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If you uphold higher standards for your chats link people who are texting to this page

Please be kind, chat intelligently

Reply to something already in the chat or say something interesting that's not random. HUGE images with 3 word replies are more scrolling than reading. If we have ten posts of 5 words or less in a row, you're doing it wrong.

Don't Have Anything to Say?

A lot of people say "Hi" on 10 threads when they login. Greeting people is fine but please don't flood every chat just to say you're online. Saying random things is not as funny to the older users and is often interpreted as trying to get attention. I know a lot of people are task switching back and forth between different sites and programs and just trying to be entertained, but chats go both ways. Put in some effort into igniting a topic.

Most Common Action

  1. hey
  2. How are you
  3. Good you
  4. Whats up
  5. Nothing you?
  6. Same just chilling
  7. Thats cool
  8. huggle glomps etc etc
  9. Say random things

Status Updates

Everyone is bored bored bored, hungry, tired, sleepy and sick of school. Instead of sharing things everyone else is miserable about, talk about upcoming things that you're excited about and looking forward to, things that make you happy, things you wish you could do, plans for the future or anything where another person might spark connections to their own experiences and give related associations they may have. That is the beauty of conversations.

Kill the daily routine, enthusiasm is contagious!


If you can't think of anything, think harder!! The people chatting with you will appreciate it if your reply is over 5 words long and isn't just a generic predictable response. Be thoughtful, not random.

With Love,
- Elite Skills

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Gold statue.

'nuff said.
  Buren / ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 9y 355d 10h 24m 4s
Alright. It's going to be massively insulting isn't it? I think it'll be just grand.
  The Glademaster Wolven. / RAFTERS / WolvenGlade / 9y 356d 16h 56m 42s
Not just yet, it doesn't quite work yet. I'll sticky it to ES chat later.
  Webmaster / 9y 356d 16h 58m 22s
||Rubs his clawed hands together|| This should be good.
  The Glademaster Wolven. / RAFTERS / WolvenGlade / 9y 356d 16h 59m 52s
I've made your shrine woven.
  Webmaster / 9y 356d 17h 1m 9s
You're a bitch.
  The Glademaster Wolven. / RAFTERS / WolvenGlade / 9y 356d 17h 9m 7s
OOCs can be wiped finnigan. One magical day when the chats are complete there will be realtime communications for all. While i know furries can't be trusted that's what I need. There must be some kind of furry overlord to keep the chatters in check, they must have the fear of god in them, and there is nothing better suited to handle emo degenerate weebos than an all powerful furry. We need a furry with an ego, I can't imagine anything more terrifying than the yiffs slowly growing louder late at night.
  Webmaster / 9y 363d 22h 18m 53s
We share a common name? :D and no. Fuck you Fin. NGR!
  The Glademaster Wolven. / RAFTERS / WolvenGlade / 9y 363d 22h 37m 10s
You've cut me deep Fin, deep. ;_;
  The Glademaster Wolven. / RAFTERS / WolvenGlade / 9y 363d 22h 43m 41s
Finnigan! Make me a sandvich...
  The Glademaster Wolven. / RAFTERS / WolvenGlade / 9y 363d 22h 48m 3s
I'm stupid for answering a question? Nobody's good enough for you.
  Zanziber / 9y 363d 22h 50m 36s
Haaah! You answered me! Oh woah, you really are stupid aren't you?
  The Glademaster Wolven. / RAFTERS / WolvenGlade / 9y 363d 22h 52m 25s
  Zanziber / 9y 363d 22h 53m 51s
  The Glademaster Wolven. / RAFTERS / WolvenGlade / 9y 364d 1h 16m 27s
Thanks for tryin Jimmy. It's the thought that counts, and that's all real people ever ask. It's good to know that somebody cares, and it's the person who should care the most.
  Zanziber / 9y 364d 1h 18m 14s

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