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Shasha Had just moved to sunny L.A. California. She wasnt one for crowds, but she liked this place. She knew that every school had its clicks, and groups, and blah. blah. Blah. But what she found at her new highschool was nothing like she expected.

_______ Is what everyone calls, the bad ass of the school. No one messes with him, everyone listens to him. HE rules the school, and is known for playing around with girls. He is never seen with the same girl for more then two days, but the girls still fall head over heels for him. He doesnt have the nick name Play Boy for nothing.

When Shasha enters the school for the first time, she likes it. She thinks its modern and really nice, untell she meets ________.

______ claims her as his to get when he first lays eyes on her. Now that he has claimed her, every other guy, doesnt dare to try and hit on her.

But what happens when she rejects him, she doesnt like his personality, or his title more or less. But he doesnt give up? He makes a bet with his buddies, saying that he will get her by the end of the month.

When He tries, she just rejects him everytime, she says he has to change, for her to even consider him. But will he be able to change or loose the bet?

Will he just want her for her body, like he does at first or will he actually fall for her? Will she give in to him, or keep rejecting him?

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he laid back and yawned lightly, ignoring the strong glare of the sun that was now beating down on him, he saw the knew girl after awhile, she was across the field, she was smoking hot from his point of view and the way that she danced hypnotized him
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 123d 16h 53m 55s
She had not heard someone behind her. She was on the opposite side of the feild that had the b;eachers. She sighed as she laid down her bag and other junk. She took out her speakers that did play really loud. She turned on her favorite song, Comatose by skillet, and started to practice the dance that she had taught herself for it.
  Shasha / kikio26 / 10y 124d 8h 48m 14s
Once he had ended the rather amusing fight, he stood up and dusted himself off and walked towards the back doors to the school, he had normally went to the football field because he could wait there and the guards never went down there to check for him, he sat down in the bleachers and laid back gently, yawning lightly
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 125d 19h 18m 31s
She stood up and backed away. She didnt like fighting and she thought that if you perpiously got into a fight, that you were just plain stupid. She decided to skip today, it was her first day so she could go and say tomorrow would be her first day. She walked out the back doors and avross the football feild.
  Shasha / kikio26 / 10y 126d 6h 24m 47s
he smiled warmly as three more men came over and surround him, once he figured it was time to fight, he stood up and spun around and kneed the big man in the gut and elbowed him in the back of the neck, then he grinned as the next three pulled out knives and ran at him
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 126d 7h 35m 22s
She raised an eyebrow What the hell is this? she thought to herself as she watched whatever was going on. She put her chin on her hand and rest her elbow on the table. She sighed and rolled her eyes.
  Shasha / kikio26 / 10y 126d 7h 37m 30s
he shrugged and flipped off one of the larger men and watched as he walked over and sat over him, nether of them said a word for a moment then he smiled lightly -what can i do for a bitch like you?-
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 126d 7h 39m 34s
She noticed that there actually was somebody else at the table. She chuckled but completely ignored him. She didnt want any drama on the first day at her new school. She sung softly with the song she was listening to.
  Shasha / kikio26 / 10y 126d 7h 50m 25s
He looked up and looked at the girl that sat down in front of him, he laughed lightly to himself and figured that she was the new girl. he laid back and waited for her to say something to him like most girls did, he just kept looking down, then he looked up at her and grinned
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 126d 8h 7m 4s
She walked into the the main area, kind of lost. She sat at a table that was empty, and she was glad about it. She was getting looks and stares because she was new but didnt pay all that much to it. She chuckled to herself and scanned the room, but nobody really caught her eye
  Shasha / kikio26 / 10y 126d 8h 9m 6s
Aaron Bishop walked into school that he was going to. He was rather bored and as he walked near one of the guards, he slapped him and pissed the guard off. He grinned and walked into the cafateria and ignored the stares and owwws of the schools sluts and sat down in the closet, empty table. As he sat down, he put his hood over his head and smiled lightly.
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 126d 8h 35m 37s
She entered the school, knowing that she was going to get stares, but she didnt mind. This was how it was suppose to be when you enter a new school. She sighed putting her ear buds in, she blastered her favorite song, drowing everybody out. The night before she had got her locker number, code and schedual. She went and found her locker, opening it she started to put stuff away.
  Shasha / kikio26 / 10y 126d 9h 3m 1s
alright, can you start so i can have something to work with cutey?
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 126d 9h 5m 16s
thats good, so we are going to start on the day that she comes to your school, and my name is going to be Luna just for you, and remember you have to be the bad ass
  Shasha / kikio26 / 10y 126d 9h 7m 18s
alright, i am in a good mood right -tackle hugs you-
  White Fang / Saynot / 10y 126d 9h 16m 51s

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