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Going to the seller, she paid quickly and went to the glass box holding her new toy. "Shut up." She commanded him, eyes burning with power. He had a feeling his time with her would be unpleasant if he disobeyed. The seller stepped up, letting him out of the box but not the chains, and attaching a leather collar to his neck. Carissa reached up, snagging the collar and forcing his head down to be on eye level with her. "You're coming with me now." Her eyes were mesmerizing. "If you fight you'll be punished." She began to pull him through the crowd.
  Carissa / Gemm / 9y 174d 14h 30m 3s
Jace leaned against the glass hoping he'd heard correctly. The woman was beautiful, that was for sure, but he wouldn't give up the chance to gain his freedom by killing her. He pushed his hands up again st the case hoping to rock it before he gave up, instead grabbing as chain, trying once more to brek it. "O come on, for a bunch of sex starved bitches you sure now how to forge a chain. He said aloud mknowing his insult was audible even through the glass.
  Jace / JaceRapheal / 9y 174d 14h 36m 18s
"500 thousand!" Carissa called out to the seller, a dainty, pretty hand raising in the air. She liked the look of this slave; he was well-muscled, and tattooed. He looked rebellious as well, and she loved a challenge. She looked around the crowd, as if daring anyone to object.
  Carissa / Gemm / 9y 174d 14h 43m 38s
Jace didn't let his eyes wander from their current position, which was on the back of his old masters head. O how he wished he'd killed her when he had the chance, and even if he'd only had his freedom for a few days he would have been glad. He touched his hair and then jerked at one of the chains holding his to his glass display box, hoping to topple it or something of the sort. But it seemed that wouldn't be happening anytime soon despite his fit body.
  Jace / JaceRapheal / 9y 174d 14h 50m 19s
I think so.
  Jace / JaceRapheal / 9y 174d 14h 54m 59s
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You can post now right?
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Didn't you just do that?
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Do you know how to make this private?
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Carissa strolled down the lane of the underground market, her features masked by a long coat and hood. Her green-grey eyes flicked about, looking for a specific type of male for sale. Most of the men here were either too young or too scrawny. Slavers were hawking off men at display stands on either side of the row, and then she saw him, standing half-naked, his chest exposed, on one of the displays. SHe paced over slowly to hear the bidding.
  Carissa / Gemm / 9y 174d 15h 2s
Message me anytime anybody, details roleplay waiting.
  Jace / JaceRapheal / 9y 174d 16h 38m 58s

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