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Just for Becca {Meh} and her Wifey-y Alexis!
I love you!

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  Copious Mixture / IkoshimaAngel / 9y 3d 12h 23m 32s
Copious stared curiously at the two front doors, the entrance to the castle...and then the wall of the stairs. Tessex, isn't it...? She vaguely remembered him, from a picture or so, but Copious never thought she'd be meeting him in person. He looked unhappy, a little upset even, about her arrival. Was she intruding or a bother? She found herself biting her lip, cautiously approaching Tessex with both curiosity and fear. "Ah, hello...?" her voice quavered and trembled.
  Copious Mixture / IkoshimaAngel / 9y 3d 12h 24m 51s
Tessex turned his mare around and started to trot to the driveway. At this rate he would meet the car about halfway up the drive. Turning a sharp left he clicked his tongue twice, spurring the mare on. He reached the front doors and hopped down, letting the mare wander off by herself.
Tessex leaned up against the wall of the stairs, watching the sleek car pull up with the competition for his home. The car pulled up and the driver got out, nodding to Tessex in greeting before opening the door. Tessex watched with mild curiousity, rather nervous. If this girl was being brought to the castle then she surely meant something more than he, and that made him rather upset.
  Tessex Sunder / aylar / 9y 4d 14h 36m 19s
Nervous. Copious felt nervous, in every sense possible, her skin tingling and heart beating faster at the sight of that vast castle. Was this actually her, in this car? Or maybe it was someone else in her place...? "Edward, do I have to do this?" her eyebrows raised worriedly and she looked to her driver for guidance, whom only nodded his head while they continued up the driveway. Is it me or is this taking decades? Copious bit her lip, shutting her eyes tightly. "Things will be alright. Just calm down." With another deep breath Copious managed a small, rare smile. The car stopped and she stepped out, wearing a small black dress and a read jacket. She stared up at the castle a little breathlessly, her breath showing in the cold weather.
  Copious Mixture / IkoshimaAngel / 9y 6d 14h 3m 40s
Alright my love.

Tessex looked out over the snowy feild from atop his pitch black mare, petting her neck lovingly and chirping soothingly as the mare stomped the ground nervously.
The mare was in new territory making her nervous to her surroundings.
Tessex Sunder was the heir to one of the biggest castles in the world and the money that came with it and frankly, he didn't want it. He would take it of course, but he would take it and use it for good, instead of the many evil things that his grandfather had in it now.
But the old bastard was almost dead and Tessex wouldn't have to take care of him anymore. He had heard news of a distant relative coming to live in the castle with him and Tessex, but Tessex didn't believe it until he saw the letter with the picture of a pretty young woman.
Tessex's attention was drawn by a long black car driving up the mile long drive way.
Your the distant relative amour
  Tessex Sunder / aylar / 9y 6d 14h 11m 59s
Wifey T~T
  Copious Mixture / IkoshimaAngel / 9y 6d 14h 29m 44s
You, because...I dunno the plot if there is one and I may need something to go off of. xD
  Copious Mixture / IkoshimaAngel / 9y 6d 14h 43m 19s
Oh yes!
Who shall post first?
  Tessex Sunder / aylar / 9y 6d 14h 44m 21s
[Tackle hugs her wifey.] Yay! ^_^
  Copious Mixture / IkoshimaAngel / 9y 6d 14h 45m 27s
Here you go Wifey-y!
  Tessex Sunder / aylar / 9y 6d 14h 48m 18s

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