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Jasper was only a little boy when he was took away from his home. Mearly a little baby.
When he was kidnapped.

When he hits his teen years, he starts to find things out. Like right from wrong.
And how wrong it is when his ''daddy'' rapes and hits him every night.

What happens when he finds out it he wasn't his dad? But just a man. A kidnapper.

Worst of all...what happens when Jasper runs away? And meets somebody new?

...But his ''daddy'' won't stop chasing him.

What'll happen in the end?


xDD Gay. I know. Buuut whatevver. <3

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Jin walked up to his locker, and started to unlock it. He looked around every second or so just to see if someone was looking over his shoulder, and trying to get his lock combanation. He saw a kid a few lockers down from his, the students around Wu Jin were already talking about him, he over heard them say that he was new, and the teen let out a deep sigh. He did think that it was a bit odd that new students would come in the beginning of the year, but he wouldn't dare ask Jasper about why he was here.

After thinking about what he should do, Jin made his way over to Jasper, and asked him. "You knew here?" Wu Jin was always the first person who would talk to new kids, wether he wanted to or not. Most of the time, teachers would pick him to show the students around, so this time he might as well save the teachers a step, and go ahead and speak to Jasper on his own terms.
  Wu Jin / morbidtheduckie / 10y 81d 19h 42m 44s
[[Kay. xD]]

Jasper was nearly 17 by the time he ran away from home and away from his 'daddy'. When he was running he ran into this nice family that took him in. The only bad part, is he had to go to school.

A small sigh came from Jasper's lips as he tugged his clothes on, then walked out of his new house, and to his new school. He hated school so much.. If it was a person he was sure it'd be dead. He ran a hand through his blonde hair, walking into the school, then looked at the sheet he was given.

It was in the middle of the school year. So they didn't have many lockers and stuff left.. He chewed lightly on his lower lip, looking around for his locker. Once he found it he tried to open it, but failed. He looked around, wanting to ask somebody for help...but he was scared to..
  Jasper... / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 34m 37s
  Wu Jin / morbidtheduckie / 10y 82d 45m 34s
[[Okay. xD I donno how to do it now...uhhhhh..>,>;; We could..just do the part where he meets your person..?]]
  Jasper... / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 46m 59s
  Wu Jin / morbidtheduckie / 10y 82d 51m 29s
[[Okay. =3
Maybe we should turn it into like a 1x1...or something..>,<;;]]
  Jasper... / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 1h 2m 58s
  Wu Jin / morbidtheduckie / 10y 82d 1h 10m 18s
[[I mwan as the daddy, or the boy.. xD..]]
  Jasper... / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 3h 37m 38s

  Wu Jin / morbidtheduckie / 10y 82d 4h 37m 14s
[[Okay :DD As who?]]
  Jasper... / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 82d 13h 30m 14s
I'll join :)
  Wu Jin / morbidtheduckie / 10y 83d 1h 20m 6s
[[Anybody? xDD]]
  Jasper... / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 83d 12h 23m 48s

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