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The year is 2027
Technology has been progressing along with the progression of music and movie editing. Schools no longer require books because a laptop is issued to each student when they enter their school, it also self-repairs. With the progress of technology, vaccines have also been made for countless viruses, diseases and cancers. People have simply become more anti-social.
Amongst these humans, one person wants to bring a band together and play for real. Not with fancy editing to make them sound good. Anthony had never really liked being like everyone else. He was a very high spirited person who enjoyed a wide variety of music.

Ayama, another music appreciator, who happened to be naturally anti-social, was approached by Anthony, but she turned him down and went on with her life. A few years later, when the two were in their final year of high school, Ayama was still as anti-social as ever but Anthony was determined to make Ayama see things his way. In the end, Ayama gave in and they left school to train themselves to become a famous two-man band.
The high school reunion was five years on, and the two were now living together. Ayama still didn

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Name: Sage Nara
age: 24
sexuality: straight
band position: lead guitar
style: Punk
instruments played: guitar and clarinet
personality: Sage Is a good person but make him mad and you'll see something you'll regret (can I join?
  The twins / Vader2 / 9y 354d 15h 34m 22s

Name: Emi Satou
Age: 23
Sexuality: Straight
Band position: drummer
Style: punk
Instruments played: drum & violin
Personality: She will stick up for friends. She is often in a position where she does not know what to do and always does before she thinks.
  Emi Satou / Petra_Mio / 9y 361d 12h 55m 52s

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