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How long had it been? One? Two hundred years since she had cast him from the Pathenon and stripped him of his powers? Not that it mattered. His thirst for her blood was still as strong as ever. But he had missed her everytime she descended. That pissed him off even more. The one moment he would be able to finally kill her and reclaim his god status was when she was human but she only left her precious pathenon once a year. He was immortal, so he could wait forever to catch her, but who would want to wait forever to reclaim their birthright? No-one last time he checked. He had watched empires come and go, and leaders fall to their own pride. But he had never seen her again. Now he wanders the streets of the modern world, ancient he knew it would too become one day. Until he sees the impossible. It couldnt be. But it was. It was her. Dancing in a club like a common whore.

So he kidnaps her. She looks almost the same as she does as a godess. But theres something different about her. He cant put his finger on it until he discovers she isnt the goddess at all. She's her daughter! Born from the goddess and one of her other godly lovers, this woman could be the key to luring her mother from her hiding place. If only she'd cooperate. But then again, who would want to see their mother murdered? As much as her appearance reminds him of his oath to kill her mother, he cannot help but notice the differences between them. While her mother is harsh, cold and unforgiving, this goddess shines with understanding, caring and kindness. Three things he has never had any concept of. And before he knows it, she has wormed her way into the heart her mother had filled with hatred. Can he really go through with killing her mother, only to lose her at the same time?



- Please be at least literate. I really would like to do this plot so please try not to let the board die. I define literate as able to use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation etc. Also, you should be able to post a decent length too

- Anime pics would be best

- Romance is allowed, and this plot can be mature

- Remember to ask to join. Please also let me know WHO you wish to join as when you do. Im not a mind reader.

- No godmoding, powerplaying etc.

- Please be polite to others

- These rules are subject to change and I may end up adding more. If I do, I will make sure to let you know.

- And please try to make your characters interesting and unique.

Characters Needed:

- The Ex God - Male - Immortal - Open

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It was a wonder anyone in Club Dante could still hear anything with how loud they played their music. The thump of the beat reverberated through the floor and the bodies of those daring enough to get close to the speakers. Or on the dancefloor in general. But Constance wasnt. She loved being able to feel the beat in her blood and her heart matching it as she danced. It was one of the simple pleasures in life, and she enjoyed it every chance she got.

Closing her eyes she swayed to the beat, her hands twisting in the air and over her body as her hips snapped with the drums. Her best friend, Tabby, was back at their table, chatting up some blonde guy but Constance wasnt docile enough for that. She came to dance and she had every intention of doing just that. She may have been the daughter of the gods, but she was still human. Her father, Apostolos, had always said that both she and the world were lucky that she had been born into the human realm. Being human for some time had taught him compassion, as it did her. And with the power the son of the destroyer commanded, that was a good thing. His favourite saying was 'Just because you can, doesnt mean you should,' and it was true.
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