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Well im sorta bored right now and i really want to do a romance roleplay:) If you have any ideas please tell me! We can make up as we go along.


Cybering: Time Skip or PM
No character controling
No anime pics
No talking lyke dis!

Yes Real pics
Yes be somewhat semi-lit but dont write like over 2 paragraphs maximum.
At least 5 sentences or more.
Please tell me when your leaving(:
Have fun!! =]

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Brookelle smiled wide as she kissed him back. As she did she was thinking about how it would be awesome to spend the rest of her life with him. She was so happy that she didnt even think about what happened at the party.
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / tfreak1029 / 9y 89d 12h 16m 10s
Xavier smiled lightly as he responded quickly. "I like you too." He said softly as he brushed some hair from her face leaning in he kissed her some more as his heart seemed to flutter.
  Xavier / Halfymax / 9y 89d 17h 47m 4s
Brookelle giggled lightly then smiled. "Oh no need to apologize. I liked it... A lot.." she said now looking down a bit still on top of him. She then slowly looked up into his eyes. "And I really like you.." she said blushing again.
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / Tfreak1029 / 9y 90d 12h 53m 1s
Xavier broke it and blushed deep stumbling for words. "I, am um, I um...I'm sorry." He said softly as he looked into her eyes brushing hair from her face as he smiled lightly. Leaning up and biting her lower lip. "Love bite." Was the general term to explain it, but it was a way of saying that was great.
  Xavier / halfymax / 9y 90d 12h 56m 43s
Brookelle giggled lightly then kissed him with the same passion back. She has began to fall for him. She was actually surprised because she never ever had a boyfriend in her life.
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / Tfreak1029 / 9y 90d 12h 59m 29s
Xavier blushed a deep red and was frozen, where he laid, this was so cool! " um yeah um well...." He said leaning up kissing her deeply as he had his arms around her waist and tracing circles on her lower back as he kissed her passionately. His eyes remaining open waiting for hers to close if they continue.
  Xavier / halfymax / 9y 90d 13h 4m 37s
Brookelle blushed a deep red then looked into his eyes softly and smiled. She then wrapped her arms around Xavier and smiled then without thinking leaned up and kissed him softly on his lips.
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / Tfreak1029 / 9y 90d 13h 9m 31s
Xavier came from no where and didn't know she was right there and grabbed her around the waist and fell back and he fell onto his back her on him and there lips touching. "Hi..." He said softly his eyes wide and his face red a deep red.
  Xavier / halfymax / 9y 90d 13h 12m 19s
Brookelle giggled then ran after him. She then ran into the living room and looked around. "Oh Xavier? Where are you?" She said in her sexy vioce. She then giggled then blushed a bit as she walked around slowly.
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / Tfreak1029 / 9y 90d 13h 13m 33s
Xavier tossed his bags as he ran out of the room and into the living room and hid behind one the couches and he smiled as he tried to fight back a laugh. He looked around as he curled into a ball he stood out if you looked behind it. But he was trying to be smart.
  Xavier / halfymax / 9y 90d 13h 16m 29s
Brookelle giggled as he poked her. She then opened the door to the guest room the walked inside. "This is it." she said and smiled as she then looked into his eyes.
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / Tfreak1029 / 9y 90d 13h 19m 39s
Xavier smiled and followed her as he poked her side his bag in his arms as he walked. Wanting to skip he poked her side a few more times.
  Xavier / halfymax / 9y 90d 13h 32m 2s
Brookelle giggled lightly then felt her cheeks become red. "oh umm you can sleep in the guest bedroom if you want to." she said then stood up. " I'll show you." she said then waited for him.
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / Tfreak1029 / 9y 90d 13h 35m 11s
Xavier smiled and mumbled. "Just like you." This made him blush as he looked at her. "So, where can I sleep?" He asked with a huge smile as he pushed on her lightly.
  Xavier / halfymax / 9y 90d 13h 41m 16s
Brookelle giggled as he picked her up. She then looked at his pjs and smiled. "Oh so true! I'm so jealous! Spongebob pjs.. Very sexy" she said giggling then turning on the tv.
  ::Brookelle Bones:: / Tfreak1029 / 9y 90d 13h 47m 1s

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