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"Good" She smiles to him then truns around doing alittle spin they pass a few people who thinks they are all that and lauged at them she loved her self for the fact she didnt care if she fit in.
can all of mine are gone you could do it if you want
  Anne pink / bleedingheart94 / 10y 5d 20h 17m 44s
Dmaian leaned in close to her and whispered. "Yeah the girls here all are like barbie clones. " He sighed then laughed. "So i like you better then the rest of them so far."
  Damian Shin / Gezmo / 10y 5d 20h 38m 40s
"i did but i also come for that to" She smiles to him,he was close and could see this would be fun for him to be a roomie with her. She wanted to check out the club see what girls were hear.
  Anne pink / bleedingheart94 / 10y 5d 20h 41m 10s
Damian smiled at her. "I'm from New york and Nice i thought you came here to learn" He said walking next to her. He was really close to her.
  Damian Shin / Gezmo / 10y 5d 20h 45m 54s
"Good cuz that is why i am here have fun" she grad her keys then walked ahead of him,waiting for him to catch up. "so where you form?"
  Anne pink / bleedingheart94 / 10y 5d 20h 49m 36s
Damian sighed and sat up. "why not" HE got off his bed and got ready to walk out of the room. "I guess that could be fun" He laughed at how dull he sonded.
  Damian Shin / Gezmo / 10y 5d 20h 56m 25s
So this was it she was sharing a room with a very hot emo guy.She will have fun only if he aloowed it ofcouse. "so how about we take a walk.I dont know this campus very well yet i hear they have a club on campus where we can go now thats cool." She grad her cell and wait to see what he would say.
  Anne pink / bleedingheart94 / 10y 5d 21h 2m 54s
Damian was trying to hold himself back from drooling. She was so hot. He could tell he was going to have fun with her. Well if that is what she wanted as well. He laughed to himself.
  Damian Shin / Gezmo / 10y 5d 21h 12m 12s
She put her things where they went then decaide to put her clothes away later. She was wearing a blank mini skirt then a blank really tight hafe shirt. With her hair down she looked great with her legs showing off poeple say she could be a moble but she aways wanted more then that.
  Anne pink / bleedingheart94 / 10y 5d 21h 15m 38s
"okay okay I never said you where not." Damian said sitting on his bed. He flicked some of his hair out of his face to get a better look at her.
  Damian Shin / Gezmo / 10y 5d 21h 37m 31s
"yeah I am" She looks at him seeing that he might think she is a little barbie girl. "I SWEAR IM AS EMO AS YOU" she said to him, she was emo and got the hair from her mother before she died. That was when she truned emo,cutting herself and everything eles.
  Anne pink / bleedingheart94 / 10y 5d 21h 41m 20s
Damian took her hand. "I'm Damian most call me D though" He smiled softly at her. "I'm guessing you're my new roomie?" She was pretty and unlike most girls he had seen so far. Okay she still had blonde hair bit it was also dyed hot pink unlike the other babrie like girls.
  Damian Shin / Gezmo / 10y 5d 21h 49m 47s
She truned around really fast, She saw a emo guy standing before her. He was cute. She looked him up and down for about 20 secs. "Hi,Im anne but sometimes my frineds call me miz" she put out her hand
  Anne pink / bleedingheart94 / 10y 5d 21h 55m 38s
Damian was lingering in the hall. He had already unpacked his stuff in and was looking to see who else was here. He got bored after a while and turned to go back. He got lucky not having any classes the frist day in all. He went to unlock his room but see it already was. He walked in and said "Hello?" Wanting to know who was in his drom.
  Damian Shin / Gezmo / 10y 6d 1h 27m 35s
She walks into the dorm and looks around she grad her bags. Her room was at the very last one. She was not sure who she was sharing it with but thought this whole thing was cool. She started unpacking her things.
  Anne pink / bleedingheart94 / 10y 6d 1h 51m 13s

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