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She plays games with guys and break thier hearts but what happens when she falls in love with another heartbreaker to?It is a summer of a lifetime.But when they stop the games what becomes of it?

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"oh no i would be glad to" she said to him with a smile that killed most guys.Soon whe will have him under her finger and when she does he will see how it feels to love..
  stella / bleedingheart94 / 10y 44d 9h 35m 47s
"Well, Stella" he paused, flashing her a dazzling smile.
"Like I said... I am new here. Would it be possible to show me around?" he asked, standing up as well. His piercing blue eyes looked at hers, holding her gaze for a second as he then broke the gaze.
"I mean... if you don't want to it's fine too..." he sighed, placing his hands in his pockets.
  Alex / Ryuusuke / 10y 46d 15m 11s
"My name is stella" She said as she stood up.
  stella / bleedingheart94 / 10y 46d 13h 51m 55s
Alex smiled, his eyes scanning all the girls in their bikinis and swimming suits.
he chuckled inwardly, jogging down toward the water. He saw a girl, alone it seemed.
he smirked and walked over to her.
"Mind if I take sit beside you, gorgeous?" he asked, but without waiting for an answer he sat down calmly and slowly beside her.
"My name's Alex, I'm new here" he flashed her a charming smile.
  Alex / Ryuusuke / 10y 47d 4h 29m 9s
She frist jogs to the beach it was hrad to do in flaps she saids she lauge to herself she start to lauge with her bag over her shoulder that held a towl,sun block,and other small things.She had a water in the other hand cell phone her pocket.She broke up with her boyfrined last night so she can start the games.She smile to herself she sat down her things and watch the guys on the beach
  stella / bleedingheart94 / 10y 47d 14h 42m 9s
Alex woke face down on his bed. He moved his head to the side a bit and grabbed his phone. This girl had been obsessing over him for a bit after he had said that he'd go out with her.
he thought as he texted on his phone.

From: Alex
To: Julia

I'm breaking up with you, bye bye

he then blocked and deleted her from his phone and got up, yawning a bit. Slipping on some clothes, he placed his phone in his pocket and walked downstairs to eat some breakfast.
he thought as he ate his breakfast.

Once he was done, he headed outside. It was quite sunny,
he smiled, girls were always more vulnerable during this season... and winter. They think that summer is time for a summer romance and winter is just a time to "warm up" to him. Those girls really were stupid.
he wandered over to the sandy shores of the beach.
  Alex / Ryuusuke / 10y 48d 5h 24m 51s
{sure hun}
She wokes up it being the frist day of summer,she put on a tank top and short shorts.She walked to her window who heart will she breck today.She hears that a new kid was moving on the block.She check her cell ten texts from ten guys,She was goin to have fun this summer she wonders who will come out and play.
  stella / bleedingheart94 / 10y 48d 14h 32m 39s
<are you posting first?>
  Alex / Ryuusuke / 10y 49d 8h 55m 38s
ok thanks so uch
  stella / bleedingheart94 / 10y 49d 14h 6m 1s
<I'll join ^^>
  Alex / Ryuusuke / 10y 50d 3h 27m 24s
need one person
  stella / bleedingheart94 / 10y 50d 4h 34m 43s

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