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in the land of memoria there existed a well known family from the 30 year war of the continent a war that was called the dragon war but the family long since remembered as the heroes were suddenly wiped out in a instance the cause was by a power hungry advisor of the kingdom and he had his eyes on the princess and the throne but what he didnt count on was a survivor the young son ofthe knight that ended the war had survived but was not sure were he was he had hit his head durring the assult on his village sohe never remembered his home no the princess is on her way to the mountain top and decided to bathe near the hotsprings were the village elders had taken the young boy and survivor zeke markess until he remembers his past
needed characters
princess-zeke's lover<open>
the dark advisor-main enemy of story<open>
the advisor's commander-<open>
zeke's best friend-<open>

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so wats been goin on
  Kato / zaborg / 9y 256d 5h 54m 57s
thanks and im grateful
  zeke markess / zerato / 9y 261d 19h 13m 29s
I can find some people for you, Zer? What a calm plot for you, I'm impressed!!
  Arice Aldelique / FlyingDonut / 9y 261d 19h 19m 41s

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