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This is a very specail chat for me and my beloved daughter.

If anyone wishs to join then first ask my little angel is she minds you being in our home or not lol

Our Family
The Father's Bio
Username: Nicro, shadowdemon, nickles
Nicknames: Ni-Ni
Pet Name: Ni
Date of Birth: 25th July 1990
Real Age: 21
Role Play Age: 21
Star Sign: Leo
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Single Perant
Loves: chocolate chiped cookies, White lion cubs, Cuddling, Cute things & his daughter
Hates: Bullies, Mean people, Sad things
Personality: Mostly childish, but loving, mature, smart, annoying, possessive, etc.


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Roleplay Responses

dead as a goat I see
  Goth Boy / nicro / 6y 117d 9h 32m 22s
who's yaya?
  ni-ni / nicro / 7y 100d 40m 58s
yaya It has been a long time.
  Vampy / vampy01 / 7y 118d 16h 7m 55s
ni too
  ni-ni / nicro / 7y 122d 1h 43m 57s
I am back!
  Vampy / Vampy01 / 7y 329d 5h 57m 37s
  ni-ni / nicro / 7y 329d 7h 7m 19s
Hey I gotta go, Going out with my mother and father
  Vampy / Vampy01 / 7y 329d 7h 8m 19s
*stops en snuggles up* sorry :p
  ni-ni / nicro / 7y 329d 7h 11m 39s
Laughs blinking fast
  Vampy / Vampy01 / 7y 329d 7h 14m 11s
*grins tickling more*
there's no rule but on this game so there's no way to cheat :p
  ni-ni / nicro / 7y 329d 7h 14m 58s
Tries to keep her eyes open You cannot do that. That is cheating.
  Vampy / Vampy01 / 7y 329d 7h 17m 17s
*keeps staring* with pleasure *pins en starts tickling ya*
  ni-ni / nicro / 7y 329d 7h 19m 7s
Stares at him Bring it on
  Vampy / Vampy01 / 7y 329d 7h 22m 36s
new topic! *stares at here* staring contest
  ni-ni / nicro / 7y 329d 7h 24m 19s
Oh looks at him
  Vampy / Vampy01 / 7y 329d 7h 27m 38s

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