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Nick thought to himself, as he moved through the kitchen, and into his living room. He though, making sure he had everything he needed, before heading to the front door. He stuck a hand through the slightly open door, deciding that it was a nice day, and he wouldn't need a coat, before closing the door again. He looked at himself in the small mirror just inside the hallway, and smiled, checking his teeth. He thought to himself, before heading through the door, and towards his car.

It wasn't a long drive to school, about 10 or 15 minutes. He had always lived close to the school, ever since he was a kid. It was also the school he went to High School. He had recently gotten out of College, having gotten his teaching degree, but he still couldn't get a job. All he could get was substitute positions. He thought to himself, pulling into a spot in the school's parking lot. Stepping out of the car with his briefcase in hand, he made his way into the school, and found the room he was assigned to take. He thought to himself, as he sat at the desk, waiting for the students.

When the bell rang, and the students started to fill the room, he grabbed a piece of paper, and wrote down a few things on it. When the class was full, he started to pass around the sign in sheet, and stood up in front of everyone. "All right, I'm Mr. Jameson, and I'm gonna be subbing for the next week or so, since your regular teacher isn't gonna be here for awhile. All I ask is that you guys stay quiet, but I don't mind if you talk or listen to music." He said, before sitting back behind his desk.

[I hope this is alright xD I don't usually write so much, unless I'm bored xD]
  Nick Jameson / NickTasogare / 10y 82d 12h 53m 43s
A small groan ecaped Jake's lips as he rolled over on his tummy, tugging the pillow over his head, trying to block out the pounding of small fists on the door.

"Jake! Jaaaaaake!! Wake up!!" A small, boy whined as he pounded on his door, "It's time to gooo!"

Jake sat up slowly, rubbing at his eyes. He streched slightly, then put his glasses on and ran a hand through his bed hair, "I'm coming!" He said, scrunching his nose up a bit. He didn't wanna go to school...so boring. He huffed softly as he stood and quickly got dressed in a shirt and pants. He tugged his shoes on, then ran a brush through his hair.

Soon he was walking to school.. When he got there he pushed open the large double doors, leading to the halls of his school. Once inside he walked toward his locker, then opend it and put his backpack up. He took out a book or two and his note book, then closed it. He slowly walked toward his class, only to find out he they had a sub that day. He huffed softly as he moved toward his seat, then sat down, lookin at the sub.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 13h 3m 9s
[Okies :D]
  Nick Jameson / NickTasogare / 10y 82d 13h 19m 30s
[[xD You can! Thats utterly fine with me.
I'll post first. Hold on.]]
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 13h 20m 10s
[I guess, unless you want to be. It doesn't really matter to me :D]
  Nick Jameson / NickTasogare / 10y 82d 13h 23m 24s
[[kay. xD You the teacher? Or what?]]
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 13h 25m 57s
Oooooh, I like the teacher one xD Do that one?
  Kaii / NickTasogare / 10y 82d 13h 26m 49s
[[Uhh D: I donno...

1.) Two boys meet each other and become extremely close. One is dedicated and in love with the other, as the other feels the same but tends to have commitment issues. It's not until after [X] loses his virginity that a short while after he learns his significant other cheated on him and had slept with other people during their relationship. Is love strong? And can both boys stay together? Or will fate tear the bond that had been formed to be so strong for good.

2.) [X] walks into his Geometry Class to find that there is a hot, new substitute filling in for the regular teacher. Will something happen between the two? Or is the sub as Straight as all of the other guys?

3.) Jerk X Nerd thing..e,o I don't have a plot for that..

4.) Abusive boyfriend...I don't have a plot for that...>,>

5.) Stalker/kidnapper thing....Not plot..>,>

6.) Slave x Master thing...No plot...

7.) "Go in..." They chanted over and over again. This day....This every day at that very moment, [X] wished he was dead. There him and his friends stood in front of the biggest mansion they had ever seen. The only bad thing...It was haunted. You see, about three years ago a little girl about...four went into the house and she was never ever seen again. Everybody whom stepped foot into that house was never seen again. So...now you know why [X] was so scared...
Little did [X] know...Something very bad was about to happen...A vampire was about to make him his slave....forever

8.)Marc was kicked out of his home by his dad. One day, when he was wondering the streets at night it started to rain, so he lays on the porch of somebody's house, which has something to keep the rain away from the porch. While laying there he fell asleep. When YC got home from work and found the poor little kitten at his doorstep, what will he do about it?]]
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 13h 34m 42s
Umm....Up to you, I don't really care :D
  Kaii / NickTasogare / 10y 82d 13h 37m 17s
[[Okay. :D What do you wanna RP about?]]
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 13h 38m 0s
I'll join, if that's ok?
  Kaii / NickTasogare / 10y 82d 13h 39m 26s
[[Anybody? ^-^]]
  Aaron / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 14h 4m 37s

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