel excited. After all, manipulation and how the mind reacts to pain were, really, the only things he lived for. The determination that began to build over the weeks, the days prior to his first act, were nearly irresistible. The after affects were what drove him to act again. And again. And again, until he couldn't find the urge, or will, to stop.

Sorry it's crappy..
  Kolby Jack / Johnnycake / 8y 189d 22h 38m 42s

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