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Welcome to Missouri Boot Camp! Where we shape your trouble making, problem causing, broken teens into new, better behaving teens!

Our base is out in the middle of the woods, where we use no electronics, including cell phones, Ipods, Mp3's, Flat irons, Curling irons, Blow Dryers, and such things.

Come on, parents! Send your naughty teens here, to Missouri Boot Camp!
5 girls, and 5 boys are all sent to this camp by their parents. Some arrive before others, but they all get stuck there. They are stuck in the wilderness, and the closest person is over an hours drive away. The boys stay in the boys dorm, and the girls in the girls dorm, lights out at 9:00. But...what happens when they find out that the people that run this place...is crazy? They all sneak out at night, but they have no contact with the outside world...will they make it?

Emo/Scene pictures required
No anime pics
No GM or PP
Romance- Required
Violence- Required
Cursing- Yes
Drama- Yes
Please post at least once a day
Tell me if your leaving/Dropping out

Age: 16-19
Why they're at the boot camp:

Name: Hailey
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Fierce, loner, secretive, protective, defensive.
Why they're at the boot camp: Hailey snuck out to go to a party with her friends and she got caught drinking and vandalizing private property. After that, she got in a few fistfights with people at school, broke the principles window, and snuck out a few more times. She also got arrested for robbery and putting a kid in the hospital.
Crush: Just ask
Other: N/A

Age: 16
Personality:Riley 'James' is a quiet, solitary figure amongst teenagers. She's pretty young and easy on the eyes so it's difficult to believe she is in this place. She rarely speaks and is usually patient and kind.
Why they're at the boot camp:Despite Riley's positives, her negatives are awful. Riley's preacher of a father caught her smoking cannabis one night and when he threatened to beat the addiction out of her, she flew at him, putting him in hospital.
Crush:Tyler, maybe?
Other:Her theme song would be Sweet Blasphemy-Black Veil Brides.

Name: Valerie
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, sweet, fierce, protective.
Why they're at the boot camp: She kept to much stuff from her parents, and got caught meeting older guys at parties and going to their houses. Her parents also found out that she smokes./
Crush: Axel
Other: Smokes

Age: 17
Personality: shy,quiet but can be loud if needed,She doesnt have many firends
Why they're at the boot camp:She caught her school on fire,she got arrested for fighting a lot at school
Crush:just ask

Name: Carmen
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, sweet, fierce, rude and grumpy at times, quiet.
Why they're at the boot camp: Carmen isn't the most popular at school so she brought a knife to school and stabbed her worst enemy in the shoulder and leg.
Crush: Aido?
Other: Bipolar, has anger issues.

Name: Tyler
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Shy, loner, tough, protective.
Why they're at the boot camp: Tyler crashed his parents car and got in a few fist fights. He almost killed a boy at school when they got into a fist fight, because he pulled out a knife and got arrested.
Crush: Just ask
Other: N/A

Name:Gabriel Jones
Age: 18
Personality:Outgoing and loud, always wanting to stir up something though he does have his nicer, calmer and compassionate side.
Why they're at the boot camp:Gabriel 'accidentally' got into a Hell of a load of fights at school and he caused disturbances in his neighbourhood regularly, with knives and alcohol.
Crush:Just ask. :)
Other:His theme would be The Promise-Framing Hanley and he is Riley's older brother.

Name: Daveak Droverson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Keeps to himself, Doesn't like to speak his mind, keeps himself away from socially awkward situations, Doesn't like to be bothered, Shy, Temperamental, Quiet, Self-Expressionist.
Why they're at the boot camp: He always got into trouble with the law, he was homeless at first, but he got adopted by the Droverson's, who kept on disciplining him, but he never seemed to get the concept of things, they soon gave up and sent him to the camp, where they hoped he'd be a different, well-assertive young man.
Crush: N/A
Other: He's bi sexual, and loves to listen to music, often writing poetry, songs, and creating stories by himself.

Name: Aido Hanabusa
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Nice most of the time but can be grumpy and mean. He is kind of flirty but sometimes shy when meeting new people. He is very protective of his friends and isn't scared to go into a fight to help someone out.
Why they're at the boot camp: Aido was drinking and doing drugs in his room and his parents caught them doing crazy things.
Crush: just ask
Other: He loves drinking, smoking and doing drugs.

Name:Axel Davis
Age: 19
Personality:agressive,quiet,mean at times
Why they're at the boot camp: stabbed a kid a kid at school,armed robbery,arson
Other:smokes,drinks, has anger issues

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Gabriel watched Hailey and looked to Tyler, shrugging and looking round at Riley's shouting and yelling, frowning and slipping outside, glancing up at the tree she was in. "Riley!"He scowled.

Riley edged along a branch, glaring down at the 'carers' muttering darkly. "Go to Hell!"She almost slipped bu the branch below snagged on her and she gripped on, keeping her balance and swallowing, "That was close-What?"She looked over to Gabriel and frowned a little, "Kinda' in trouble here!"She kicked out at a carer as she slid down the tree, ducking under a few of their grasps and going over to Gabriel, "Job done."She grinned, looking over to the confused carers, one shouting "LIGHTS OUT. TO YOUR DORMS NOW" Riley rubbed her head and inspected herself, "Nice job you two."She praised
  Gabriel Jones / Deceit / 7y 222d 4h 36s
Daveak sighed, as he stood in the tree, watching a female. He thought about going down and watching the commotion, and so he did. He stepped out from the safety of the tree and balanced on the tip of it. He looked down and thought of how he was going to get down, eying a shed roof, he smirked.He jumped off the tree, and started to sort of glide to the roof. Knowing hos to land he braced himself for a rough landing. When he felt the metal hit his body, he slid right off the roof and went to the other side.
  Daveak Droverson / Kiyoa / 7y 222d 5h 29m 21s
Hailey looked up at Gabriel, still unable to speak. She winced, sitting up slowly. She stared at the two boys, then shook her head, standing up to her feet and limping out to find Axel. He's insane... She thought, biting down on her lower lip. She walked up behind him and grabbed his shoulder, turning him around. "You fuckin' idiot!" She mouthed, shaking her head. Wincing again, she grabbed his arm and started trying to pull him back inside.
Tyler looked at Gabriel. "What the fuck is going on with them?!" he yelped, tucking at his hair. He heard Riley yelling from outside, and felt a sick feeling rising in his stomach.
  Hailey / JessieBunny / 7y 224d 22h 51m 28s
Gabriel followed Tyler's lead, keeping an eye on Riley as he did so and watching Axel, raising an eyebrow at the kid. "tch..This place is mucked up..."He uttered and sighed, looking to Hailey.

Riley ducked under some guy and frowned as she was tripped, "Oi!"She scrambled back to her feet. She glanced over to the main office and muttered, "Hurry the fuck up guys!"She hissed and then darted up a tree, quick as a cat and smiling down at them, innocently. "Go away."She scowled, half laughing.
  Gabriel Jones / Deceit / 7y 225d 3h 5m 37s
Axel saw tyler walk into the room and he waved and smiled,still unable to talk.He stood up and walked out of the room and headed towards his cabin,trying not to be seen or yelled at again.He finally knew that if he acted up or said something wrong that he would be injected with that stuff.
  Axel / Helena / 7y 225d 20h 42m 11s
Tyler stared off at Riley, then shook his head running after Gabriel quickly and sneaking into the main office. "Damn it..." He murmured, shaking his head back and forth. He heard a noise behind one of the closed doors. "In there." He muttered to Gabriel, pointing to the door. He walked over and pressed his ear to the door. It was silent now. Taking a deep breath, he grabbed the door knob and turned it, pushing the door in. There, he saw Axel and Hailey.
  Tyler / JessieBunny / 7y 226d 28m 46s
"Well, if you plan on leaving them there, I'm going to be pretty pissed at you!"Riley mumbled to her brother before looking to them both and smiling,"Hm...I reckon if we cause a distraction. Well, I'm a fast runner. I cause a distraction and you two get in there and get the two others out of there, 'kay?" She smiled and placed a hand on her hip, not waiting for either of them to agree as she darted into the camp, ducking under a low hanging branch and kicking up a fuss, coaxing the workers out, she laughed.


"I don't think- Oh for fucks sake Riley!"Gabriel scowled as his sister darted off. "Stupid!"he called and looked to Tyler, before creeping around the mayhem, heading for the office.
  Riley 'James' / Deceit / 7y 227d 3h 42m 17s
Hailey stared at the redhead girl. "You fuckin' freak!" She yelled, backing up as the redhead stared at her with narrowed eyes. Hailey glanced at the open door behind the redhead. She could possible run for it and get out in time, but Axek would get left behind...
Hailey shook the thought away and looked at the girl. She was pulling something out of her back pocket. It looked sharp. Hailey backed up further, and soon met the wall. The redhead came towards her, holding the sharp thing tightly. She grabbed for Hailey, who kicked at her and tried to get away. The redhead managed to grab Hailey's wrist and stabbed the sharp thing into her leg. Hailey let out a cry as the girl pulled out another needle and jabbed it into her neck, making her fall to the floor.
  Tyler / JessieBunny / 7y 228d 3h 54m 28s
Axel untied Hailey hands and just leaned back in the chair.
he felt his voice coming back and spoke."if you try to run,they'll hurt you too."he whispered.He pointed towards the other door that she forgot to lock."Missed one."He smiled and the redhead burst through the door yelling and screaming at them."I heard you talk Axel!"She screamed.She pulled out a needle containing something and injected it into Axel's neck.Axel grew quiet again and was just waiting for something to happen.The injection made him lose movement of his arms and speech for about 3 hours.
  Axel / Helena / 7y 228d 4h 8m 49s
Hailey stared at Axel, blinking a few times. What was wrong with him? He wasn't even trying to do anything. She glanced back at the door, seeing the man coming. She kicked it shut, locking it, and turning to face Axel. "What the fuck is your problem?? Do something!" She said and went over to him. Her hands were still tied behind her back. "We don't have much time, and we need to get out of here!" She said, seeing him looking down at the book. Narrowing her eyes, she kicked the book out of his hands, stepping in front of him. "At least untie me?!" She yelled, feeling her cheeks get hot.
Tyler frowned at Gabriel, then looked over at Riley. "Well I don't think we should just leave 'em there...these people are freaks." He muttered, looking back at Gabriel quickly, then over to the main office. He could hear screaming and banging. He winced slightly, taking a step back and turning his head to look back and forth between Gabriel and Riley once again, blinking a few times.
  Tyler / JessieBunny / 7y 228d 4h 14m 11s
Axel couldnt speak no matter how hard he tried.Everytime he did,he felt like puking and had a massive headache,so he just stayed quiet.When Hailey ran into the room Axel just stared at her and looked away after a minute.

He turned back to his book and focused on it only and not
the yelling and screams going on all around him.He thought
to himself,
(i maybe this is the way to keep me calm
and out of trouble)
he scratched his head and kept on reading.
  Axel / Helena / 7y 229d 5h 8m 39s
Riley blinked and looked down, keeping her balance and nodding towards Tyler, "This place is the shits, man. That other girl and the guy are in trouble."She muttered and slid down the tree, landing on her feet, "Tch." SHe brushed herself off and eyed Gabriel and Tyler, sensing a little hostility from Gabriel, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"


"Oi! That's my sister. Stay the fuck away from her"Gabriel uttered and looked up at Riley, listening to what she said and frowning, "And...You plan on going back there?" He nodded his head towards the camp and Riley nodded. He sighed, "Nothin'. Don't worry about it."
  Riley 'James' / Deceit / 7y 229d 5h 15m 7s
Tyler let a sigh escape his lips as he eyed Riley and Gabriel. He nodded slightly, his shoulders sagging. "Alright, I'll go." He muttered, and lifted himself up to his feet, running his fingers through his hair to get it out of his eyes. He watched Riley climb the tree and arched a brow at Gabriel. "Maybe so...but she's a cute one." He muttered absently minded, not realizing what he was saying until after it was out. "I, uh...never mind." He added in, feeling his cheeks get hot. He brushed some dirt off of his pants, and walked a little after Riley. "See anything up there?" He called, then glanced at the camp from behind some bushes, narrowing his eyes. He could hear some faint noises inside the main office.
  Tyler / jessiebunny / 7y 229d 9h 4m 45s
Riley looked back and mumbled, "We should go back. I think."She looked at Tyler then at Gabriel, "Not that I'm suggesting anything. I'm going whether you two like it or not."She remarked and silenced Gabriel with a stern look, "One; Where are we supposed to go now? Two; Others are back there and I'll be damned if I'm letting them suffer."She turned and walked a little back down the trail, climbing a tree and peering down at the camp, frowning at the events.


"Crazy bitch." Gabriel cursed his sister and sighed softly, getting up and glancing to Tyler, "Coming or going?"He asked and eyed where his sister had gone and then looked to Tyler once more. "Riley's an idiot..."
  Riley 'James' / Deceit / 7y 229d 10h 13m 5s
Hailey stared up at a black haired girl. The girl had a sharp object in her hand and was pointing it at Hailey. "Make and movements...and you die." She giggled, and a man stepped up next to her. "I'll handle this little one..." He muttered and grabbed some rope, kicking Hailey. "Up. On your feet." He said sternly. She slowly stood up, and he grabbed her hair, shoving her up against the wall, her back facing him. She closed her eyes tightly as he took some rough rope and tied her hands behind her back. He let go and shoved her to the side. "I'll be right back. Watch her." He told the black haired girl, who nodded.
Hailey tried to wiggle her hands free, but it only burned and blistered the skin. A moment later, the guy was back and the girl left. He walked over to her and shoved her down into a metal chair, walking around to her back. "So...what did you see back there?" He asked, and Hailey felt something cool and sharp touch her skin. Instead of answering, she screamed at the top of her lungs. He clapped a hand over her mouth tightly, the sharp object beginning to hurt her neck. She tried to scream again, but it was useless. Finally, she kicked the ground, and the chair fell back, knocking the object out of his hand. Hailey hopped up to her feet as quick as he could while the guy searched for his weapon, and ran for the door. She kicked it out, running into a room. Sitting in a chair, she saw Axel.
  Hailey / jessiebunny / 7y 229d 22h 1m 20s

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