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In the large city of Alexandria Fifth, a disturbance is now occurring. Some say within the city the demons are tricking loved ones into their unfortunate death. Saying so, No one inside the city has been to the castles unless invited. Normally, when they arrive at the home of the demons, they do not return home. The city's people are starting to get suspicious and accusative, until one of the missing persons show up. Theres only one problem though- he's different.

That doesn't help much, as there is a deep racial conflict and a war for claim over The Great Forest surrounding the castles. And as if it couldn't get any worse, the humans are beginning to plot against the demons to overrun the royals of Castle Hellfire. Are the demons guilty or are the humans framing them in revenge for their costly mistakes in the past?


This takes place in a giant city, with just about everything and anything inside its gates. An ancient, silver clock tower is in the center of the city. Four castles for certain races are built on each of the four corners of the city. The demon's castle, Castle Hellfire, is parallel to the human's, Middte. The castle parallel to Middte , Seeker, is abandoned and usually occupied by bandits or unknown creatures. Parallel to Hellfire and Seeker are The Heavens, belonging to the holy angels and all those whom are pure. Alexandria Fifth is broken up into four districts, all accordingly placed with the castles. Those that do not live in the castles live in the districts. The Seeker district is unlawful, lethal, and filled with peasants. The trash of the magnificent city roams free in the streets of Seeker. Because the city is so magnificently huge, it takes around an hour or two to walk to each castle. 30 minutes to each district and half the amount of time for both castle and district on horseback. The Great Forest surrounds the castle for at least 367 miles in all directions. It would take around a week to get out of the forest on horseback, which only leads to a dune desert going West, the ocean East, ruins of an angelic and demonic castle South , and the North remains unexplored due to dragons in the mountains. There are only two exits in Alexandria Fifth, the South and the North gate. This is perfect for guarding the city if it was attacked, however, it is also a major flaw in the structure if a dragon was to attack or a fire was to spread.


Regular E.S rules. If you don't know what those are, just ask..
Romance, Violence and Cursing is highly encouraged. Just remember we are in medieval times.
Full out cybering in the roleplay is not encouraged, its better off a time skip or PM.
No text chat in RP please. OOC is fine as long as everyone can read it.
No one liners. 2-3 sentences on writers block minimum, otherwise its a paragraph
You will not be kicked out for the sentences.
However, you will be kicked out if you do not post without notice within 1 week.
Ask the character's creator before you kill that character.
Since this is a fantasy roleplay, you may have powers. Don't godmod or just hang your character just off the edge of godmodding.
Please stick with your race and its abilities. For example, if you were human you can absolutely not turn into some random X-men figure unless there is a reasonable explanation. However, you may do psychic things.
Stay on track with the timeline please. Since it is the medieval age, I don't want you carrying around guns and rocket launchers. Your picture doesn't have to fit the timeline.
I don't care what kind of pictures you have.
Please use grammar. If your grammar is bad, at least make it so someone can translate it.
Be as creative as possible and have fun :)
Please no insane hybrids. No more than two combined races is allowed UNLESS you explain what went on in your family tree o.o
This is not an overly strict roleplay, I won't go ape-shit over small things.

More rules will be added if necessary.


This is a revived roleplay from the old Eliteskills site that I, myself, created. I have edited this for 2 hours straight.

Character Skeleton

Which castle/district:


Username: akito

Name: Avaskar
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Race: Purebred demon
Castle/district: Castle
Which castle/district: Castle Hellfire
Position/rank/class: Current ruler of the demons

Username: Vaminoptra

Name: Fang
Gender: female
Age: 17
Race: angel
Abilities: speed, agility, stealth, heavenly powers and a bit of dark power.
Castle/district: Castle
Which castle/district: The Heavens
Position/rank/class: Current ruler of angels


Race:1/2 demon 1/2 rabbit
Abilities:can fly and controls electricity
Which castle/district:castle hellfire
Biography:pretty unknown

username: oilsoaked

Name: Rayont Tiaol'i
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Race: 1/2 demon, 1/2 human
Abilities: Commune with animals, thievery, stealth, some dark magic and a POWERFUL charisma.
Castle/district: "castle"
Which castle/district: Seeker
Biography: Rayont was the result of quite the torrent affair. His father was a lower classed demon, and his mother a noblewoman. A product of rape, and the fifth child his mother bore, there wasn't ever much of a chance for him. He was different. He looked different. He did not match, and he was made unwelcome. Despite the love his mother had shown him, his human father never considered him part of the family. His towheaded, human siblings were not comparable to his adeptness and his agility, creating intense sibling rivalry. Where he was always the smallest, he was the brightest--but undoubtedly the favorite.
It wasn't until his early teens, when his proficiency for magic began to evolve, that he was cast out of the family by his father. An accident leaving his eldest brother comatose tore the family in half. It was at this point that he crept out into the forest, to the darkness.

Position/rank/class: Self-proclaimed leader and weight thrower.
Etc.: Deviously charming, fast talking. Has a large raven name Mordecai. Ruthless, cold and a womanizer.

Username: Tesana
Name: Tesabella Torino
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Race: Half Elf, Half Human
Abilities: Some elementalism known to go haywire when she's being lazy, enhanced speed and sight due to her bloodline, skills in thievery and stealth, "word twisting."
Castle/district: Castle
Which castle/district: Seeker
Biography(Optional): Rejected at the age of ten from an otherwise loving family for being stronger than they, not to mention her ability with words.
Position/rank/class: Thief, Performer
Etc.(Optional): Seductive only with an ulterior motive, known to walk with a kitten following closely. Skilled in small bladed weaponry.

Username: distortified

Name: Draemir of Many-Lies
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Fairy/Ferret
Abilities: Illusion magic, invisibility, weightlessness, heightened flexibility, reflexes, and speed.
Castle/district: Castle
Which castle/district: Seeker
Biography: It was under a strange moon that the fairy Astyr took on the dress of a mustelid and set upon the world in search of mischief. Wandering into the Great Forest, she instead found a kindred spirit in an actual polecat--a swift and tricky hob that took her in a rabbit hole. The meeting was a bizarre one, and blessed by every God of mischief that ever was: from Loki to Coyote. Some time later, a monster was born.

At first sight, Draemir was like any fairy baby: his mother's blue skin and indigo hair, with a graceful body that would someday dance like the best of them... but all the specifics held warning-signs. Eyes the bright yellow of a wasp's stripe, and triangular fangs like a shark; talons at the end of each finger, and his father's ears. Though it hurt her to do so, she cast the child into the woods that spawned him, and pushed the whole thing from her mind.

Draemir survived well enough, though, raised by foxes and ferrets, ravens and spiders. He was discovered by Rayont on one of the gypsy-king's excursions out, who immediately spotted him as a potential asset, as well as another outcast. Since that day, he has been the indentured servant of the king, always within ear-shot unless he's set to specific business by his lord.
Position/rank/class: Court Fool
Etc.: Devious to the core, and fiercely loyal to Rayont, who has been the only one to accept him, despite the ruler's abuse. He's quite fond of using his illusions to toy with anyone that amuses/annoys him, or to obscure himself from sight while following his master.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

She heard of a fire. She looked to her seekers. "Find.... And stop them" she muttered in an evil tone, a tone that shook them. She sighed as she let them depart, ehr eyes seeking a horizen- full of her soldiers, staring as she looked upon them. "Almost time..." she said. "Almost... time..."
  Fang / vaminoptra / 10y 35d 9h 41s
" Well, thats absolutely marvelous, " she commented about her rejuvenated castle. Perhaps The Heavens wouldn't attack, and she'd be able to keep her share of Alexandria Fifth out of an intruder's path. " What a beautiful castle I inherited... now only if that forest wasn't in my way. Possibly, I wouldn't burn it, " she thought aloud. I would surely give up my district for the forest. " Oh, where is this coming from? My thoughts of envy? GUARDS! BURN THE LOVELY FOREST! Don't let the fire get out of hand! " Avaskar screamed at the top of her lungs. Minutes later the stone guardians of her castle ran into the forest.
  Avaskar / akito / 10y 37d 4h 57m 4s
While Mordecai perched proudly atop the gypsy-king's shoulder, Rayont's other servant lurked in the shadows, enshrouded in illusions and hidden from sight. Though invisible to the naked eye, most of the inhabitants of the court knew that he wasn't too far. He never was.

He listened quietly, allowing Sid to say what he needed, and turned the information over in his devious little head. There was so much chaos abound with the other kingdoms, and he knew as well as his master that chaos equated to opportunity.

While the serving boy scampered off, Draemir cartwheeled into existence before his lord, brandishing a non-existent top-hat with a great flourish. He reached one long, slender hand into the hat and pulled hard "TADA!!" he cried, producing a rabbit's head.

"Eh?" he flinched, shoved the head back into the hat. A bright apologetic grin appeared upon his face, those enormous triangular fangs glittering in the torch light. "Still haven't got that one down," he tittered, sidling up by Rayont's throne.

"Interesting news that rat brings. Have you business for me, my lord?"
  Draemir of Many-Lies / distortified / 10y 37d 5h 30m 3s
The castle was in general disrepair and abandoned, if not for the miscreants that roamed its dark shadows. Time had been a cruel mistress, tumbling once proud stone walls of the Seeker palace. Skittering sounds and the soft hemming and hawing of whatever lurked in darkness echoed amongst the cold walls, the dangers distorted amongst the rubble and blood.

It was amongst these unwelcoming walls that Rayont Tiaol'i, cutthroat and gypsy king, made his home as ruler of this kingdom. Though self-proclaimed ruler, Rayont was feared by most and amongst such a lawless kingdom, the strongest and most vile led by default.

In the backmost section of the dilapidated castle was nearly a city of its own, filled with gypsies, bandits, pirates and brigands that followed the strongest dog for fear of their own lives. It was a mixture of havoc and eerie beauty covered with the bold, dirty colors of gypsy decor. Caravans with torches and stolen glitter and gleam filled the halls along with the sounds of music and hand percussion instruments.

Rayont sat on a broken throne of metal and stone, musing over his kingdom, his large raven, Mordecai perched on the rough leather spaulders adorning his shoulders. Hunched, cold eyes regarded the women dancing before him, swathed in torn silks and tattered satin. Their dirty feet pattered against the stone as the wailing of their gypsy comrades banged out a tribal tune, a mixture of percussion and strings.

Though the Seeker kingdom was largely disorganized and lacking order, news still spread quickly along the seedy underbelly of this world. Rats always kept abreast of current events. With his fingers in every pie, Rayont largely knew what was happening, who was indebted to who, whose family spilled what blood, etc. A particularly greasy rat by the name of Sid had whispered the news of the battles between Castle Hellfire and The Heavens.

The corners of his mouth curled in amusement, eyebrows raised, as he sunk further into his seat. He scratched beneath Mordecai's chin, pondering the war. This could prove very useful to the bandit realm.

"Alistair, bring me wine." his voice was smooth and deep, cutting through the music. "I've scheming to do."
  Rayont Tiaol'i / oilsoaked / 10y 37d 6h 50m 52s
She sighed as she stared at all her soldiers. All were ready for battle, waiting her command. SHe kept them there, watching from her fountain the things, anticipating her movements.
  Fang / vaminoptra / 10y 40d 1h 44m 2s
Suddenly Avaskar was distracted by an elderly human that had crossed her path and fallen. The human looked into her eyes. " What do you wish of me, mortal? " She hissed. " Mercy.. , " the old woman whispered. " Speak up! I am in quite a foul mood this afternoon, and I do NOT wish to be confronted by a poor beggar woman who is clearly not royalty or a citizen of my district! " She yelled out. The street seemed to have frozen, as beggars ceased their begging and shepherds stared at her. When Avaskar noticed the woman had not answered her, she picked her up and grabbed her by the throat quite roughly. " My victim, the only victim. Elderly woman be it so, my share of the kingdom must live on in the blood of the innocent! " She dragged the old woman behind her as she journeyed through the streets of The Heavens back to her castle. No one would stop her from sacrificing this lady.

Within an hour Avaskar arrived at her castle. The glass of Castle Hellfire was white, with only small, unnoticeable dots of black. The elderly woman began to choke. She let her go, only to hear the skull of her victim crack on the glass. The lady screamed, and that was when Avaskar made her move. She couldn't stand it. All of the filth of Alexandria Fifth. Why not capture the Great Forest? Possibly if she owned such a great amount of land she would forever leave the districts. Abruptly, she kicked and then stepped on the elderly's face, breaking most of the bones and killing her.

Avaskar watched her magnificent glass castle become a bloody red as the first drop of evidence of her murder touched the glass ground. As soon as one of the knights took notice of this event, he stood on the balcony and blew the demonic horn of rebirth.
  Avaskar / akito / 10y 40d 22h 20m 7s
" In case the angels try anything to ruin our beautiful glass palace, prepare for battle. That is all. " With her final words, Avaskar walked off into Alexandria Fifth in search of entertainment. Once again she trespassed into The Heavens, pushing away the beggars and kicking the sickly children and animals.
  Avaskar / akito / 10y 43d 5h 51m 15s
She looked about as she walked to her balcony. "Super..." she yelled. yes, my lady he asked. "What it the total?" she asked. He smiled. Beyond count, my lady She smiled. "Perfect" she smiled.
  Fang / vaminoptra / 10y 43d 22h 9m 16s
arya wiped her eyes."i dont even belong here"she cried silently.a few demons sneered and glared at her for crying and plan out looking different."and i have to near all the mean ones"she thought sadly.he rabbit ears flattened against her head.it was almost like they disapeared...
  arya(demon commander) / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 43d 22h 11m 59s
Avaskar nearly fell asleep. It wasn't like her, to ever go to sleep. She stood up and walked to the front of the castle when she heard the news of everyone kidnapped had arrived. " Joy to me, this is everyone? There seems to be quite a lot of protesters.. force them to join us.. eventually they will be released. How many soldiers are there now, Gravel? " She said. " One off of eight thousand. " He answered. " Damn. Still outnumbered. The Seekers shouldn't have many people, it looks like you all gathered thieves. Lock the new recruits in the dungeon and release them if battle is to commence. I don't doubt Fang will attack. I want everyone except select guards in the castle at once. "
  Avaskar / akito / 10y 43d 22h 20m 18s
arya floated into the demon castle pulling a deer with her.it was hard work for a small person like herself.a demon soldier ran by her and then stopped coming back."all soldiers need to report to the front of the castle he commanded."wait but im"she protested but was dragged away anyways.she stood in the few lines of maybe 500 soldiers.she stuck out like a sore thumb...
  arya(demon commander) / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 43d 22h 37m 1s
She walked throught a crowd of angels, her supervisor counting. "How many?" she asked. Over tenthousand, my lady :good... keep adding. We need to keep her in her place" She said as she walked throught yo her chamber.
  Fang / vaminoptra / 10y 43d 22h 41m 49s
After a load of work around the castle and pampering the stallion fiends, all inhabitants of the castle were gathered outside. The knights were in a long line, the guards were positioned next to Avaskar and Azazel was admiring the glass castle. " WHY IS THERE ONLY FIVE HUNDRED SOLDIERS?! " She screamed. Gravel, whom was in charge of Azazel at all times from now on, spoke. " My lady, do you not recall? Two years ago there was a conflict in The Heavens. You were.. consuming the residents in public and therefore the law of trespassing into a district you do not own was enforced. We lost all of the lower class demons. "

It took Avaskar a moment to process what her servant had said. " Thank you, Gravel. I do recall such a thing occurring. Well then. That changes plans. I want all soldiers to ride throughout all three districts other than The Heavens. Ride only the toughest stallions. Recruit anything but humans, men only... you know the rules. Anyone who rejects that is not a demon will be brought back to the castle by force, as well as anyone who attacks you. "

The soldiers mounted their horses and rode off at once. Guards returned to their places in and outside of the castle. Avaskar walked back into the castle and immediately sat on her throne. " Why does everything I do have to be so tiring? " She asked herself.
  Avaskar / akito / 10y 43d 22h 53m 51s
She walked to the chanbers. "HERE ME ALL! I HAVE BEEN IN PAIN FOR A MOMENT OF DEATH OF CREATURES.... AVASKAR IS PLANNING TO TAKE OVER THE HUMAN PLANE" everyone gasped, knights jumped up into the air, making static, yelling and growling and cursing. "WE WILL STOP THEM LIKE WE HAVE FOR OVER A MILLINEUM!"
  Fang / vaminoptra / 10y 44d 1h 15m 15s
She began yelling. " Soldiers! Unite! I want you all stationed in your proper positions by the stables at once! Its time to keep the blood of innocence flowing! " Soldiers rushed about the castle by her commands. " Guards, awaken. Arrange the pieces of Ultair and guard every entrance of Castle Hellfire!" Statues in the throne hall began to move out of the castle and in different rooms. Her cheeks were flaming red with anger. Avaskar walked to the stables. She wanted her stallion fiend ridden by the messenger.
  Avaskar / akito / 10y 44d 1h 58m 22s

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