Fighting is bad for love.

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Cleo blushed and followed him
  Cleopatra / Aliya / 9y 18d 7h 14m 33s

  Saynot / 9y 19d 7h 21m 1s
Aaron Bishop smiled and slowly sat up and gently, closing his eyes and peaking her lips, and then got up and walked into kitchen and got out some meat and purred lightly, the very though of food right now made him beam. "Come on in Sweet Heart, I need to know what you want for dinner!"
  Saynot / 9y 21d 4h 43m 42s
Cleo smiled "it's ok a meal with you here is fine" she told him and smiled softly and moved some hair from his face
  Cleopatra / aliya / 9y 21d 4h 46m 32s
Aaron Bishop groaned as he held his breath, soon after it was fixed, he took her hand again and looked at her with a sad, yet caring look. "Thank you so much Cleo, I am sorry we couldn't go out tonight, I will fix you a good dinner deal?" He said as he looked down at her small, delicate hand.
  Saynot / 9y 21d 4h 59m 53s
Cleo looked at his back and sighed "you shouldn't have moved you made it worse, i'm thankful my father's a doctor" she told him and began to fix his back to stop the bleeding
  Cleopatra / aliya / 9y 21d 5h 2m 5s
Aaron Bishop groaned as he gently kissed her hand that was free and nodded as he laid still for her. He was very thankful that she was helping him out and was planning out as he laid there a good dinner for her as he looked away, blushing darkly. He did not understand why she was doing all this, but he was thankful non the less as he slowly slide his shirt off, showing his muscular body.
  Saynot / 9y 21d 5h 6m 25s
Cleo nodded and stood up walking down the hall she saw the closet and got the kit out of it and walked quickly back own the hall and knelt down next to him "i got it" she told him she was kinda grossed out by blood but she was used to the sight of it... her dad was a doctor
  Cleopatra / Aliya / 9y 21d 6h 13m 16s
Aaron limped inside as he slowly laid down on the couch and let another pain filled grown out. Feeling the sting of the wound though out his body. He looked up at her and gave her another, pure white, teeth filled smile. She helped him and he was thankful for her help as he flipped onto his back so the wound showed, the bandages were completely soaked with blood as he mumbled. "Please get the medical kit in the closet... down the hall..." He groaned as he looked away, feeling pathetic.
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 21d 6h 15m 44s
Cleo got out and walked over to him "come on" she said putting one arm around his waist and one of his arms around her shoulder "let's get you inside" she told him and helped him in the house
  Cleopatra / Aliya / 9y 21d 6h 20m 18s
Aaron nodded as he sat up in his already blood soaked chair as he soon started to drive off to his house. After about a hours drive into the city, he stopped in front of a large house, it looked well cared for, but as he drove up, his vision began to burr and he stopped the car and laid back, almost dazed as he tried to get out, but stumbled against the side as he limped over to her side and opened the door. "Let's get inside soon so we can take care of theses wounds..." He said as his leaned back against the stone wall, groaning and waiting for Cleo to get out. She made him feel weaker physically, but this was not normal because he could so easily reject so many girls. She was special and was able to have a special affect on him.
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 21d 6h 26m 29s
Cleo looked at him and nodded "that sound fine" she told him
  Cleopatra / Aliya / 9y 21d 6h 32m 25s
Aaron soon got to his car and blushed deeply as he stuttered lightly, helping her into the car. "H-Here you G-Go..." He smiled nervously as he got into the passengers seat and laid back for a moment, groaning as his wounds reopened and he looked over at her. "Cleo, can we just go back to my house... theses wounds are getting worse and I can fix us some dinner there... would you mind?" He said with a hint of sadness in his voice as he felt the blood run again, slowly draining into the bandages.
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 21d 6h 41m 1s
Cleo followed him and was blushing deeply, and looked away from him as they walked

  Cleopatra / Aliya / 9y 21d 6h 43m 43s
Aaron helped her out of the arena and smiled as he quickly peaked her cheek and once she was out, he grinned lightly at her, almost lost in her eyes. He finally snapped out of it and soon started to think about what was happening, he was becoming very confused and started to frown to his thoughs, but tried to seem positive in front of her as he walked down the street with her. His hand was warm in hers, which was weird because he was Anemic.
  Aaron Bishop / Saynot / 9y 21d 6h 45m 56s

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