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zack was always a lover of the ocean and there was a reason behind it he didnt let anyone know this fact that when he was a lil boy he was saved from drowning by a lil girl his age the one thing he remembered she dove into the water and he caught sight of a fin and before he passed out the last thing he said was "a mermaid ???" he was now a young adult and was still set on finding his so called mermaid boy what a love being in love with a mystic creature ....this will go over well with his friends ....

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Cheeks a rosy pink she said, "Tomorrow, then." Before turning and swimming under the water. Behind her she had left another pearl, "Bye!" She hollered as she surfaced, only to dissappear below the surface again.
  Noriah / Whisper-Rose / 9y 253d 16h 37m 51s
he smiles and says thanks and surprises her with a kiss on the cheek "ill meet you here tomarrow is that ok??" he says and smiles at her she was so pretty he was blushing still after kissing her
  zack / zerato / 9y 253d 16h 39m 58s
Gasping, "I don't know of any...I'll have to hit the books..." Putting her free hand on top of the one covering hers she said, "I'll have to try...or I'll try to become human..." she murmured, her pure voice echoing through the cavern as she gazed into the night.
  Noriah / Whisper-Rose / 9y 253d 16h 42m 38s
he had fallen in love with a mystical mermaid but could they be together then he asked her "is there a way to be with you forever he asks as his hand layed down on hers without knowing it "maybe a way to become a merman??" he says as he looks at her he was willing to throw his human life away to be with her ...that tells ya somethin
  zack / zerato / 9y 253d 16h 44m 26s
Surprised at the hug she gave him a quick squeeze before releasing him. Smiling revealing perfect white teeth she nods, "I could never have let you drown. I would've been overcome with grief." Looking down she muttered sadly, "But my father got upset at me...I'm not supposed to have any contact, whatsoever with humans. But, for lack of a better word, screw it." She laughed, it was a melodical sound, almost like it was a song.
  Noriah / Whisper-Rose / 9y 253d 16h 49m 23s
he was stunned she was beautiful "...thanks for saveing me ...back then im really grateful" i wish i could show you around the mainland but ...." his voice trailed off as he looked at her tail "...that might be hard" he say rubbing his head "OH!! and thanks for listening to me everyday when i came to see if you were here" he hugs her "i new you were real ,you and that cute tail"
  zack / zerato / 9y 253d 16h 51m 59s
Nearly inaudible Noriah swims up to him, jumping out of the water she gracefully makes her way onto a rock. "Hello..."she whispers quietly, still worrying that he'd hate her because of her tail.
  Noriah / Whisper-Rose / 9y 253d 16h 57m 7s
zack looked at the item and smiles "she does exsist!!!" he hurryed to his home and prepared for tomarrow as he washappy he might meet her tomarrow he went on through the night and went the next day came he was out there waiting at the cove sitting near the water "hmm...were is she???" he looked around and sighed was it just his imagineation yesterday
  zack / zerato / 9y 253d 16h 58m 52s
Without a sound a large pearl came in with the next wave. This pearl was different than others. It was blue. Attached to it was a chain of gold.
This was Noriah's response. She was grateful for his thanks, and was going to tell him tomorrow. She excitedly swam deep into the water.
  Noriah / Whisper-Rose / 9y 253d 17h 3m 12s
<ill start now>

zack was at the ocean were he was found adrift after the accident were his dads ocean lab exploded sending him flying into the water he looked at the ocean and was grateful for it cause it was were his savior came from his...mermaid "ive come to say thanks for saving me back then you changed my life and love of the sea i hope to one day thank you in person ill be back here around same time again tomarrow" he called out to the ocean hopeing to get a response....
  zack / zerato / 9y 253d 17h 6m 4s
  Noriah / Whisper-Rose / 9y 253d 17h 12m 44s
i will and one thing about the mermaid she fell in love with zack when she saved him when they were both kids but was afraid that he would freakout if he saw her tail and decided to leave before he awaoke or was her plan bu.t zack opened his eyes and saw her and then lost concious
  zack / zerato / 9y 253d 17h 14m 32s
<Totally, who starts?>
  Noriah / Whisper-Rose / 9y 253d 17h 16m 47s
  zack / zerato / 9y 253d 17h 19m 33s
ok im ready to begin
  white and team / zerato / 9y 253d 17h 19m 52s

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