pokemon : protecting what you care for

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lucario was always a loner but had a soft spot for gardevoir who was his childhood friend but the main problem was he could never gain up streght even when she became a pokemon explorer he wanted badly to be a explorer to and be well known so others would look up to him this is the story of lucario and his friends as they gather there courage and start there team if lucario is ever to impress his best friend he must do it quickly or lose the chance forever

pokemon needed
his best friend-girl-Zeroparks
his teamates- open
team mate1-
team mate2-

anyone else that wants in

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  lucario / zerato / 9y 286d 11h 39m 49s
May I join?
  Gardevoir / Zeroparks / 9y 286d 20h 48m 40s
ok i need members of my team and gardevoir
  lucario / zerato / 9y 286d 23h 26m 21s

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