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Miranda Darcy left her home four years ago for three reasons:

One: Her boyfriend had dumped her because he thought his ex was pregnant

Two: She wanted to be free of her parents and eight siblings

Three: She was pregnant with her now ex-boyfriends baby

She hasnt spoken with anyone from her little hometown of Witshire Cove since she left. Miranda achieved her dream of becoming a model, and managed to keep the fact she was a single mother with a three year old son out of the public eye. When one of her friends family is killed in a home invasion, Miranda begins to wonder about her own parents. She hasnt seen them in so long she wouldnt know if they were even still alive. So, she decides to take roadtrip home for Easter.

Her entire family, and many of the locals, had decided to get together for the egg hunting holiday, unbeknownst to Miranda. So, when she turns up on her family's doorstep, with her son in tow, everyone is surprised. But nobody moreso than Miranda when she finds the father of her child there with his fiance. And him when he sees a little boy who looks more like him than he did when he was that age.

What will happen now that Miranda's secret is out, and the one person she didnt want to know, the father, now does? Could there still be any feelings between this pair? Or is it only caused by the thought of their child?



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Characters Needed:

- The Ex Boyfriend / Father of Cassandra's son - Male - 24 years old - Taken by greenfairygirl

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[Brb. Having dinner]

Miranda did her best to keep Nick out of Logan's sight. She didnt know if he had already seen the boy, but she wasnt taking any chances. She had left this town long ago so he could be free of the responsibility of her and her son. He had done the right thing and left her to take care of the woman who was pregnant with his child, and she hadnt wanted to force him into choosing by telling him she was pregnant too.

Miranda inched her way back inside while everyone's attention was on Logan and Angel. "Oh ok," Liam said, leaving the pair to themselves.
  Miranda Darcy / Constance / 9y 354d 13h 53m 15s
"We're fine" Logan said, sighing. "Just... Thought I had to leave but it turns out I didn't... No call from work just yet so we can stay a little longer." He smiled as best he could and tried not to feel like an idiot. He knew Angel would be uncomfortable with Miranda there... He hated that... And that kid? It couldn't be...
  Logan.A. / greenfairygirl / 9y 354d 14h 37s
When all of a sudden a woman's voice rang out, practically everyone turned to look in the direction of the noise. And when they realised who was speaking, almost all of them frowned. Miranda didnt. She wished a hole would open up and swallow her right now when she realised, not only who was speaking, but who was sitting beside the person who had.

Well, Logan was definitely not someone she had expected to see when she returned to Witshire Cove. Of all the meetings she had imagined in her head over the past few days, seeing Logan again hadnt been one of them. She had tried her hardest to push him from her mind over the past few years.

"Is everything alright Angel?" Liam, one of Miranda's brothers asked, approaching the pair.
  Miranda Darcy / Constance / 9y 354d 14h 2m 49s
"Wait... Why" Angel said. "Logan!" She said loudly, drawing attention to the couple. "Why is it we're leaving?" Logan sighed and looked around. "Uh... Hi...Hey everybody..." He laughed nervously and sat back down.
  Logan.A. / greenfairygirl / 9y 354d 14h 7m 33s
Once Miranda had recieved hugs from the family that was nearby, Annie almost dragged her out the back of the house to the rest of the Darcy Clan. One by one they welcomed Miranda back and hugged her. By this point she had to put Nick down because he was getting uncomfortable with all the hugging. Then she reached her parents. At first she thought that Lucy and Gregori Darcy didnt want to see her, but her mother soon broke out in tears and it was like she had never left.

Miranda, and her family, were so caught up in one another that none of them noticed the couple that were leaving through the back gate of the property.
  Miranda Darcy / Constance / 9y 354d 14h 12m 1s
Logan heard the name. "No way..." he thought, standing up and walking into the living room. He still held a small place in his heart for Miranda... He still loved her very much and had wished things had worked out between them. He walked into the room and saw her, beautiful as ever... Glowing and... Wait a minute... He looked at the child she held... It looked just like him when he was that age. Oh shit...

He walked back outside, hoping no one had seen him. He grabbed Angel's hand as he headed towards the back gate. "Come on honey. I just remembered something we have to do. lets go home..."
  Logan.A. / greenfairygirl / 9y 354d 14h 20m 30s
"Yeah, yeah Im gettin it!" Annie, one of Miranda's eight siblings, shouted at one of their elder brothers. Miranda had to smile as she heard it. Not much had changed. That was for sure. When the door was yanked open, Miranda could see the surprise, and shock, on her younger sisters face.

"Still getting bossed around, hey Annie?" Miranda said when the uncomfortable silence stretched out too long. That served to snap her sister out of her stupor. A loud squeal could be heard at that moment.

"Oh my god Miranda!" she said, her voice high pitched and excited. And also loud enough for everyone in the house to hear. "Long time no see girl," she added, pulling Miranda and her son inside the house. She got a hug from Annie, who was careful not to squash the four year old boy her elder sister held. A few moments later and two of Miranda's six brothers appeared in the front room. They too were surprised to see her.
  Miranda Darcy / Constance / 9y 354d 14h 23m 20s
Logan was sitting with his Fiance Angel as the children of the town hunted eggs. They always had a huge party at the Darcy house, or at least, they had for the last few years. Angel was pregnant with what Logan thought was his daughter a while ago... But he had yet to find out it wasn't his... He sipped his beer and sighed, watching the children play... Only wishing he had one sooner. He felt like he was a father already although he didn't know it yet. He was more responsible now, too. He had given up smoking and quit his band for a real job... So he could support himself.
"I need to pee" Angel said laughing and walked inside. He just smiled.
  Logan.A. / greenfairygirl / 9y 354d 14h 36m 32s
"Mommy, is dere gong to be eggs?" a small voice asked from the backseat of Miranda's car. She smiled warmly as she glanced back at her son.

"Yes baby. There's always eggs at these parties," she replied, remembering how her family loved to celebrate any holiday. Knowing her family, there would be eggs galore floating around her parents home. This impromtu visit of hers had been a spur of the moment thing, but Miranda had yet to find it in herself to regret this decision. Her parents hadnt even known she was pregnant when she left, but they did deserve to know their grandchild.

As they passed a sign that said 'Welcome to Witshire Cove' Miranda knew there was no turning back. Nick sat in the back, playing with his toys, and only looked up when the car stopped outside a large house. Miranda unbuckled herself, grabbed her bag and gathered Nick from the back seat. "Here we go baby," she said, kissing the top of his blonde head. He was all his father in looks, but his hair was all her. She knocked on the front door and waited, hoping they werent all out the back already.
  Miranda Darcy / Constance / 9y 354d 14h 47m 29s

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