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Eden Academy, a school located in Bodhum and named after the capital city of Cocoon. Like most high schools, there's drama, parties, romance, breakups, drugs, arrests, spring break, etc. Follow ten teens on their journey through adolescents.

[ Okay. I admit. This sucks big time at the moment. But I actually had a whole plot down, then my computer died, and it erased. D; Join anyway? It'll develop more as the rp moves along. ^^' ]


1. Use the pictures from the game type thing? Unless you guys want to use cosplay pictures .
2. Post regularly! Don't ask to join and never post. Try for at least once a day, that way you don't get too lost. I may use a posting order, but that's up to all of you to vote for.
3. Be literate. Or at least semi. Use proper grammar and punctuation, and don't use chatspeak. Try your best to post at the very least, one paragraph. I'd like for two, but it's not always possible. Just make sure you give the person you're interacting with something to work with for their post!
4. No cybering! While romance is encouraged, take the steamy stuff elsewhere, please and thank you. Be considerate towards others!
5. Drama, breakups, makeups, etc. Do it all. It's high school, and they're normal teenagers. Have fun with it.
6. Post your character's age, name, and potential love interest when you ask to join. That lets me know that you've read the rules and whatnot.
7. Rules and plot are subject to change . Please feel free to give me some suggestions towards what I can do to make this RP better, and more clear for the plot line. :)
8. I'm only accepting main characters into the RP at the moment. OC's may be accepted at a later point. :)
9. Yaoi and Yuri are both accepted for pairings, as well as Het. No homophobia here ^_^

*Note: I'm making Serah 16, because of keeping the age difference between herself and Snow. The ages will be altered slightly with all characters, and you can choose them to your will. Also, Sazh Katzroy will be a teacher at their school. He can be controlled by anyone who needs him at the moment. :)

Characters !

Serah Farron, 16 - Taken
Lightning (Claire) Farron, 18 - Taken
Snow Villiers, - Open
Oerba Dia Vanille, - Open
Oerba Yun Fang, - Open
Hope Esteim, - Open
Lebreau, - Open
Gadot, - Open
Maqui, - Open
Yuj, 18 - Taken

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Um. I'm not sure yet. We need more people to join first. ^_^
  Serah Farron / serahfarron / 10y 86d 1h 12m 17s
okay thanks just tell me when the rp is gonna start please!
  lightning-farron / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 86d 1h 13m 2s
No, your picture is perfectly fine. :)
  Serah Farron / serahfarron / 10y 86d 1h 14m 1s
yeah im fine with that..is my pic fine or do i have to change it?
  lightning-farron / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 86d 1h 18m 12s
Sure you can. ^_^

Thanks for joining!

Out of curiosity though, do you think you could possibly be 18? That way there's still kind of a space between Serah and Lightning's ages?
  Serah Farron / serahfarron / 10y 86d 1h 20m 21s
please can i join as lightning..age:17?..potential love intrest:none at the moment
  lightning-farron / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 86d 1h 24m 26s
The plot is horrible at the moment. I apologize. D:

Anyone interested, anyway? ^_^
  Serah Farron / serahfarron / 10y 86d 5h 12m 30s

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