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With a dash of crossdressing.

William Hobbes is the son of a corporate head, whos just managed to piss of all the wrong people. So when the death threats aimed at the sole heir of the Hobbes fortune come spilling in, his father does what any right thinking father would to - send him to live with a similarly rich associate, in cognito.

So William moves in with his fathers friends under the guise of the Hobbes' niece, Adelle - but what happens when his host's playboy son comes home and sets his eyes on "Adelle"?

Literacy is a must.
Please tell me if you want anime or real pictures when joining.

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"I'm sure I'll be able to manage," Richard said with amusement apparent in his voice and the way his lips kicked up just slightly at the corners. He shifted the bags in his hands and nodded towards the large spiral staircase to their immediate right. "It's just upstairs, if you'll follow me, Miss Hobbes."

His words were polite, but his tone was not, dipping and drawling with impertinent informality that would have shamed his parents; still, he offered another award-winning smile before he turned and started up the stair case, beginning the "make yourself at home" spiel that had been ingrained in him since he first had playmates over in the second grade:

"Hopefully you'll find the room to your liking, and if not, well, it's the finest in the house, so you'll just have to deal with that disappointment - " He glanced over his shoulder and in tone that was just barely teasing, added, "I'm sure with an infinite amount of modesty and grace."
And then he was looking ahead again, expression the picture of bored disinterest. "Feel free to wonder around the house after you've been introduced to everyone - we don't eat until around seven." He stopped at a bedroom with a white door and put down one of the bags to turn the knob and open it.

The bedroom was large and ornate to the point of being a little vulgar, but still very nice and certainly impressive. He picked the bag back up only to set both down once he'd stepped inside and made room for his guest.

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  Richard Chase. / chameleons / 10y 45d 10h 42m 30s
"Fine then. They're heavy, though," William slipped the handles of the bags into the man's hands, putting his now empty hands into the pocket of his coat.

He didn't feel as uncomfortable as he thought he would in the house - though he'd only been there a few years before. His father was a frequent guest, being close friends with the head of the household, and William felt he had a pretty good idea of where he'd be staying - likely the fanciest guest room.

"Shall we get going, then?" He asked, a little impertanently. He himself thought he was acting rather vile - very much like the spoilt, priviliged girl he was mascarading as.

Well, he'd put on the clothes. He might as well act the part, too.

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  William Hobbes / youngfolks / 10y 48d 19h 54m 49s
Richard's elegant, aristocratic eyebrow lifted almost imperceptibly at the somewhat cold response, and he had to check himself to keep his warm smile from turning sardonic. The girl's eyes, when they swept over his face, were anything but charmed, hard and unyielding as they not-quite glared at him from behind their fringe of dark lashes.

He bit the inside of his mouth to keep from saying something cheeky as he stepped aside to make room for the young woman, dropping his hand after lazily swiping it through his disheveled hair.

"Likewise," he said, some his previous lethargy seeping back into his words via the slow drawl his words came out in. "Let me take your bags and show you where your room is before you meet my parents." He closed the door with his foot and held his hands out for her bags, expression patiently expectant.

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  Richard Chase. / chameleons / 10y 51d 8h 51m 13s

  William Hobbes / youngfolks / 10y 52d 13h 9m 17s
Richard Chase tried as a general rule to avoid returning to his parents' home whenever possible. It wasn't that he disliked them - they had spent a great portion of their lives pampering and fawning over their only son, and he was grateful, in his own way.
It was only that they had the irritating habit of still treating him like he was fifteen and under their care. And he was twenty-four now, making his way up the corporate ladder via his father's business.

And yet...

"Darling, Richard, would you be a pet and get the door? That must be Adelle Hobbes."

Richard twitched involuntarily at the petname and the affectionate little caress his mother bestowed upon one stubbled cheek and looked up from his toast. "Adelle Hobbes?" He repeated vacantly, looking anything but engaged as he took another lazy bite of his breakfast.

"She's the niece of one of your father's old friends. She'll be staying with us. Do get the door, sweet, and try not to embarrass us when you welcome her inside."

Richard couldn't help but send his mother a somewhat acidic look as he rose from his place at the dining room table, finishing his toast and walking out of the room and into the main hall. Embarrass them, he thought with a roll of his pale green eyes. As if I was still twelve years old and tripping over myself.

He waved aside a manservant who was already bustling towards the door and moved forward to open it himself, blinking down at the young woman standing patiently on the doorstep.

She was a pretty, frail thing - big eyes, pale face and paler hair, her mouth a neutral line, her bags sitting by her feet. A pretty picture to say the least and Richard felt his whole demeanor change , a warm, charming smile replacing his previously uninterested expression.

He offered a welcoming hand, saying, "Miss Adelle Hobbes? Welcome to the Chase home, I'm Richard. Please, come in."

Embarrass them. As if.

Richard had practically perfected the art of empty charm by now.

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  Richard Chase. / chameleons / 10y 52d 13h 52m 11s
William stared out the window of the Bentley as it pulled into the drive, the house he was to be staying in coming into view.

It was very large and very imposing - not that he wasn't expecting that. His father's friends all seemed to live in the same kind of house. As long as it was huge and very expensive, they were at home in it. They were always similarly decorated too, the right balance between antiques and ultra-modern to show they were considerably richer than the common man.

The chaffeur hopped out the car, opening the car door for William with a cheerful, "There you go, Miss - delivered here safe and sound."

Whether or not he knew his identity in advance or believed him to actually be a woman, William wasn't sure - although if it were the latter, he couldn't be blamed. Silver hair falling around his fine featured face, and clothed in a simple but elegant dress, William made a convincing woman, loathed as he was to admit it. He thanked and tipped the driver, collected his bag, and made his way to the front door of the house, wobbling on the heels he wore.

He sighed, bracing himself before ringing the doorbell. He found the whole charade a little humiliating and entirely unnecessary, but his father had ordered it, and William had realised long ago that it was easier just to let his father have his way, ridiculous as his whims and fancies may often seem.
  William Hobbes / youngfolks / 10y 52d 14h 22m 28s
Not at all. I'll post as soon as it's done. :)
  William Hobbes / youngfolks / 10y 52d 14h 33m 41s
Would you mind? It'd be muuchhh appreciated. (:
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Haha okay, good!
We can start now then, I guess. Shall I go first?
  William Hobbes / youngfolks / 10y 52d 14h 38m 8s
Oh, I like that one!
I think it works pretty well for the role, personally.
  Richard Chase. / chameleons / 10y 52d 14h 40m 40s
Oh, I found this one. I guess it could work?
  William Hobbes / youngfolks / 10y 52d 14h 41m 58s
Uh, either would work, I don't know. I'm not really bothered which right now.
  William Hobbes / youngfolks / 10y 52d 14h 46m 1s
Sure. Do you want a picture where he's like... actively cross-dressing and looking like a girl, or do you just want a picture of a dude who's feminine looking?
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Could you? I'm useless at finding them.
I found this one, but I don't know, it's not really ideal for the character.
  William Hobbes / youngfolks / 10y 52d 14h 49m 9s
Alright, cool. And no worries, I still have to make the character profile and everything, and if you're still having trouble finding a pic, I can help you in your search if you like. :P
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