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two young friends who grew up together are finally now heading into the senior year of high school and when the girl asks to stay the night so they can finish there project for the class well after they get into it they make out and one thing leads to another and she is shocked to find out she is carring his child and she hasnt told him yet how will this effect there romance ?? lets find out???

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  Harmony / harmonychaos / 9y 172d 20h 15m 37s
hey wanna join one of my best rps as soon as i reopen it

to open a closed heart
  zack / zerato / 9y 172d 20h 32m 18s
I curl up under the blanket and let the tears slide down my cheeks. "I feel the same way, i don't know what my life would have been like without you." I say softly. If only he knew ... But i can't exactly tell him ... I think to myself.
  Harmony / harmonychaos / 9y 172d 21h 27m 0s
as he got in the bed next to hers he looked at the ceiling as he thought of when they first met "ya know i think it was my best time i ever had was with you and ill be by your side when ever you need me...."
  zack / zerato / 9y 172d 21h 30m 19s
I smile softly as tears build in my eyes. "I know you do Zack, that wasn't it ..." I say quietly, not wanting to tell him what had happened. He would get upset, and i din't want that ...
  Harmony / harmonychaos / 9y 172d 21h 34m 8s
<lets continue>

zack looked at her and held her hand"look i dont care what the soccer team says and what are friends will think i care for you and the child just as much so..." he held her close and kisses her " dont worry i will make sure that you arent alone "
  zack / zerato / 9y 172d 21h 36m 18s
I'll take a look
  Harmony / harmonychaos / 9y 173d 2h 3m 2s
wanna join my digimon rp i made on my other profile
  zack / zerato / 9y 173d 2h 3m 48s
<Kk and both>
  Harmony / harmonychaos / 9y 173d 2h 13m 27s
<ok im here>

<quick question do you like pokemon or digimon
  zack / zerato / 9y 173d 2h 21m 9s
"I- I had a bad dream is all ... Nothin to worry about." I say rubbing at my bruuises, the soreness really setting in now.
  Harmony / harmonychaos / 9y 249d 21h 4m 28s
zack woke hereing her low sound crying and held her "what happened are you ok" he held her close and hekissed her forhead "somthin has been bothering you please tell me..."
  zack / zerato / 9y 249d 22h 56m 19s
-yeah, if i don't post for a few don't worry-
  Harmony / harmonychaos / 9y 249d 22h 58m 53s
-no sorry ive had a very stressful week i didnt forget about you i was kinda busy shall we continue-
  zack / zerato / 9y 249d 22h 59m 53s
I wake up not too long after. Sitting up straight and gasping for breath, i tremble some. I had dreamed about what had happened at my house, only it turned into a worse nightmare ... I just sat there, rubbing my bruises and crying softly.
  Harmony / harmonychaos / 9y 263d 1h 40m 24s

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