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Kin was differnet with everything,people would say she had a different side to her,if fact she did have a different,a side named Alice.Alice was Kin's inner self,Alice would normally go back and forth in and out of Kin's body and ruin her life.Besides the fact she was different and her life was already strange now she has an inner self that comes out and do what she pleases,Kin was sixteen and Alice was only five but she would act like she was fifthteen.Alice knew Kin was already strange and she would scold Kin about it but when they meet another person from a totally different world and knows nothing about Alice living in Kin,Alice senses something odd about the boy but keeps it to herself.

Please form the Skelly thank you>.<

Oh by the way it takes place at school mostly...XP
and Kin and Alice are both Kitsunes you can be human,demon,neko,dog i dont care

That's is all!XD

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He chuckled at her slowness(okay)
  Jake / DarkandLight / 10y 207d 24m 37s
Oh...She said then she blushed harder.
  Kin and Alice / Demonfox / 10y 207d 24m 58s
"I never said you are two people..."He said a bit confused by her answer to him.
  Jake / DarkandLight / 10y 207d 25m 17s
Oh damnit!They both thought then Alice disappeared.Wh-What?!That crazy!Well I may have to differnet personalities but I'm not two people!Kin said as she blushed.
  Kin and Alice / Demonfox / 10y 207d 26m 3s
"Oh,wait a minute!You're the girl with two totally different personnalities."He said as he smiled.
  Jake / DarkandLight / 10y 207d 27m 22s
Kin blushed hard.No you didn't!Heh Heh...You must be hearing things!She said as she giggled nervously then Alice poked her head out of the bookbag a bit and did the same.Kin gave her a death stare then turned her attention back to Jake.
  Kin and Alice / Demonfox / 10y 207d 30m 47s
"Kin?That's cute!"He said then he looked at her bookbag."I'm sorry but I think I heard something from your bookbag."He said as they let eachother's hand go.
  Jake / DarkandLight / 10y 207d 32m 25s
Her ears twitched at his words.Kitsune Girl!? What the hell?!Alice yelled from inside the bag.Kin hit the bag with her tail and giggled.It's Kin,not "Kitsune Girl".She said as she giggled.
  Kin and Alice / Demonfox / 10y 207d 33m 30s
Jake grabbed her hand lightly and shook."I'm Jake by the way.What your name Kitsune girl?"He asked as he chuckled and blushed a bit noticing her ears and tail.
  Jake / DarkandLight / 10y 207d 34m 53s
Ach!Alice yelled from inside the bag from the inpact.Kin looked up at the boy and blushed hard then she took hold of his hand and stood up.No...It was my fault.I'm sorry...She said as she let go of his hand.
  Kin and Alice / Demonfox / 10y 207d 38m 39s
Jake walked by the strange girl,not paying attention he rammed into her."Owww!!!Hey!What the hell?!"He yelled as he rubbed his head and looked at Kin."Oh..I'm sorry Miss..."He said.He got up and held out his hand to her and smiled.
  Jake / DarkandLight / 10y 207d 40m 42s

  Kin and Alice / Demonfox / 10y 207d 43m 11s
Personatily:Shy,doesn't speak much,doesn't really like human,willing

  Jake / DarkandLight / 10y 207d 43m 44s
Kin walked to school with her books in her hands and her ears perched up moving back in forth.Kin sighed softly as she stared as the ground then her ears turned back as she heard small footsteps behind her.She stopped and looked back.Nothing...She said quietly then she began walked again and then she heard them again,she stopped and looked behind her.What is that...?She asked herself then she turned around.Hi Kin!Alice said loudly as she hung from a branch in front of Kin's face,Kin screamed loudly as she fell on the ground.Alice!What are you doing out?!She yelled.I wanted to say hi to you Kin...Alice said sadly as she jumped down and looked up at Kin,Kin looked down at Alice and sighed then she picked Alice up and stuffed her in her book and got up,she gather her books and began walking again.HAAA!!Hey!What did you do that for!?Alice yelled.You know you're not suppose to be seen,now just stay in the bookbag until school is over!Kin said,But that'll take forever!Alice whined.I don't care...Kin said.Fine...Alice said and sat back in the bookbag.
  Kin and Alice / Demonfox / 10y 231d 34m 5s

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