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Down in hell the demons become bored...they eventually come up..little by little they experience new things...have more fun but in the worst ways. They torture helpless people, kill and feed off them. They destroy what they can and enjoy every minute of it. Some of them end up being good, start loving a human or a demon. Some humans stand up against the demons and try to fight them off.

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Anna looked back at him for a second and sighed a little bit. She raised her hand making a small water bubble. She walked towards him and looked at him. "put the bag of tea in the bubble" she said quietly and sat down in front of him and held the water bubble up.
  Anna / kittygirl / 9y 91d 8h 5m 22s
Rain watched Anna as she walked into the distance. He looked a little sad as she left, but quickly reconverted his attention back to the tea. He stared at the bags for a second until he realized something... he didn't know how to make tea. "AAHHHHHHHHH FUCK MY LIFE" He screamed as he smashed his fist into the ground shattering the earth and sending everything around him flying.
  Rain / sorrow / 9y 91d 8h 7m 1s
Anna sighed. "Don't ever mention it.." she said walking into the forest and smiled a little bit. She looked at a river and let her wings spread out. She walked onto the water and stood over it. Her tip toes only touching the water. She giggled and smiled.
  Anna / kittygirl / 9y 91d 8h 21m 54s
Rain scrambled to where the tea bags had landed and started hugging them against his chest. "My babies there okay! Anna you've done the nicest thing anyones ever done for me how can I ever repay you." He said looking glossy eyed at her
  Rain / sorrow / 9y 91d 8h 24m 22s
Anna let out a loud scream. She turned around instantly and started flying back. She started sneaking around and ran in then grabbed the bags and ran out then started flying back. She stopped behind him and threw them at him. "THERE!" She yelled in anger.
  Anna / kittygirl / 9y 91d 10h 49m 3s
Jack looked at his hands, and started franticly checking his pockets. A look of horror crossed his face. "I left in the shop." He said dramatically before sitting down and starting to shake.
  Rain / sorrow / 9y 91d 10h 51m 4s
Anna sighed and shook her head. "well.." she groaned. She looked around then looked at him and started walking. "there you got your tea now shut up" she said walking around. She looked at a forest and examined it. "hm.." she muttered and started walking through it.
  Anna / kittygirl / 9y 91d 10h 53m 5s
Rain followed Anna to the ground. "You forget I've been out of my mind for the past century. I've been living life like a hermit and that means I'm completely out of it when it comes to whats happened in our world. He sighed. "Looks like things haven't changed for the better." He said annoyed.
  Rain / sorrow / 9y 91d 10h 55m 29s
Anna nodded. "We come off as a threat to them" she said shaking her head. "What do you think?" she muttered and sighed a little bit, her tail waving behind her. She crossed her arms and watched him then dived down to the ground and dropped down gently her wings fluttering.
  Anna / kittygirl / 9y 91d 11h 2m 36s
After flying a fair distance Rain looked back at Anna. "Why does the counsel have to have sentries at every corner? Do they really wanna keep our kind out of the human world that badly?" He asked.
  Rain / sorrow / 9y 91d 11h 3m 43s
Anna looked at Rain before running out the door and jumping up spreading her wings. She looked down at the shop and growled then unwrapped her tail and smacked it against the shop.
  Anna / kittygirl / 9y 91d 11h 8m 58s
Rain held a tea bag in front of his eyes looking awe struck. "I found it, I really did..." He muttered to himself trying to comprehend the tea bag in his hands. He walked up to the old asian shop keeper. "How much for the bag of tea." Rain asked the shop keeper. The Old man just stood there muttering faster and faster, before another second could pass Rain was sprinting towards the door. "RUN ITS A VRYKUL SENTRY THEY KNOW WE'RE IN THE HUMAN WORLD!!!" He yelled at Anna as he dived through the door and spread his wings flying into the air.
  Rain / sorrow / 9y 91d 11h 10m 43s
Anna looked at Rain then started walking around. She looked at everything on the shelves then crossed her arms and shook her head. She looked at the old man and looked away. "creepy.." she muttered .
  Anna / kittygirl / 9y 91d 11h 28m 20s
Rain looked around the small store. It was filled with dusty old shelves covered with old looking objects. Behind a counter was an old asian man with an odd look that made something about him seem not quite right. "Well this is an interesting looking store, I guess now I have to try and find some Tea." Rain said before he started digging madly through shelves.
  Rain / sorrow / 9y 91d 11h 29m 59s
Anna looked at him and dived down after him. She stopped right above the ground and let herself drop. She sighed looking down at herself. "this will attract attention.." she muttered to herself and giggled then shrugged. She let her wings fold against her back and looked up at Rain then walked into the store and stood there with her tail wrapping around her waist.
  Anna / kittygirl / 9y 91d 11h 37m 44s

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