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Team of super humans fight against each other, one fighting for good the other for evil....Choose your side.

-no killing
-no god molding
- post skelly

Name:Echo Black
Powers:Shadow shield, shadow claw, shadow manipulation, and shadow jumping


Age: seems 19
Powers: those of a wolf, transportation.
Side: evil

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He chuckled to himself as he saw various possible snacks for him.He kept walking as he hums to himself.His eyes wandered to a party..more or less like a camp out.He smiled walking towards them.
  Scy / NekoArashi / 9y 352d 3h 45m 11s
Echo growled and started runnong dpwn the alleys, searching calmly. She stepped into a shadow and let the cold dark absorb her. It started crawling all over her skin like a spider until she was gone. Across town she reapeared under a shop sign's shadow, breahing hard and her eyes flashing dangerous. She had just shadow jumped, italways knocked her out a bit. Echo stood up slowly and scanned the area with her eyes, looking for him.
  Echo Black / ShadowSaturn / 9y 352d 10h 20m 19s
He walked around a park humming lightly to himself, he was now in his humanoid form.He looked around for something/someone to eat.
  Scy / NekoArashi / 9y 354d 21h 11m 44s
Echo clutched her eyes at the bright light, she slid oon the ground and opened her eyes. The light was gone and so was he, her face was flushed and angry. "IM NOT A GIRL!" She growled loudly and her team looked around frantically. She remained calm, her dark eyes searching around the alley. She nudged her head into two directions and the team split nito two groups. She went down farther into the alley, listeing for anything to signal where he was. "Here doggy...Here boy.."
  Echo Black / ShadowSaturn / 9y 354d 21h 19m 6s
He smiled as he saw the girl before him and it grew even wider as she approached.
"Silly girl.."
He chuckled as he ran faster.Just when they where about to collide against each other he jumped over her a bright light consuming him from the middle of his stomach..he then vanished.He had just transported.
  Scy / NekoArashi / 9y 354d 21h 40m 51s

Echo stood on a sky scraper calmly, she watched her team chase after a male. He seemed to run pretty good from them so he must have been on the evil side. She smirked and crothced forward, she leaned forward and then she was falling down off the scraper. Her hair whished behind her and it almost made her eyes water. She came quickly to the ground and pulled her feet under, she landed on them hard. Her body vibrated from the force and her her blood was pumping, ready for a fight. She looked up as the biy was runnning from her team faster to her. She held a hand out to the side, dark shadows quickly engulfed it and then disspeared, leaving a form on her hand. Old, thick dark straps went around her hand and three black blades stuck out near her knockles and seemed to be a forearm long. She gripped it tightly, and narrowed her eyes at him. "Here doggy...Lets play fetch!" She growled and ran at him, swinging the bladded hand at him.
  Echo Black / ShadowSaturn / 9y 354d 21h 46m 11s

Scy rushed through the huge buildings in New york city..He was being chase again.He chuckled to himself as he sensed them behind him.
  Scy / NekoArashi / 9y 354d 22h 1m 12s
I see! XD AWESOME! Would you like to start this off or..?
  Echo Black / ShadowSaturn / 9y 354d 22h 6m 57s
It is not obligatory to post quickly..I just don't want this rp to die
  Scy / NekoArashi / 9y 354d 22h 35m 35s
Name:Echo Black
Powers:Shadow shield, shadow claw, shadow manipulation, and shadow jumping

Ill be on later, im at scvhool and wanted to join real quicky! XD I can post real fast if ya want... >.>
  Echo Black / ShadowSaturn / 9y 355d 7h 22m 58s

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