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All the boys are shipped off to a boarding schools oversees. It's a massive school with about 32 different buildings.
They meet and don't know what to do. Since they're all gay -- They are immediantly attracted. But to who? Will there be more then one person liking another boy? Let's find out...
- Regan Van Ness
Dorm 323: Regan
Dorm 324:
Dorm 313:

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I'll join! :D
  Carsone / morbidtheduckie / 9y 354d 5h 56m 22s
May i join this please?.
  Yuu / Solstice69 / 9y 354d 8h 15m 47s
Hi!! =w= May I join? And do you have a pic preferance?
  Corey Shadows / Shion / 9y 354d 8h 19m 31s

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