Loving the Witch of the Wilds (( One x One, LITERATE))

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Krista's mother, raised her in the wilds. Where most would prefer to stay away from. Truly , everyone knew of Krista and her mother Ariana. But didn't know where Krista had come from. Truly. One day Ariana was in the city, walking around. No sign of being pregnat, and the next day. She was holding a baby in her arms, who everyone found out was Krista.
Krista was powerful. Able to control shadows and shift the forest to protect her family from harm. Her mother always watching. But it seemed, that this wasn't going to last long. A slaver, having seen Krista, decided to enslave her and tame her. Killing her mother and destroying her home. Krista would kill many, before having a warlock manage to stop her rampage and cage her. She soon finds that the Warlock has plans to take Krista for himself. Being that he was the only one that could control her.

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William had forgot that she was in chains,He walked out of his reading room and walked to a large empty room,on the walls of the room were some strange words in an unknown language,He heard the voice of the food's plate breaking.he closed his eyes and sighed in annoyance:"Okay...keep doing your pertinacity...But be sure that it won't last..."Then shrugged and searched his long black clothes and put out a golden feather pen,it shining in the sun's light.he stepped forward o the wall and thought for a while,trying to remember something,after that,he put the pen on one of the words and started writing on it,he was writing in that strange language and it seemed that it was hard for him.Because he was frowning and mumbling in some of the words,after writing many unknown words,he drew a big circle and drew some lands on it,it was the earth and then a figure that had a cloud around its body,meaning its energy,he smiled:"Yes,I'm sure she has more Energy that I think,..."His smile turned into a smirk and leaned to a white wall laughing.
  William / Valkyira / 10y 49d 19h 25m 26s
:: Krista would continue to sit there, until the food was placed infront of her. It seemed that She had no interest in the food itself. She was simply wanting to keep to herself. She had hoped that hte man had forgotten her completely, which would have been nice. But it seemed that her thought was short lived, seeing the food placed infront of her.
Her long hair laid against her back as hse leaned forward and forced her shadows to throw the food out of her cage, allowing her to lay on the floor of the cage without anything but the chains in her way. Which didn't seem to cause much of a reaction out of her. Her hair pooling on the surface of the floor behind her. A few thin strands falling into her face and allowing her to keep some of her face covered as hse curled up and tried to sleep. But the horrible images of her mother dying kept replaying in her mind as she tried to find some peace. Which didn't seem to come for her.::
  Krista Blackheart / Xx_Sorrow_xX / 10y 50d 1h 40m 30s
:: This was Krista's 6th day in this damned cage. Her arms bound in heavy chains behind her body as she stayed on her knees. Being that her legs were also bound at the thighs to keep her from being able to cast any of the shadows around her. Though the shadows that naturally hung around her form moved in thin trendels over her skin, allowing for some sort of comfort, though they kept wandering hands away from her as well.
Several times did she have to be subjected to the unwanted stares and touches. Only to have the men pull back rather bloody stumps of limbs that used to be there. Krista's hair was let down, from her struggeling it caused the band her mother used to put into her long locks to snap and release the mass of hair that fell to her bottom in slightly curled trendels.
Her eyes were closed. It would be the first time they opened if anyone bothered to come near her now. Which wasn't something she was hoping for. She hoped that her explotes had brought the thought to others minds to just stay the hell away from her. She didn't want thier gaze, nor thier touch. Maybe she would just die in this cage she had been set into. And as that thought passed through her mind she thought of her mother. How she had died, and everything that Krista had known had been so quickly, and ruthlessly taken from her. It made her bow her head, feeling tears burning her eyes, which she fought to hold back. The last thing she would allow another here to see, was the suffering she was going through.::
  Krista Blackheart / Xx_Sorrow_xX / 10y 50d 4h 17m 7s
  Krista Blackheart / Xx_Sorrow_xX / 10y 50d 4h 29m 8s
Here a pic.A warlock.
  William / Valkyira / 10y 50d 20h 8m 50s
lol i dont know can you show me a pic. and i was looking for a warlock or some other type of magic user
  Krista Blackheart / Xx_Sorrow_xX / 10y 50d 21h 13m 33s
Can I join as William?
  William / valkyira / 10y 50d 22h 1m 42s
  Krista Blackheart / Xx_Sorrow_xX / 10y 51d 1h 39m 0s

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