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Lucias never really liked living in small towns but there was something different about this town. He felt like he belonged there even though he was a vampire. He was tired of being alone. But he couldn't get attached to anyone. Will he be alone forever or will he find someone that could keep his secret?

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  Lucias / icheo / 10y 144d 7h 49m 23s
<<Hi sorry I had school. You still there?>>
  Jaedin / loveStrucken / 10y 146d 6h 2m 47s
  Lucias / icheo / 10y 146d 11h 2m 51s
Lucias reached his school the same time as the bus reached it. He watched as a girl got off. He stared at her for a second then walked on into his school. He had English first period. As he walked towards his class, he watched people goofing off and kidding around in the hallways.

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  Lucias / icheo / 10y 159d 6h 57m 33s
<<Okay then let's start again :). I'll go from where you left off>>

Her bus ride was a long one, taking fourty-five minutes to reach the school. She stayed silent, afraid of this man in the front. She was a new student this year, transferring from Italy. Jaedin loved this new country: the people and sights, the food and entertainment. She thought it was all so fasicnating. She took a deep breath, and looked down at her bus instructions. She looked up at the next stop and smiled. This was it.
  Jasper / LoveStrucken / 10y 159d 7h 6m 51s
  Lucias / icheo / 10y 159d 7h 10m 33s
<<Hey are you there?>>
  Jasper / LoveStrucken / 10y 159d 7h 27m 18s
Lucias watched as a bus went by him. He didn't remember the last time he rode a bus. He was able to out run a bus if he wanted to but he liked taking his slow sweet time. He liked to have time alone in the mornings before being surrounded by tons of people. School was his only chance at being semi-normal. Even though he didn't really talk to anyone at school, he still enjoyed watching the people interact amongst each other. He had a sense of belonging when he watched everyone talking.

  Lucias / icheo / 10y 160d 3h 22m 0s
<<Hi are you still there? sorry I didn't answer for a while>>

She stood alone in the dim morning light. The bus stop was usually crowded, but this morning she was taking an earlier bus. She waited another ten minutes until the bus finally came. She stepped on, paid her fare and sat down at the back. The bus only had one other occupant. He was pale-looking with dark circles under his eyes and he wore lots of chains. She decided at that moment she would stay away from him.
  Jasper / LoveStrucken / 10y 160d 3h 40m 28s
Lucias hated the first day of school. He hated having to pretend he was just like everyone else. But he had to go through this routine so that no one would find out his true identity. He liked walking to school so he wouldn't have to have any encounters with people. He tried his best to ignore people and stay out of their way. He didn't want to seem suspicious. He missed being able to hang out with normal people but that was quickly snatched away when he was turned into a vampire.
  Lucias / icheo / 10y 160d 12h 2m 2s
She took a deep breath of fresh air as she walked out her front door. It was a beautiful day, she thought to herself as she crossed the street to the bus stop. She loved the first day of school: new clothes, new people and new boys.
  Jaedin / LoveStrucken / 10y 161d 7h 33m 52s
Lucias took a quick shower and got dressed for school. He's gone through this routine a lot. He pulled on a hoodie and jeans. He didnt really care how he looked.
  Lucias / icheo / 10y 161d 7h 37m 40s
Jaedin awoke to the sunlight streaming through her windows. She smiled and jumped out of bed. It was the first day of school, and she needed to look her best. She pulled on a cute short dress she bought just for this day. She walked out of her room, going down the stairs to grab a bowl of cereal. She ate, feeling great.
  Jaedin / LoveStrucken / 10y 161d 7h 42m 27s
Lucias wandered around town waiting for everyone else to wake up. He hated the whole not being able to sleep thing. He was so bored. He watched as the sun began to rise then watched as everyone began to wake up. "Finally." He said to himself as he wandered back home to get ready for school.
  Lucias / icheo / 10y 161d 7h 44m 25s
okay do you want to start?
  Jaedin / LoveStrucken / 10y 161d 7h 48m 37s

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