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Cassandra Clare High School, located in New York. Inside, most people would say it probably felt like a penitentiary of some sort, but it was safe, and that's what really mattered. With new kids, soccer stars, bullies, coming out of the closet, and many other things that come with being a teen in high school, CCHS seems to be one of the places that everyone tries their best to be the same, or fit in among their peers.


1. Be somewhat literate? Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation. And no less than a paragraph in each post.
2. Real photos! No anime pictures, please.
3. No cybering! While romance is strongly encouraged, please take the steamy stuff elsewhere.
4. Drama, breakups, makeups, etc. Do it all. It's high school, and they're normal teenagers. Have fun with it.
5. I'm only accepting main characters into the RP at the moment. OC's may be accepted at a later point. :)
6. Post regularly! Don't ask to join and never post. Try for at least once a day, that way you don't get too lost. I may use a posting order, but that's up to all of you to vote for.


Love Interest?:
Short Bio:


Clary Fray

Name: Clary
Age: 17
Love Interest?: Jace
Short Bio: Clary's a fairly normal girl, artistic and generally fun to be around once she get's used to you. Every now and then she has her wise cracks and jokes, it was something her mother did every now and then. She doesn't know her father, her mother left him when she was really young and whenever Clary asks about him, her mother just says he was a bad man.

Jace Wayland


Isabelle Lightwood

[ The bio is coming! ]

Alec Lightwood

[ The bio is coming! ]

Magnus Bane


Sebastian Verlac


Note* The title and slight plot is from a story on . Credit for it goes to ariviand.

Also... please let me know if I'm missing a character. Or if there's another main you'd like to be. Just fill out the skeleton and let me know. I'll add it. ^_^

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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