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In a world were most of the Earth has been destroyed and everyone is struggling to keep the human existance from going extinct, even when they havn't the money to even support themselves, there was on forest that still stood.
This seemed like an ordinary forest, just like all the others that had been torn down.
Only, there was something different. The people who had ventured into the forest have always come out traumatsed. This was not the work of a regular forest.
The people of the villiage that was next the the forest believe that it is the work of the spirits that dwell within the old temple in the forest, and that they are angry because of what humans have done to the earth.

What will happen when a boy who just moved into the villiage with his family is dared to go into the forest? And what will happen when he discovers that it isn't the work of evil spirits, but infact a young lady?
Stay tuned and find out xD
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Skelton -


Characters -
girl -
Name: unknown
Age: unknown
Personality: Kind, but can't be mean when she wants to be. She's smart and caring. She loves animals and is very good at dodging things like vines and bushes.
Bio: For as long as she can remember, she has been living in the temple in the middle of the forest. She has no recolection of her personal information and her family.

boy -
Personality-Quiet, but can be very out spoken if need be. He is loyal to his friends and never turns away people in need.
Bio-He has moved from village to village, always makes friends then has to leave them. He is wary when he is dared to go into the forest, but does so anyhow.

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"Well," the girl said with a smile. "Not many people seem to find crazy forest girls very amusing."
She laughed at herself. Aren't I just pathetic?
"I admire that," she said, refering to how he couldn't tell dream from reality. "Sometimes, I wish I would wake up one morning and my life here in the forest was just a dream. I always dream about what the Earth used to look like before most of it was torn down."
She grinned.
"Isn't that stupid?"
  ~The Girl~ / Mikeru / 10y 11d 20h 57m 27s
Keaton looked at her and smiled. Even though she lived alone in this forest, she was so care free. "You thought I wouldn't come back? Well, I understood why you did it. So I don't really mind." He told her. I would probably try and scare someone too, if they were disturbing me, he thought to himself. "I also had to come back. For some reason, I felt like this whole thing was just a dream..." He said trailing off. He laughed at himself. "I guess everything seems like a dream to me."
  Keaton / SpellMagick / 10y 14d 23h 43m 28s
"The forest is a deadly place if you don't know how to read things like I can," she said with a smile. "This? I was uncomfortable sleeping on stone, so I made a bed. The only problem is, is that I'll get itchy. It's really nothing special, I watched the spiders at night and learnt to weave."
She giggled and smilled, stepping toward him.
"It makes me really happy that you came to see me like this," she grinned. "I really thought you wouldn't come back after what I did."
  ~The Girl~ / Mikeru / 10y 15d 14h 29m 50s
Keaton laughed at himself. "Yeah, I'm lost again. Although I came into the forest to see if you were here." He went over to her. "I'm really bad with directions." He said laughing. He noticed what she was holding. "Whats that?" It was completely woven out of grass. "Did you make that? That's amazing." He said looking at it.
  Keaton / SpellMagick / 10y 15d 22h 58m 5s
The girl flinched when she heard footsteps. She tilted her head to see what it was, and when she did, he face lit up with a smile.
"I was wondering if you'd ever come back," she giggled. "Are you lost again?You have confussion written all over your face, not that I can read."
THe girl tied off the end of her new bedding and stood up holding it.
"I'm really glad you came back," she said.
  ~The Girl~ / Mikeru / 10y 16d 32m 32s
Keaton sighed and got up. Might as well look around, he thought. He walked around and decided he was lost yet again. "Why does this always happen to me?" he mumbled to himself. He turned in a circle and decided to go to his left. He ended up at a river. "Okay, so how does a river help me?" he asked himself. He looked up and down the river, when he saw the girl from yesterday. So it wasn't a dream. He started to walk up to her.
  Keaton / SpellMagick / 10y 16d 38m 25s
The grl sat by the river with her feet dangling into the water. She was still weaving, but was almost finished. She hummed the tune of a lullaby softly.
She couldn't remember where she had heard it, she always assumed that her mother had sung it to her when they had been togather.
She sighed. She hated having to fool herself. She was quite lonely out here, and the only person she had spoken to was that boy.
Will he come back?, she asked herself.
  ~The Girl~ / Mikeru / 10y 16d 50m 38s
Keaton slipped into the forest. He hoped no one noticed him. After the other day, the forest didn't seem so scary. He walked along, then stopped. Where should he go? He probably would get lost again with his luck. He sighed and sat down. Maybe the girl from before would show up. He looked around the forest. No, it definitely was not as scary as before. In fact, he couldn't see why people were so afraid of it.
  Keaton / SpellMagick / 10y 16d 55m 59s
The girl yawned and stretched over the concrete ground. When your not comfortable, you don't ge tmuch sleep.
"I should weave like a grass bedding or something," she mumbled as she sat up. "Oh! I really should!"
She set to work. She found astick she would use for a needle and picked lots of grass.
"I hope this works," she sighed. She began to weave the grass so it became blanket like. She managed to get half way through without any mistakes.
"Yes," she giggled. "Hopefully I don't make any mistakes after this too~"
  ~The Girl~ / Mikeru / 10y 16d 1h 5m 51s
<<Yeah, that works.>>

Keaton yawned and woke up. Was the forest just a dream? Was the girl just a dream? He laughed at himself. Why couldn't he remember? He got up and got dressed. Maybe he should venture into the forest again? Maybe, but yet again, what if someone saw him? He decided to take a walk and think about it for a while. He walked out of his house and walked around the village. Maybe he could just sneak into the forest. Might as well try, he thought.
  Keaton / SpellMagick / 10y 16d 1h 11m 52s
The girl watchded the boy from a high branch. She wasn't visible to the village because of the shadows.
"I hope I see you again," she giggled. She jumped straight from the branch and landd on her feet with solid thud.
Nightfall was coming so she decided she'd go pick some berries before bed.


She picked lots. They filled up almost the entire skirt of her dress.
"I bet the animals can share this with me," she giggled, seeing that she had picked too much.
She made her way back to the temple to eat and then sleep.

.:We can time skip to the next morningif you'd like:.
  ~The Girl~ / Mikeru / 10y 16d 1h 25m 4s
Keaton watched the girl leave. He smiled, hoping he would be able to come back soon. He walked into the village when he was bombarded by a group of boys. What happened in there?, Where you scared?, I knew you were scared. They asked him all these questions and stated these things. He sighed and said, "I went deep into the forest, and I thought I heard some noises, so I turned back. That's it." He pushed away from them and walked back to his house. He though of how he could get back into the forest without people seeing him. If they saw him, they would wonder why he would be going back, after getting scared the first time. He sighed and gave up thinking for the day.
  Keaton / SpellMagick / 10y 16d 3h 7m 28s
"Eh?" The girl looked at him questioningly. "Oh, just say when you got to the denser part of the forest, you heard noises up ahead, so you turned back the way you came."
She smiled.
She didn't really know if she'd see this boy again, but when she saw one of the villagers, she instantly let the branched of the tree fall so she wasn't visible.
"I have to go," she said quickly "I hope I can see you again."
With that, she ran back into the forest and out of sight.
  ~The Girl~ / Mikeru / 10y 16d 15h 11m 0s
Keaton smiled at her. "Thank you." She was really kind, and he didn't know why people were afraid of the forest. "What should I do when the people in the village ask me what happened? Should I just say there was nothing there? Although that might seem odd to them..." he trailed off. He could always pretend to come back traumatized, but he was a terrible actor. "What are your thoughts?" She probably had better ideas than he did. He was pretty hopeless at times like these.
  Keaton / SpellMagick / 10y 16d 17h 10m 39s
"No," she said with a smile. " I like living here with the animals. Unlike humans, they're great listeners."
The girl giggled and kept going through the forest.
"Thank you," she grinned. "As long as you don't tell anyone, you'll always be welcome in the forest."
She didn't plan on asking the boy her name, after all, she didn't have one, so she just assumed that he didn't have one either.
This boy seemed interesting to her. He wasn't like other people who saw her as a scary and angry spirit. He had stopped to look at her, for that, she was thankful.
She soon came to a stop and pulled back the leaves of a willow tree, revealing the village.
"Here," she said with a smile.
  ~The Girl~ / Mikeru / 10y 16d 17h 26m 15s

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