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This school is HUGE GIGANTIC. Bigger than that Even. A student body Numbering well over the thousands.

The facility Is modern, Almost overly so. Shiny metallic tiles line the Floors.

Outside there is a Twenty foot Wall that Lines the schools borders. Large metal gates Block access to the streets.

A walk way leads down to a Circular building Shaped like a Dome, at least three stories tall. Glass let light down into the Office below in the Center of the building.

This is a boarding School for those who can Afford it. It's student body consists mostly of Studious rich kids and of Delinquents whose parents believe the school is going to help better their child.

I Talk a lot About powers in Character & Classes. What i mean is that you should pick an extraordinary power for your character to Gain. This power should start off weak and under go a metamorphosis as your character gains a better understanding of what he or she can do.

Your character should Start with a little to no knowledge of his/her ability It'll be Weak, it might even be a surprise to your character that he/she can do the things they can do.

You may choose to be Part of the student body Or part of the Staff.

If you pick Staff you may choose from Administrators, or Teachers.

Students can be either a Delinquent, a Loser, or a good student (Studious)

Admin Become powerful fast but more often than not try to oppose students.

Teachers Can take either side. But aren't quite as strong as The admins.

Because of their study habits Studious Students Learn their powers quicker than Delinquents, but aren't as willing to use them. They tend to avoid Conflict if at possible.

Delinquents on the other hand Love to throw themselves into a Fight. They're often Late to Class/Or never show up at all Which causes and issue between them and the teachers. They don't Learn their powers fast Like the studious but Rather have a broader understanding of their power allowing for more, inventive use of it.

The Losers fall in between. Since the school doesn't choose it's students by their grades, those that actually try, but fail to get the grades still get in. And since they don't get the grades they sometimes get pushed around by both the studious and the Delinquents. They have both the studious behaviors of the good kids, and the toughness of the Delinquents, but aren't as powerful or quick as the other two

Character Name:
Character Alignment:
Character Power:
History: *Not necessary, This is just for fun after all. *

And have your Mysterious person encounter within your first few posts, you have to have one to get a power. Everyone from old ES can get their Profiles and repost them.

Character Name: Xilef
Character Alignment: Loser
Character Powers: IT
Year: Sophomore
Description: Xilef Looks like he would make a great delinquent, but is always in class on time. He tries hard and still finds himself failing. He isn't motivated to do much. His attitude and mouth often get him into situations his fists must help him out of.

Character Name: Shuffle

Character Alignment: Studious
Character Power: Manipulated by Music. You know his ability by now Kanti.
Year: Senior
Description: Shuffle's a Dreamy child, spending most his day with Music in his head and his head in the clouds. He rarely pays attention to anything, and is fairly hostile towards anything that threatens to remove him from his own little world.
When he comes down from his Musical paradise he's a friendly enough person. Always trying to help who he sees as the innocent in a situation.
He rarely second guesses himself and he Loves a challenge. Even if odds are against him he'll hold his ground if he feels it to be the right thing to do.

Character Name: Kanti
Character Alignment: Loser
Character Power: Imagine Breaker It's able to negate any power that tries to hit him or that he touches, but it's mostly defensive and only effects his left hand. Which sucks because he's right handed.
Description: As seen in Picture
History: maybe later.

Character Name: Jerry Fangstrat
Character Alignment:
Character Power: Instinctual Responsive Adaptation - His body reacts to whatever might harm him as it sees fit. It could range from becoming fire proof to hardening to a dence alloy to be bullet proof. It is capable of altering his body in anyway to assist his survival including growing gills underwater or making his body not require oxygen in space. He has no control over it at first but as time goes by he learns to control and use the power freely.
Year: Senior
Description: As picture

Character Name: Joseph Haggard
Character Alignment: Admin
Character Power: Has the ability to control fire, and conjure it from heat from a lightbulb, car engine, Etc. His limitation with his power, is that he is NOT fireproof!
Description: Do I really need this?
History: Joseph's had quite a bit of trouble with his power over the span of his life. In various places he's got scars and burns from his childhood.
He was originally a teacher here at the school. The headmaster called him in to teach a class of Pyros. Turns out, the class was too dangerous, and the children send to a special academy to better control their powers. He then turned to teaching a regular class, preferring the lesser stress job.
After about two years with the school, he was promoted to Admin, and his job is to make sure kids are behaving. The school's tolerance for misbehaving and misconduct, is very low.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Would you join???
  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 144d 18h 16m 16s
Take it. Have fun.
  Shuffle / Errsu / 10y 145d 4h 41m 1s


I am so sorry, but if some one doesn't hurry up with this thing, i am going to copy this and make it my own!!!
  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 145d 16h 19m 19s
Zack gave off a small smile, ", Cool." He said simply as he pushed hid head back up. He took he feet from the other chair and placed them on the ground, swinging his feet a little so he turned to look at the guy.

"Thanks," he said before listening to his last comment, "Music is really the only thing that gets me threw life nowadays, you say it's a gift to some one else and they'd think you were crazy." he said with a nod.

With a short smile and a quick breath he spoke, "Everything, anything."
  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 146d 18h 17m 54s
Shuffle smiled. "nothing.. nothing at all. I was just wondering." at least this one would be able to fend for itself.

"Nice headphones. " shuffle eyed them curiously. could he be like me? he wondered. "Music.. it's a gift." He pulled his headphone free from his pocket and popped them in.

He smiled. "Muse, here. What're you listening to?"
  Shuffle / Errsu / 10y 147d 2h 40m 4s
Zack was nodding his head along to the music playing in his headphones, luckily one head phone was off his ear as a guy spoke to him. Leaning his head back onto the table, leaning it to the side looking at the guy. "Hey man, hows it going, yeah i'm new, whats it to yea bro?" he asked him with a laid back tone.
His eyes drifting across the guys face, looking at his features, getting a small smile, he seemed rather skinny, but Zack never judged.
  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 147d 2h 47m 5s
Shuffle, distracted by Jerry simply Walked by Xilef, casually saying "excuse me" under his breath as he passed.
He walked around and around, Looking for Xilef afterwords. Having no luck and Getting hungry he decided a quick Trip to the Cafeteria was in order.
he picked up his meal was lucky enough to get a seat before another influx of student. He was sitting next to what looked to be a new student. Jesus, for a huge school that's so tightly packed you'd think they'd cut back on the new students. He sighed. This one was particularly bad, Squandering two seats.
"Hey." Shuffle Tried to get the kid's attention. "You new?"
  Shuffle / Errsu / 10y 147d 3h 3m 42s
[[ yay :D i ish just posty i guess, sense no one is ever on anyways xD ]]

Zack walked walked past the huge doors, that had just opened for him to get into the school. As soo as he past the doors, they slowly slammed shut, and he heard a huge click, showing the door was now locked. A small smile on Zack's face as he walked further into the facility. "Haha, not to shabby." he said to himself, walking up a few stairs, looking around at some of the other parts of the school.

Getting a door he opened it, taking a look in, it had seemed he was in the cafeteria. Looking around a bit, he walked in a slight jump to his step as he felt himself getting a bit excited, seeing how the school was so big. "Looks like i might have a bit of fun here." he spoke to himself again, not really caring if anyone was near. He now walked to a nearby table and took a seat, springing his feet up on a nearby chair.
  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 147d 12h 26m 18s
having tested Shuffle's ability on several songs Xilef had packed up his sterio and decided to head outside.

He was approaching the door to the courtyard just as shuffle was opening the door from the outside. To late to react Xilef just tipped his gaze towards the floor and hoped shuffle didn't recognize him.
  Xilef (Zy-Lef) / Xilef / 10y 148d 4h 40m 58s
O: Sorry everyone. I've been soo busy lately. I've not had the time to post. I will try to be more diligent in the future.
  Xilef (Zy-Lef) / Xilef / 10y 148d 4h 48m 32s
DAMMIT!!! >.<
Man these people suck!! the first RP actually sound interesting to me !!! >.<
  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 148d 15h 34m 43s
Leaving this RP. Not going to be here if ya'll won't post in it. Sorry Zeek.
  Joseph Haggard / kitkara / 10y 148d 15h 39m 43s

HELLOOOOOOOOOO come on this is an awesome RP don't die on me!!!!

  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 149d 9h 9m 5s
Character Name: Zack
Character Alignment: Delinquent
Character Power: He has power over water, or anything with any type of moisture. As in the surrounding air. He could pull all the air from around you by absorbing the moister it is combined with.
Year: Freshmen
Description: Really? at least tell us what you want.
History: Has gotten into lots of trouble sense he started school. He has never taken orders very well, but he has never been very violent. His calm and cool attitude usually makes him friends with the 'Cool' kids, but he never liked them much either. School after school he would be kicked out for graffiti, to stealing teachers cars. He has no idea he has any sort of abilities yet. His parents sent him to this school, as a "Last Resort".

  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 151d 6h 30m 46s
i will be in this shortly :D, i am just... having a problem thinking of this guys power :D wanna help Paige?
  Zack / zeek2356 / 10y 151d 6h 58m 35s

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