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In the shadow a child was raised
by a phantom near the end of his days
raised by a man who hated the light
she learned to sing the music of the night
out of the shadows she climbed one day
and was employed at a opera house not to far away
there she met her one true love
and her song flew away on the wings of a dove.

The phantom of the opera thought he would never love again after his love Kristen left, but then he found a baby abbandoned in a gutter and took the child to his home under the opera house and taught her to sing and make music. She was all Kristen was not. Then he set her free to find a job at the opera house. There she fell in love with the new owner/manager of the opera house, he was young and an amazing singer himself, she takes him to the dungeons where she was raised, she only hoped he would still love her.

Ok, so this is a phantom of the opera rp, and if you haven't seen the movie/seen the stage show, don't bother!!!!
It is set in the time of the musical/movie so I do not want any modern things in here.
I do want it to be somewhat litterate, not like a huge parragraph or anything, just enough to get the message through.
Try to post everyday, I will try to post everyday too, but no promisess.

New opera house owner

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Kristeen stood in front of the opera house not sure if she was going to go in or not. She wanted to go back to the comfort of her dark home, the comfort of her mask. She sighed as she moved forward towards the door, hoping she wasn't making a mistake. She knew she could probably get a job, she had been singing opera since she was ten, her father trained her to sing, and she was very good at it. She was better than the reigning soprano, her father always told her. She went inside and closed the door behind her.
  Kristeen [phantom version] / Thephantom / 10y 49d 18h 35m 39s
[Of course]
  Thaddeus Finn / Fool / 10y 50d 1h 36m 29s

  Kristeen [phantom version] / Thephantom / 10y 50d 6h 55s

  Kristeen [phantom version] / Thephantom / 10y 50d 6h 41m 11s
[I suppose I can take the place of the new Opera House owner, if you wouldn't mind.]
  Thaddeus Finn / Fool / 10y 50d 21h 32m 23s
[Please please join!!! I will love you!]
  Kristeen [phantom version] / Thephantom / 10y 51d 5h 36m 10s

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