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In a small house lived a neko boy and his family. Almost everybody thinks the neko is a freak. Other than his lover that is, whom are madly in love. One day [YC] has to move, leaving the neko with a broken heart. Even though [YC] promised he'd come back. Years pass by. In those years neko's parents die. Neko doesn't want to go to a orphan house so he hides in the rotting house that now has mice and bugs, mold, and holes. When neko turns 16 a rich 17 year old boy was dared to spend the night in the house. When he meets the neko he feels sorry for him. So he brings the neko food and becomes his friend. Soon they fall in love. But one knock at the door sends everything down hill. Behind that door is [YC]..

I need a seke and seme. Or seme and Seme.....Whatever...I'M THE UKE! NOOOO MORE UKES!

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Can I join?
  Alan Carter / VenixB / 9y 334d 20h 38m 34s
Jesse had come back to the house and was in the room. He put the fish down, it was wrapped in paper. He took a blanket and put it over the neko boy so he wouldn't get any more sick.
  Jesse Caprani / kirokakishi / 10y 83d 23h 8m 57s
Keiichi, while the boy was gone, fell asleep. Once the boy came back though, he wasn't awake. He whimpered softly in his sleep, holding the picture close tohis chest tightly, mumbling his lovers name in his sleep.
  Keiichi Shimizu / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 84d 16h 28m 26s
Jesse smiled and walked out of the room. He made his way out of the house and went to get some food like promised.
  Jesse Caprani / KiroKakishi / 10y 84d 17h 43m 46s
Keiichi nodded, "..Th..Thank you..." He mumbled, looking at him, then curled up on his small blanket he had on the floor, which had a picture of his lover next to it. He closed his eyes, curling into a tight small ball.
  Keiichi Shimizu / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 84d 17h 50m 28s
Jesse opened the door "I'll find you some food and something to keep you warm.. okay?" he said still smiling friendly. He felt sorry for this neko boy.
  Jesse Caprani / KiroKakishi / 10y 84d 18h 3m 14s
Keiichi looked up at him slightly, "..I..I don't know.." He mumbled, lookin down, "..I..I'm sick..." He said, nodding, holding his hand up to so the small spot of blood he coughed up.
  Keiichi Shimizu / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 84d 18h 7m 25s
Jesse chuckled "okay then fish it is" he said. He noticed the neko boy was coughing a little "are you ill?" he asked concerned.
  Jesse Caprani / KiroKakishi / 10y 84d 18h 10m 48s
"U..Um..Fish! Please? I want fish.." Keiichi mumbled, as he ate. Once he was done he patted his tummy, "Done.." He mumbled, then looked up at him. He stood up again, then covered his mouth and coughed again.
  Keiichi Shimizu / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 84d 18h 14m 20s
Jesse smiled "No thank you I'm fine" he said as the neko offered a pocky. He then nodded "Yes i can, anything specific you would like?" he asked kindly.
  Jesse Caprani / KiroKakishi / 10y 84d 18h 16m 51s
Keiichi took them from his hands and sat on the ground then started to eat," T..Thank you!" He said, "uh..You want one, Mister?" He asked, holding the pockys up for him, "More?? Can...maybe...can you bring me food? Please..??"
  Keiichi Shimizu / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 84d 18h 28m 11s
Jesse searched in his pockets and found a pack of pockys and a piece of bread. He held it infront of him for the neko boy to take "I'm sorry this is all I have at the moment, but I can get more for you If you want more" he said.
  Jesse Caprani / KiroKakishi / 10y 84d 18h 32m 3s
Keiichi rubbed at his eyes again. He soon covered his mouth, letting out a few hard, rough coughs. He stood up a bit, his body shaking slightly, " you" He mumbled, his small tummy rumbling a bit.
  Keiichi Shimizu / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 84d 18h 35m 30s
Jesse moved a little closer but then stopped because the neko boy looked so frightened. He sighed "I wont take you away" he said and smiled calmly. He stood up and held the door handle "I'll pretend i never found you if that makes you happy" he said.
  Jesse Caprani / KiroKakishi / 10y 84d 18h 37m 3s
Keiichi whimpered softly, moving closer to the wall, "S..Stop! Please...please...Mister...don't take me away..." He mumbled, rubbing at his teary blue eyes. He let out a small sniffle.
  Keiichi Shimizu / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y 84d 18h 42m 37s

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