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set along time after the era of coordinators now a new group called the eclipse movement are causeing trouble for zaft none know why the leader of the new group is dead set on destroying zaft and they have a few mobile suits from the past at there disposal the leader of the movement is a young man called zeck markess who pilots a new unit called Dooben Wolf will the reason behind the eclipse movement be revealed or will it cause a war between zaft, earth ,and the eclipse movement

rank:newtype<eclipse>,coordinater<zaft and earth>,mechanic,songstress
mobile suit if newtype or coordinater:
love interest:
name:Zech markess
mobile suit:blitz
love interest:none at the moment
bio:zech is the leader of the eclipse movment and created as he opposed to zaft who he belives kidnapped his sister he seeks her freedom and will rally allies to attack zaft

mobile suit if newtype or coordinater:N/A
love interest: A boy who understands her

mobile suit if newtype or coordinater:N/A
love interest:Anyone

mobile suit:Shin Musha Gundam
love interest:i dont know
bio:dark is a somewhat old fashon in his look and in his gundam is the shin Musha

name: Sakura
age: 17
rank: newtype: eclipse/songstress
mobile suit if newtype or coordinater: Wing Zero
love interest: None at the moment
bio: A singer, Sakura always kept her talents hidden, especially once her parents had died. A month later, her small town was attacked once again, but she was saved by a mysterious man. Now she's joined Eclipse, but her intentions are quite unknown. Every tuesday night, she always locks up her room and enters black out. No one is sure why she does that but it might have something to do with the mysterious man from her past..

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Sakura was sitting in front of her mirror just brushing her hair. "Hey Zen." She said smile.

Putting down her hairbrush, she turns to look at him. "What's up, something the matter?" She asked inquisitively.
  Sakura Kimano / skyline339 / 9y 251d 22h 51m 8s
zenebas was walking threw the underground city of the eclipse movment were he built his kind known as <newtype> a place to live in peace but now he lives for vengence 4 years ago his sister was taken by zaft by forve since then zenebas has been gaining military power and has obtained mobile suits of the past and present to get revengen on zaft for take his sister from him

3 months later

zenebas is seen heading to a showing of the exlipse movment songstress she also happened to be moble suit fighter of the movment and was a good friend of you here???he says as he opens her dressing room door
  zenebas / zerato / 9y 253d 14h 40m 42s
  Sakura Kimano / skyline339 / 9y 253d 14h 46m 15s
wanna start up
  zenebas / zerato / 9y 253d 14h 47m 54s
  Sakura Kimano / skyline339 / 9y 253d 15h 1m 9s
anyone on??
  zenebas / zerato / 9y 253d 15h 40m 51s
i need characters
  zenebas / zerato / 9y 256d 14h 57m 21s

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