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We the Fam-Fam no one can join us sorry ^^"

1. Follow ES rules
2. Only use fam-fam characters
3. Love ya fellow fam-fam family forever en a day!

Ri-Ri is Mikitahaurzawa
she made the fam-fam at first
she named my ni-ni first or copyed me? can't remember ^^"
Ni-Ni is Nicro
i re-made the fam-fam
i named her ri-ri first or copyed her? can't remember ^^"
Vi-Vi is BlueEyedTears
my twin me or ri-ri added the -vi to her nickname vi ^^"
Si-Si is SakuraTheInvincible
she's the last member of this fam-fam
god only knows know named her si-si XD

Pictures will me added if i learn how too O.O


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ni ni ni
  neko-ro / nicro / 7y 122d 50m 7s
hey si si?
  neko-ro / nicro / 7y 329d 6h 11m 32s

y not?
  neko-ro / nicro / 8y 38d 19h 53m 7s

  neko-ro / nicro / 8y 40d 16h 29m 31s

  neko-ro / nicro / 8y 40d 16h 37m 53s

*throws a rope round her en pulls her in cuddling her*
  neko-ro / nicro / 8y 40d 17h 8m 19s
cookies fullstop

love twinnies

  neko-ro / nicro / 8y 40d 19h 48m 30s
no diss'in me cookies twinny

*neko jumps* hey!
  neko-ro / nicro / 8y 40d 20h 43m 42s
cookies obviously xD

I like cuddling! if I catch ya thts wht ya getting xD
  neko-ro / nicro / 8y 40d 20h 51m 43s
nope not tht either xD
had mine forever, It was my 1st charater en fav too... ya neko en mine both got blue eyes en yellow hair/tail like siblings

ya like running away don ya xD
  neko-ro / nicro / 8y 40d 21h 15m 22s
I don like them!
*pounces on si knocking her down lightly*
I win o_o
  neko-ro / nicro / 8y 40d 21h 24m 2s
2 can play the neko way! *runs after her*
  neko-ro / nicro / 8y 40d 21h 29m 26s
*flies up behind her en wraps arms round her so she can't get away*
to late
  Ebil Chibi? / nicro / 8y 40d 21h 47m 39s
well thts just evie for ya

  Evil Chibi? / nicro / 8y 41d 19h 44m 8s
she been avoiding me so much I ended to disowning en blocking her on messenger

*also snuggles while huggling en nuzzling cheek*
chibi rule!
  Evil Chibi? / nicro / 8y 41d 20h 16m 38s

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