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<Hours later>
Toshi's unconscious from was leaned up against a tree, it was clearly visible that he had lost the previous fight horribly. While it had caused enough pain to knock him unconscious, the man who caused this damage made sure to avoid permanently impairing the young man. Even with wounds covering most of his body, his eyes were untouched, and not a single bone broken.

"Having reminded him of that event so long ago, he will work towards improving his abilities once again, I will not let such quality material go to waste." Ryoichi thought to himself as he led Hitomi into the central building of the Sound village. "So it appears that you two are my only troops to have made it through unharmed." Orochimaru commented with a vicious grin. "Orochimaru-sama!" Hitomi screamed as she ran to her favorite person. "How about we go and get you something to eat, you must be worn out from today." Orochimaru stated as he created a shadow clone that led Hitomi farther into his lair. "Now that you have what you wanted, I will be taking my leave from your employ." Ryoichi said calmly, unafraid of the powerful man in front of him.

"Do you really think I would let such a powerful minion leave the Sound unharmed?" Orochimaru asked as he used shunshin to get behind Ryoichi. "You should realize by now that I'm not who you think I am." Ryoichi replied with a smirk, as Orochimaru's eyes widened in slight fear. "I can't see your chakra system at all, what blocks my byakusharingan?" Orochimaru questioned, knowing that his doujutsu was supposed to be the second strongest possible. "To put it simply Orochimaru-kun, my kekkei genkai is the strongest in this room." Ryoichi explained as he revealed his pure black eyes. "Now either let me leave peacefully, or I will show you just how weak you are in comparison to me." Ryoichi stated calmly.

Hayate was kneeling in the middle of the road with both of his hands up, hoping that his help during the war would help clean his record some. "I want to be able to see my children again, and I helped give Toshi the opening to go and rescue Hitomi from that traitor Ryoichi." Hayate thought to himself, knowing that he had at least helped protect his children for a day.

Shindo sat in the tunnels with Samehada standing guard over him. "I hope that everybody is okay." Shindo thought to himself, still scared from the incident with Tsurugi.

<Travel Group>
Sasuke groaned as he sat up, letting out a sigh as he realized they failed their mission. "Damn that traitor." Sasuke stated as he stood up. "Wake up Neji!" Sasuke yelled as he kicked his friend to wake him up. "What happened?" Neji questioned as he rose to his feet, unsure of whether Sasuke managed to restrain the enemies or not. "We lost, we have to get back to the village before anything worse happens." Sasuke replied.
  Toshi Uchiha / tesla / 8y 188d 12h 35m 35s
Toshi made sure to keep his calm in this fight, knowing that if he let his anger over take him he wouldn't survive. Haru however continued to dodge all of Toshi's attacks, while still dropping the lesser Leaf ninja whenever one crossed his path. "Come on, are you really just going to pursue me relentlessly?" Haru questioned with a raised eyebrow as he planned his counterattack. "I won't just let you kill these innocent people." Toshi responded, as he made sure to keep his anger under control. The Uchiha took in a calm breath as he managed to graze his opponent, knowing that it would at least slow down Haru's movements for the rest of the fight.

"With that wound he won't be moving as fast, so I can easily take him down without any real issues." Toshi thought to himself as he stayed on the offensive, each slash aimed at a lethal point to finish the fight as soon as possible. "If I can't counter his offensive abilities, I won't be able to get past this fight." Haru pondered to himself, as he just barely managed to keep from being cut in half. Haru took in a deep breath before performing several hand seals, while he continued sealing several earth spikes popped up in an attempt to pierce through Toshi. "Once you're dead and gone, I'll be taking on your leader, I promise not a single Sound soldier will make it back alive." Toshi stated as he managed to land a solid blow, that forced Haru to vanish from the Leaf village.

"Considering just how pathetic a display the average Leaf ninja has proven to be, I have to doubt your statement." Karura replied as she prepared to seal the rasengan as soon as he attacked with it. "You may very well be the hokage, but even you aren't a match for me." Karura commented, knowing to make use of his emotional stances.

Hitomi's eyes flickered open long enough to realize she wasn't in the hospital anymore. "Why are we in a tunnel?" Hitomi asked as she noticed her mother nearby.

<South East>
Shindo took in a deep breath as he just barely avoided the powerful stomp that Tsurugi unleashed with the intent to kill the young Uchiha. "You've squirmed long enough kid, I think it's time I just mercy kill you." Tsurugi laughed as he swung the Samehada down with tremendous force. "You will not harm my child anymore." Hayate stated as he unleashed a tremendous powerful kick to Tsurugi's chest, effortless breaking multiple ribs as the Samehada fell to the ground. "H-Hayate-sama, I-I was just-" Tsurugi tried to backpedal but was thrown aside by another powerful kick anyway. "Samehada, give the chakra you've stolen from Tsurugi to Shindo and make sure to guard him, I'll be taking on this pathetic sack of shit." Hayate commanded calmly as he stepped forward to where Tsurugi landed.

"You should have remembered who gave you Samehada, it is far more interested in the weasel and I." Hayate explained as he launched Tsurugi into the air with another strong kick. "However the thing you should have remembered the most, is that I was the leader of the Sound Five." Hayate added as he kicked Tsurugi hard in the side, only to have the giant vanish from a seal made by Orochimaru. "While he will most likely survive, he'll remember what I just did." Hayate thought to himself before turning his attention to his relatively wounded son. "Samehada, take some of the weasel chakra, just make sure to give half back to Shindo, you're going to have to make sure that he survives his first ninja mission." Hayate stated calmly, hoping that his son was alright. "Who are you?" Shindo asked, as the Samehada filled him with rejuvenating chakra.
  Toshi Uchiha / tesla / 8y 229d 21h 5m 37s
Naruto formed the rasengan in his hand, hoping that if it was placed just right that it would do a Soni amount of damage. "Don't under estimate the power of our village. We have more capable ninja then the sound could ever hope to have."

Soni leaned her chin on her knees and looked over at ther daughter as she began to stir. Soni grabbed Hitomi's small han din her own so she wouldn't feel alone when she woke up in a strange place with semi-unfamiliar faces.
  Mai Uzumaki / MercyDawn / 8y 230d 10h 27m 33s
"You won't be surviving this day you Sound scum!" Toshi stated as he cut down several Sound ninja on his way to Haru. "Say what you will child, but I'm pretty sure my side has a much stronger leader." Haru responded as he jumped back to avoid Toshi's powerful sword swings. "Raiton beats Doton, so long as I can land a blow I can guarantee it will do good damage against him." Toshi thought to himself as he continued forward.

"Oh wow, you just now managed to notice the fact that I'm easily the second most powerful ninja in this village." Karura replied with an eye roll as she readied to fight against the powerful hokage. "No matter how tough he thinks he is, my fuuinjutsu have only been beaten by two people so far, and I will not let him become the third." Karura thought to herself as she readied multiple cursed sealing techniques to weaken her opponent.

<Shindo & Tsurugi>
"I've been training to be a ninja forever, but I didn't think it would be like this!" Shindo thought to himself as he managed to negate his fear and try to avoid the attacks of the tremendously powerful Tsurugi. "Wah ha ha, it is such a simple game you're playing, I'll just rip you right in two!" Tsurugi bellowed as he swung his sword down, managing to shave off a bit of skin from Shindo's back as he tried to somersault away. "Ah!" Shindo screamed as his terror grew, while his body was trying to adapt to react to Tsurugi, his power was far too great for the young Uchiha to handle.
  Toshi Uchiha / Tesla / 8y 230d 13h 20m 26s
"What do you mean you can't find him! He's a four year old boy he couldn't of gotten too far," Ino shouted at one of the ninjas who were put in charge of watching the children. "Grandma Shindo went for a walk. He didn't like being around the people," Minato said pointing in the direction. His brother had walked off in. "You best hope my daughter doesn't find out you lost her son or you'll be eating your own nuts," Ino said before she went rushing off in search for her grandson.

Naruto noticed an area were the ninja were dropping dramatically and saw a sound nin at the center of it all. "Found you," he said as dropped the nin he was currently in battle with and went to engage the primary enemy threat.
  Mai Uzumaki / MercyDawn / 8y 230d 13h 28m 13s
Toshi took in a deep breath as he heard the orders, they were commanded to deal with the North Western troops for the time being. "It looks like this guy uses earth jutsu, it must be a lucky day for me then." Toshi thought to himself as electricity sparked around his body, the chidori nagashi yoroi drastically amplifying his combative prowess. "Continue to fight well men, we will not lose this day." Haru called out as he dropped a handful of Leaf ninja that approached him, as he prepared to fight with someone stronger.

Karura just grinned as she realized she hadn't been fully noticed yet, she took the time to knock out a few Leaf ninja with her deadly sealing abilities. With the Leaf ninja around her dropping like flies from her paralyzing fuuinjutsu and vicious kunai play, she was certain to draw a bit of attention to herself.

<Shindo & Tsurugi>
Shindo just barely managed to brace in time as Tsurugi kicked him into a building, deciding to play a bit with his prey first. "The Mist always did say I enjoyed torturing people a bit too much." Tsurugi stated with a twisted grin, as Shindo just barely managed to stand up to the demonic man. "But you know, so long as it's fun for me, I really just don't care about people." Tsurugi explained as he went in for another kick, only to have Shindo just barely manage to avoid it by pushing chakra through his feet to get away. "Hey, you're pretty good kid, now we just have to see how long you can keep it up." Tsurugi added with a hearty laugh.
  Toshi Uchiha / Tesla / 8y 230d 13h 38m 35s
Naruto made his way through the ninjas that came up against them and took them down easily. Trying to find the leader of this particular group so that his nin wouldn't have to be put up against them.

"I'm just worried about him Mai," Soni said sitting against the wall next to her sister. "Toshi is rash and let's his emotions rule his fighting. He has a strong hatred for sound and I'm just worried he'll get hurt. We have a family together and I can't do it on my own. Plus I have this nagging feeling that something bad is going to happen."
  Mai Uzumaki / MercyDawn / 8y 230d 13h 48m 38s
Toshi took in a deep breath as he spotted Orochimaru to the north, unsure of whether to follow through with meeting up with Choji, or to just charge ahead and try to take down the bastard snake himself. "You've been guided by your emotions far too often Toshi, you need to go meet up with Choji and listen to whatever command it is that he gives." Toshi thought to himself, as he ran to meet up with his commander for the battle.

"So it looks like I'll get to face the hokage himself, that is just so entertaining." Karura said as she unleashed her first seal to amplify her strength and speed in combat. The tall woman was dressed immaculately, but it was clear she had a great deal of experience and knew how to kill, considering she was leading the troops at the South West gate. "I guess it is time to see which one of us is the better ninja." Karura stated as she and her troops charged forward, fully intending to just decimate the Leaf ninjas in front of her.

<Shindo & Tsurugi>
Shindo took in a deep breath as he stepped out into a mostly empty road, only to see several Konoha ninjas shredded to pieces by Tsurugi and his razored sword. "Heh heh, this must be my lucky day, you're one of the Uchiha brats." Tsurugi stated as he stepped forward, letting his men deal with the rest of the Konoha ninja guarding this area. "Uh, h-how d-did you know t-that I'm an Uchiha?" Shindo questioned completely terrified of the man in front of him, but unable to move a single inch away. Tsurugi just licked his sharpened teeth as he continued a steady approach, the sword known as Samehada held in his right hand, and more than ready to shred through any enemy who dared to oppose him. "Orochimaru-sama would probably tell me to capture you too, but you know what I've been wanting to kill that little prodigious bitch for far too long, and you look close enough that you'll make a good stand in for her." Tsurugi explained as he readied the Samehada.

Both Kenta and Haru just readied their troops and charged directly into the village, intending to stampede over the forces defending the Leaf. While Orochimaru summoned his Orochi to lead the fight, using it to decimate the buildings and troops guarding the North gate.
  Toshi Uchiha / Tesla / 8y 230d 14h 2m 25s
Naruto took his position on the south west gate, preparing for whatever the Sound brought today. 'They've come to tear my family apart again but I won't let that happen. Not when my baby just got her baby back. There's no way in hell.' Naruto thought as he rushed out to meet the sound nin for battle.

Soni paced the small room that her and Mai were in with Hitomi. She couldn't stand still, not with her husband and parents out there fighting to keep her daughter safe. She should be out there helping them, not sitting in some room twiddling her thumbs. "Soni relax," Mai said as she watched over Hitomi. "This will be over sooner then you think."
  Mai Uzumaki / MercyDawn / 8y 230d 14h 19m 1s
"Of course Naruto-sama, we'll get there as fast as we can." Toshi replied. With that he was off to meet up with Choji, wondering over just what level of force the Sound was intending to bring to this battle. "Considering the power of the Leaf, he would have to bring a rather large army to even think of challenging us." Toshi thought to himself, secretly hoping that Orochimaru didn't have that much pull.

"It is time to overwhelm the Sound men, we take back what ours today." Orochimaru called before transporting the forces to just outside the Leaf, not wanting to fall into a poor flanking situation. The plan was to create all out destruction, and with Orochimaru leading the main front it wouldn't be a difficult task. Especially with Kenta attacking from the North East, Haru attacking from the North West, Karura attacking from the South West, and Tsurugi attacking from the South East. Each of the tremendously powerful ninja led an army numbering almost a hundred, and with the blitzkrieg tactics they would most likely walk all over the Leaf. "All out war!" Kenta boomed as electricity covered his body, drastically amplifying the power of his potent muscles. "Don't forget our primary goal men!" Haru commanded as his skin took on a darker color, using earth chakra to dramatically amplify his muscles.

"Hey, there is a door." Shindo said as he exited through one of the less known tunnels into the city. "Maybe this way I'll know what's going on." Shindo thought to himself as he looked around the alley.

<Hayate & Ryoichi>
"It looks like we are going to be a bit late to the fight, but at least we'll be able to do something." Ryoichi stated as the two sprinted towards Tsurugi's group. "They have quite a bit of distance on us, but I guarantee that they won't get Hitomi back." Hayate said, his adrenaline pumping to protect his children.
  Toshi Uchiha / Tesla / 8y 230d 14h 37m 38s
Naruto looked away from the plans that him and Shikamaru were laying out when Toshi spoke to him. "Toshi I want you and Bishamon up at the front lines. I want to keep them from getting as far into the village as possible which means placing a majority of our strongest nin on the front line to block them," Naruto said pointing to a spot on one of the maps. "Choji is up there and you'll be reporting to him Toshi. Bishamon I want you to go down to this entrance and report to Kiba."
  Mai Uzumaki / MercyDawn / 8y 230d 14h 56m 35s
Toshi took in a deep breath as they approached, wondering where Naruto would most likely place them. "Naruto-sama, did you happen to have a specific place you wanted us to be at?" Toshi questioned, hoping to hear that he would be ordered to hunt Orochimaru down once he entered the village.

"All the troops are ready sir." Haru stated with a villainous smirk. Orochimaru just grinned as he led the troops to their optimal starting point. "All of you should be prepared to end at least one life today, make sure that it is one of them." Orochimaru commanded, as he prepared to bring his troops into the Leaf.
  Toshi Uchiha / Tesla / 8y 231d 4h 6m 52s
Naruto made his way around the village, overseeing the preperations for the upcoming fight against sound. He was highly satisfied when he saw that nearlyy all the civilians were already to safety. 'I can't garentee the life of my shinobis when it comes to battle but at least I can sleep easy knowing that I did everything that I could to protect the civilian population.'
  Mai Uzumaki / MercyDawn / 8y 231d 4h 12m 54s
"Alright then, sounds like a good plan Bishamon." Toshi said, somewhat happy knowing he would be fighting alongside such a strong person. "We just need to hope that with so much of our power out of the village, that we'll still be able to handle this fight." Toshi pondered to himself. "The last time we truly fought with the Sound, it was a tremendously difficult victory, and we almost lost too many people that day, it has to be different today." Toshi thought to himself, gearing up for the fight ahead. With all that in mind he continued the walk to Naruto, intending to ask to deal with Orochimaru personally.
  Toshi Uchiha / Tesla / 8y 231d 4h 20m 19s
"No I need to be up at front. Protecting my daughter and the rest of the Leaf. We can't let anyone else get killed," Hayate said as he grabbed his ninja gear that he kept next to the door. He frowned when he saw that Kisa had forgotten her sword and picked it up and strapped it on as well. "Okay I'm ready let's go," he said closing and locking the door to his family home.
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