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we just explore and fight monsters and each other

Rules -
don't care


Bio: Dakoshi is a travaling warrior that kill who ever if the person pays enough

name: yiffy
age: 15
weapon: magic
Bio: a boy with cat ears who knows magic

Name: Terrok
Age: 20
weapons: Runed Axe, hand blade
Bio: Terrok is a fallen hero with no place in the world of tge living. So he wanders with a group of renegades to terrorize the countryside.

Name: Korlash
Age: Dead
Weapons: The Black Blade, A pure black Claymore he can wield in one one from so much experience. It is made of pure Osmium and is infused with Flesh eating virus that will corrupt the body and make who ever is hit Korlash's slave.
Bio: He is a Zombie Knight who makes his 'living' how ever he pleases.

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Niz was standing on his hands, giggling like a small child as he walked around a little, trying not to wobble. He noticed a man near, but didn't bother with him as he now started to hope on one hand, giggling a little louder.

  Niz / zeek2356 / 9y 358d 3h 56m 17s
Dakoshi was Wandering Through the wasteland looking for something to do and he noticed a boy hanging, around the age of 15 or younger it looked like. "hey who are you" Dakoshi asked the small little excuse of a person.
  Dakoshi,third son of Necron / deathblast101 / 9y 358d 4h 13m 1s

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