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"Mr Pierce? I'm here to speak with you about Ryan. Your son."

Nicolas Pierce couldnt have been more surprised if someone had told him he was adopted. And he was sure he had never seen the woman on his doorstep before. So how could he have a son?

Annabelle Lawton's only concern is finding out if Nicolas Pierce is father material and if Ryan, her adopted son, would be in good hands with him. She heard the stories from her old friend about the CEO of Pierce Productions and she doesnt approve. If she had it her way, he wouldnt even know about Ryan, but it was Sabrina's last wish that her son know his father.

Nicolas knows Annabelle doesnt like him, she has made it quite obvious, but if he wants to have anything to do with his son, he has to convince her he has changed his playboy ways. So that means keeping his hands to himself around her, no matter how interested he is in her. And Annabelle has to remember her reasons for being in the CEO's home.

Could a united desire for their sons happiness bring two people, who couldnt be more different, together?



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Characters Needed:

- Nicolas Pierce - Male - Open - At 26 years old, Nicolas is one of the most influential CEO's of his time. He is successful in most aspects of his life when he sets his mind to them. Committment has never been high on his list of things to do. He is confident, and sometimes a little cocky, but with his three glasses of milk a day, he's still partly your typical American boy.

- Annabelle Lawton - Female - Taken - At 20, Annabelle had no intention of ever having children, but an unfortunate accident left her the custodian of a one year old little boy named Ryan. After five years, she has come to love him as her own son, and would do anything to protect him and see him happy.

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"Mr Pierce? I'm here to speak with you about Ryan. Your son."

Annabelle Lawton watched for the reaction of the man standing in front of her as she spoke. Even this was being scrutinised by her. If he reacted negatively, it would be clear he didnt like the idea of having a son. Then again, it may just be a surprise.

Time would tell.

Adjusting the bag that was on her shoulder, she waited, letting what she had just said sink in. It wasnt everyday someone came up and told you you had a son, but then again, with the stories she'd heard about this guy, it wouldnt surprise her if it was a common occurance for him.

She looked all business, with her auburn hair pulled back, a feminine suit on, and her glasses perched atop her nose.
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