Bring it On, BEAT ME UP!

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One Vs. One,

My new character! Which one of you lucky E'S-ERs(?) shall have the grand first Battle with XILEF!?!

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Seeing his opening Xilef sprang up and dived into the one leg the panda had planted on the ground.

  Xilef (Zy-Lef) / xilef / 10y 35d 11h 20m 33s
Her sword his a table and cut deep into it. She tried to pull it out but it would not budge.

"Aaw man!" she said as she tugged on it, putting one foot against the table top and pushing.
  Warrior Panda of Squishyness / SquishyPanda / 10y 39d 18h 42m 26s
Xilef finally Shook off the Last off his Dizziness and shock. "I don't suppose you really deserve the help now, Do you?" He paused as she Ran Closer.Ducking low and Rolling out of the way last second.
  Xilef (Zy-Lef) / Xilef / 10y 39d 23h 23m 48s
"Fine, don't help me up!" she said roughly, before grabbing her sword. As soon as she touched it, she once again grew to a normal panda size. She then ran forward with her blade held high in the air.

  Warrior Panda of Squishyness / SquishyPanda / 10y 40d 23h 38m 14s
Xilef was just Regaining his composure when he saw the panda fall over and change. He stumbled, almost falling over again. "An anthro?" He shook his head. just keeps getting Stranger.

"if i were Any kind i gentleman i'd help her up.. but..." He Smiled, "She'll be fine, i'm sure."
  Xilef (Zy-Lef) / xilef / 10y 41d 10h 38m 10s
She falls over sideways through a table and groans, trying not to throw up. Her sword had fallen to the side as she began to shrink into not a fat, large panda, ut a slender, petite anthro-panda with large tits breasts.

"Damn, I lost my sword!"

  Warrior Panda of Squishyness / SquishyPanda / 10y 41d 10h 48m 49s
Xilef was Flying. Literally, Spinning around and around and...If this keeps up much more i'm going to puke. he thought to himself. And then he was free. Dizzy yes, Flying yes, but free. By now he'd lost his situational awareness, and crashed into the ground hard.

He took his time getting up. she's got to be as dizzy as i am. Surely not as Hurt but at the very least as dizzy. He took a few deep breaths and steadied himself.
  Xilef (Zy-Lef) / xilef / 10y 41d 11h 2m 6s

She began to spin around, dragging the boy through the air with her. Eventually her eyes began to roll back into her head as she became increasingly dizzy and stumbled to the side, letting go of her opponent mid swing.
  Warrior Panda of Squishyness / SquishyPanda / 10y 41d 11h 18m 48s

Xilef Nearly tripped as the fur took the force of his kick. He fell back as the panda grabbed his ankle. He hit the ground with a thud. "CHRIST!" He sat up as best he could, gripping the back of his head, with his ankle still in the panda's hand.
  Xilef (Zy-Lef) / xilef / 10y 41d 11h 22m 26s
(I She tilted her back outwards slightly, so that his foot sunk into his thick fur and the depression made by the subtle movement. She then reached for his ankle, his free hand gripping the rubber metal sword tightly.
  Warrior Panda of Squishyness / SquishyPanda / 10y 41d 11h 30m 9s
" A panda... with a sword?" Xilef couldn't help but blink a few times. He shook the idea that this whole scenario was insane out of his head.

He charged in keeping his Head low. He lept up and aimed a kick towards the panda's chest. Kicking a panda bear... Yeah.. that's illegal somewhere.
  Xilef (Zy-Lef) / xilef / 10y 41d 11h 34m 3s

  Warrior Panda of Squishyness / SquishyPanda / 10y 41d 13h 32m 58s
  Xilef (Zy-Lef) / Xilef / 10y 41d 13h 35m 4s
Yes it is =3

It is indeed an intriguing display of a much proved prowess in your chosen area, that being the subject of Vocabulary.

  Warrior Panda of Squishyness / SquishyPanda / 10y 41d 13h 36m 26s
And as for Not Knowing What this Rp's About... did you even Read the Setting? it's not much... but i think in the two sentences that i type i might have covered it... O:
  Xilef (Zy-Lef) / Xilef / 10y 41d 13h 36m 43s

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