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(r A Bloody Game

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  Crow / FantasyRed / 9y 207d 16h 13m 2s
Elenor's hands gripped the steering wheel until her knuckles bleached white, eyes scanning the road automatically as her mind repeatedly turned over the conversation, if one could call it a conversation, that she had had with the Agency Head earler. "Former Agent Faye. You are required. A homicide - Jane Doe is mid-twenties. Was left in a hotel room. The Crow left his calling card." A mind long trained in weaving through the minute details of cases began to thirst for details so that it might pick them apart and reassemble them into some sense of order, and discover the truth behind the Jane Doe lying ripped apart in a hotel room. This was most unusual for him to leave such a mess; he seemed to usually have a clean-up team of some slavish sadists, rather like Charles Manson. He was either slipping, or he wanted someone to follow his trail. Only she truly knew who that person was.

The letters had begun arriving two years ago, just when she had been first assigned to the 'Crow Case' with her FBI partner, Calvin Reed. Strange, disjointed and obsessive proclaimations of ownership and love, if such a creature knew love. Elenor had not told anybody of the letters, not the FBI, not Calvin. She knew that if she told them that the killer seemed to be stalking her and sending her missives full of dark want, she would be taken off the case immediately and placed under federal protection until they caught Crow. If they ever caught him. She would have been given a new name and identity and forced to leave her position as an agent high up within the Bureau. Funnily enough, she had done exactly that out of choice.

Leaving Calvin behind had been...difficult, but her eventual fear of having him thrown in the path of Crow, who had appeared to be fiercely possessive in his writings had led her to throw in the towel along with her gun and badge, and slink off to upstate New York under the title of Katie Lynne. Elenor had left with only a short conversation with Calvin over the phone at the time. At the time, they had been trying to date, though there was not much spark between them. Several shared coffees outside of their work relationship, and a dinner date or two had not amounted to much more than a few affectionate kisses. Nothing more. If she knew the Head of the Bureau as well as she thought she did, then Calvin would be assigned to the case too; things would be somewhat strained between them, no doubt, but for the sake of quelling Crow's killing spree...it would be necessary that they work together once more.

Several hours of driving brought her dusty old car to the Bureau headquarters in New York City. The battered pile of rust was merely a part of the Katie Lynne persona. As soon as she had her ID and status as an agent restored to her, she would be assigned something faster...and flashier. Not that she cared. Cars didn't matter. Finding serial murderers did.
  Elenor Faye / AilaMandragoran / 9y 227d 21h 46m 31s
Loud beeping awoke Calvin, and he growled into his pillow. "Damn it, shut up!" He grabbed a pillow and threw it at the alarm clock. He only succeeded in knocking it off the table, but the annoying sound coming from the torture machine still continued. With loud curses, he sat up and made the trek across the small bedroom to unplug the machine. "Finally, some peace and quiet." He yawned and reached up to rub his eyes. (r "I must have passed out or something."
  Crow / FantasyRed / 9y 231d 2m 59s
OOC: Sorry this took me so long, Fanta - too much college work, too little time. >.< Oh, and please forgive me if I get anything wrong regarding American things - I'm English, after all. >.>

She was suffocating, incapable of taking a breath; choking on white cloth and- Elenor rolled over in her sleep, removing her face from the stifling press of a once crisp white pillow. A banshee shrieked and wailed somewhere to her left and it took several long moments for her foggy mind to realise that she was hearing her phone ringing; the home phone. Immediately, she sat up. Nobody had her home phone number, apart from the Department; she purposely gave only her cellphone number, and the landline was left unlisted as per her request. Paranoia, an excellent quality in an FBI agent, but one that didn't relate well to daily life, unless you had a man like him in your past.

Steeling herself and pushing a tumble of long, dark hair from her eyes, she snatched up the phone and held it to her ear. "Elenor Faye speaking." A familiar voice bristled down the phone at her, one she had thought she wouldn't have blaring in her ear ever again. Worst luck. "Former Agent Faye. You are required. A homicide - Jane Doe is mid-twenties. Was left in a hotel room. The Crow left his calling card. Report to Headquarters as soon as humanly possible and come straight to me." The voice on the other end of the line hung up. She'd been gone for two years; did they have no respect for her retirement? She'd even turned in her badge and gun. Of course, she kept a gun of her own, but it was registered to her own name. The name "Elenor Faye" had been left behind when she left the Bureau; she often went by "Katie Lynne" now. Katie Lynne was an reclusive woman, living in a small town in upstate New York, whereas Elenor Faye was the FBI agent, famous in the Bureau for heading up the investigation into the string of homicides committed a few years back by an as yet unnamed assailant. Well, not perhaps so unnamed.

As weariness overcame her, Elenor crumpled back onto her bed, staring up at the white plaster of the cieling, for once not counting the cracks. So, you are back, are you? What is it you want from me, Crow?

(i Ugh, it's short - I'll have to add more later, but I have to go now...>:()
  Elenor Faye / AilaMandragoran / 9y 232d 7h 52m 47s
White teeth flashed in the darkness as a figure stepped from behind a gray building. His entire torso was bathed in darkness; only the glittering eyes could be seen. The figure smiled once more, teeth glittering as he watched men, children, and women
  Crow / FantasyRed / 9y 241d 8h 53m 7s

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