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I don't mind what we do - I'm just really bored right now. I can play either a guy or a girl though, and I'll do yuri, yaoi or het. I enjoy modern fantasy but really I'll do anything. :) I prefer having a plot of some kind, though, even if it's just the bare bones of one.

Fandoms I'll roleplay - Silent Hill, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Battle Royale, John Dies At The End, Zelda.

I'm semi-literate/literate, although I'll try and match your posts no matter what level you are.

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[[are you online?]]
  Caden / lovemeforme / 8y 322d 5m 36s
Alright well I guess that's okay, then.
  Andrew Varian / whiteflag / 8y 323d 3h 22m 41s
oh.. you won't I only go by uke/seme when describing like.. masc/ fem. that is all I meant.. like.. I want my charrie to be all blushy girly..
  Caden / lovemeforme / 8y 323d 3h 24m 9s
Well no, but I don't really like the whole uke/seme mechanic. Like I don't mind it, as long as my characters not going to have to be initiating absolutely everything.
  Andrew Varian / whiteflag / 8y 323d 3h 25m 8s
mmkay.. here's Caden.. he's an uke.. you don't mind playing seme.. do you?
  Caden / lovemeforme / 8y 323d 3h 26m 28s
okay cool... I'll try to be on later. :3
  Iz ME! / lovemeforme / 8y 323d 3h 29m 33s
Sure, whenever you're ready!
  Andrew Varian / whiteflag / 8y 323d 3h 30m 31s
I am the same way... can we start later.. I have to go for now.. and I can try to get back on later.. :3
  Iz ME! / lovemeforme / 8y 323d 3h 31m 22s
lol well you know, just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't write guy characters.
And sure, that sounds fine. :)
  Andrew Varian / whiteflag / 8y 323d 3h 33m 17s
a girl that plays guys and girls. we could get along. hehe. since we are both girls.. do you wanna try a yaoi.. then we could both play opposite roles. lol
  Iz ME! / lovemeforme / 8y 323d 3h 37m 10s
I'm a girl.
  Andrew Varian / whiteflag / 8y 323d 3h 39m 22s
so.. are you a girl or a guy?
  Iz ME! / lovemeforme / 8y 323d 3h 40m 44s

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