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Coming soon, but just check for info about the RP really. You can make up a digidestend, or take an original and ideas are welcome. ^^

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Hi! I like this idea! ^___^
  Corey Wright / cougarsforJesus / 9y 60d 16h 47m 12s
  Shinwa Seimeiroku / ripkay / 9y 284d 13h 28m 48s
Hm..I think I should start this. Anyone interested?
  Kimlaine_Protehkani / Kimlainee / 9y 336d 15h 15m 1s
  Kimlaine_Protehkani / Kimlainee / 9y 355d 8h 20m 2s
I havent really been able to get to it..I mean i have it but havent updated it here... got a huge migraine ><
  Kimlaine_Protehkani / Kimlainee / 9y 355d 8h 20m 33s
<<What kind of digimon rp?>>
  Evyn / ImnIslandGirl / 9y 355d 8h 34m 57s

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