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tristan though for a minute. "okay but try not to make it a big deal okay?." he handed him the box.

  Tristan / Solstice69 / 10y 84d 14h 27m 49s
Jake kissed him back, then looked at the present, "Ne..Ne...can I open it?? Pleeeeeeeeease?" He begged, looking up at im. Sticking his lower lip out a bit.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 84d 14h 29m 58s
Tristan leaned over the table to kiss him. "i know what you mean.." he just looked into his eyes, smiling. he set the small box on the table.
  Tristan / Solstice69 / 10y 84d 14h 31m 41s
Jake smiled at him, taking his free hand again, and lacing fingers with him. Once at the table he sat down and looked around. He smiled up at him, "Wonderful...Being here with you I mean."
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 84d 14h 33m 2s
Tristan smiled, "i love you more, babe." When he got there, he got out and walked over to jake and walked in the restaurant's door. They walked up to a man slightly older then them. "hi the Tristan party of two.." the man walked them over to a table away from everyone else.
  Tristan / Solstice69 / 10y 84d 14h 36m 5s
Jake laced his fingers with his, "I love you." He mumbled, looking at him, then out the window, watching as everything passed by. He hummed softly once they got there. He opend the door and got out, then closed the door and waited for the other to get out also.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 84d 14h 39m 17s
Tristan walked jake to the passenger side door and opened it and got him settled in. then he walked over and got in and started driving to Tokyo Hibachi. then he grabbed his hand and held it.
  Tristan / Solstice69 / 10y 84d 14h 41m 45s
Jake giggled softly, "Thats okay. I love the bow." He said, smiling up at him, closing the door behind them as they walked out and to the car.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 84d 14h 44m 22s
Tristan kissed his forehead, "well from what i remember you heart Tokyo Hibachi. and yeah.. they didn't have smaller bows." he started walking jake to his car.
  Tristan / Solstice69 / 10y 84d 14h 47m 35s
"What's my favorite place on earth?" Jake teased, looking up at him through his eye lashes a bit shyly. Then at the present. He giggled softly, "That's a big bow." He said, nodding, tilting his head to the side a bit, wondering what it was.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 84d 14h 50m 34s
Tristan smiled "well first i thought we would go to you favorite place one earth. then see a movie of your choosing and i'll give you this.." he pulled out a small box with a bow to big for it.
  Tristan / Solstice69 / 10y 84d 14h 53m 47s
Jake kissed back, his hands lightly gripping the back of his shirt, "Yes!" He said, noddind. He loved the boy. He was head over hills for him. He smiled up at him, pecking his nose lightly, "..I'm ready. What are we doing anyway?"
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 84d 14h 56m 27s
Tristan smiled and hugged him with one arm. "i missed you more, babe." he kissed him roughly but with passion. "so are you ready for our six month anniversary ?"
  Tristan / Solstice69 / 10y 84d 15h 58s
Jake stood up and walked to the door, then opend it, looking up at him, "Tristan!" He said, wrapping his arms around him tightly, "I missed you bunches!!" He said, kissing his cheek lightly.
  Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 84d 15h 3m 42s
Tristan looked at his watch*shit..* he ran to his '93 Camaro. he started his car and sped to Jake's house. "Damnit...i'm gonna be late again...." but just in time he pulled up. he hide something behind his back, then rung the door bell.
  Tristan / Solstice69 / 10y 84d 15h 5m 54s

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