Anna and Zeke (shaman king join plz )

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Anna was left by yoh, but she also liked someone vey evil,but she did not tell him anything, she was to scared incase he killed her,she loved zeke more than yoh.

what will zeke do?
will he kill anna?
will he love her?
or will he just let her tag along.

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Anna wonderd around out in the desert looking for yoh's older brother, but she was not haven much luck yet, and she had ran out of water, she looked at the sun "god....its to warm....and i'm getting a little lightheaded " she said falling ot her kness, she took a deep breathe pulling herself back to her feet again.

She looked about at the sand moutian incase zke was sitting on them, she sighed not seeing him anywhere, she tripped over her feet but this time never got up again, silent tears in her eyes as she blacked out in the desert
  Anna asacora / darkstartalker / 9y 354d 5h 57m 47s

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