The Return of Chat With Your Comrades

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You walk into a Bombed Out 5 story building in old New York City...There is music playing, People talking and the Smell of smoke in the air. and there is tea being served. A man walks up to you and says to sit down and have some tea...You take a sip and then it clicks you are back in the Return of the Chat with your Comrades with Comradbrody and his Army. You found Comradbrody and his HQ. Story one is the Tea room. Story two and Three is the Lounge. Story four is Game Room {Pool table,Ect} and Story five is Comradbrodys office. There is a Hanger and a Airstrip in the back. Also there is a Battle Area next to it. The basement is unlocked now. Feel Free to stop at any story. Welcome home!!! and have fun!!!

People in the Chat






The Editor


People MIA

Will buy Nukes
see Boo the Ghost

Looking for more tea
go to Comradbrody's Office

Do not let Monster out of Basement
<<<See Jaws>>>

Tell Hanyou see you at OPL

Don't feed the Cactus


Will pay $$$ for Wolven's Fur coat.

Congrates 1000 post Toi

Congrates 2000 post Sinfuljoy

Wall of RP's

Youtube of the Week!!!
Song of the Week!!!!
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Here is a pics of some people in the chat.

and if you don't like it well


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Awws so addorible its a mini you its just addorible
  color_insanity / 6y 133d 4h 42m 52s
You guys!! Look at my babygirl!
I had her at 5:11 Saturday morning. She weighed 7 lbs and i1 ounce. <3 <3
  Hope Amelia / MusicalWings / 6y 133d 10h 22m 5s
Well damn I want a girl then.....
  (A)lic (F)rost / Color_insanity / 6y 163d 19h 15m 6s
No lol

Just messing with you :P
  Comrade penguin / comradbrody / 6y 164d 20h 23m 26s
We decided were getting a child?
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 6y 165d 17h 21s

Hey Toi when are we getting a child :P
  Comrade penguin / comradbrody / 6y 167d 20h 21m 21s
Your welcome.
  (A)lic (F)rost / Color_insanity / 6y 249d 9h 20m 2s
Thanks (: I'm super excited. Talk about going to have to try not to spoil her. ♡♥♡♥
  MusicalWings / 6y 250d 7h 5m 36s
  (A)lic (F)rost / Color_insanity / 6y 251d 3h 4m 13s
It's a girl. :) ♡♥♡♥
  MusicalWings / 6y 255d 2h 17m 5s
  (A)lic (F)rost / Color_insanity / 6y 258d 20h 4s
  Comrade penguin / comradbrody / 6y 258d 23h 59m 21s
  OCC / colorful_insanity / 6y 307d 18h 13m 51s
Lol Toi

Congrats! Is it going to be a boy or a girl?
  Comrade penguin / comradbrody / 6y 308d 1h 7m 46s
Well good luck with that one.
  OCC / colorful_insanity / 6y 317d 18h 2m 51s

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